John Morrison loves a good hug. He’s an easy-going fellow who never backs away from an opportunity to show some love.  He even appears in the banner for this segment. Remember when he was separated from his man-friend The Miz at last year’s big draft? The end of an era. The end of a bromance! But John’s got a new bromance on the boil. He’s teaming up with R-Truth to challenge Miz and Big Show for the tag-team titles at Wrestlemania 26.

It shouldn’t be surprising that these two enjoy being together. One is a rock star, the other is a rap star. Rock/Rap fusions, when done well, can work very nicely. Think Aerosmith and Run DMC back in the day. Think Jay-Z and Linkin Park’s joint Collision Course venture. You get the idea. Admittedly, the age gap might give them a few issues. After all, John Morrison travelled through time from 1965 to work for Vince McMahon, and R-Truth is a thoroughly modern chap. But I’m sure they’ll overcome it. John Morrison even tweets every now and then, so he must have a decent handle on contemporary technology.

The first signs that this fusion might be taking off came towards the end of last month. R-Truth gate-crashed Morrison’s promo interview with Josh Matthews and the bromantic tension between them was evident.

A few minutes later, Truth was cracking Jo-Mo up with hilarious funny-faces.

And by the end of the promo they were strolling off together arm-in-arm.

This new friendship was tested quickly. Just a week or two later, John and Truth were forced to fight each other in a Triple Threat with Dolph Ziggler for a spot in the Wrestlemania Money in the Bank Ladder Match. This could easily have caused a rift between them, but as Ziggler took the win it allowed them to stay friends. Phew! There’s nothing worse than the opening bud that is a new bromance being cut down before it’s had chance to blossom.

Fast-forward to last week’s Smackdown and it appeared that the union had been cemented when they executed the most perfect of man-hugs. Men, you see, tend to avoid touching their bodies together. When women hug each other, they squeeze. When men hug each other, it often starts with a handshake, then a pull together (keeping the handshake in place to keep the bodies slightly separated, then a wrap of the arms with a hard backslap. Observe:

Oh and just to top it off, a lingering look:

Their final moment of brotherly love came later that night, when they beat The Hart Dynasty and Cryme Tyme for that elusive Wrestlemania spot. After winning the match, they did a mini-man-hug, making sure not to press their nether regions together (as men prefer):

They did the ‘pointy-pointy’ together:

No, R-Truth, the Wrestlemania sign is IN FRONT of you.

They shared an awkward but endearing dance:

And they executed their second full man-hug of the evening:

John Morrison and R-Truth are a good match, both bromatically and in a wrestling sense. They both love to throw some aerial acrobatics into their in-ring performances, they both deliver promos which sometimes need subtitles to make sense and, most importantly, they both love a good man-hug. Long may it continue!



It’s been a while since we last had a definitive Man Hug Moment and if ever there was a hug which represented a particular bond between two men, it was Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels’ embrace on last week’s Raw.

Social etiquette is tricky. How well do you have to know someone before it’s acceptable to hug them? From what I’ve experienced and witnessed, Mediterranean types are quite happy to fondle each other as a matter of course. What the British might consider inappropriate groping, the Spanish and the Italians consider to be just as polite as a gentle handshake. And that’s before we even get started on air-kissing. In France it’s two kisses for general acquaintances and three for friends and family. But at which juncture of the relationship might one switch from being an acquaintance to a friend? Minefield! Personally, I’m all for hugs. They’re one of the best things about having arms and man hugs are the sweetest of all.

Shawn Michaels may be the Heartbreak Kid, but he certainly didn’t melt Bret Hart’s insides last week. Have you ever fallen out with someone, then reconciled your differences, only to realise it’s going to take longer than you thought before you’re true friends again? I have. And it goes a little something like this:

Alright, so not all Man Hugs leave you with a warm glow inside. In fact, this one was chillier than the freezing British cold snap we’ve been enduring this past fortnight. But how could I possibly have a segment on hugging and not mention the most epic display of body language speaking louder than words ever? You don’t know me at all!

mhmbanThe men of the WWE haven’t been too chummy lately. Man hugs have been in short supply and even when I have spotted them, they haven’t been heartfelt enough to stick in my memory. Thank heavens for Dave Batista and Rey Mysterio who, within just a few minutes of chatter on this week’s Smackdown managed to embrace with feeling three times. Man hugs are just like British buses… you wait forever for one and then three show up at once. Observe:







And just for good measure, they threw an extra one in at the end of the show too. Bless their hearts. What better way to recover from a CM Punk sneak attack than a little snuggle.


All hail the return on man hugs!


There’s nothing quite like a tender, bromantic moment to warm the cockles of your heart. Especially when it’s a legend squeezing his younger opponent. Man Hugs were a touch thin on the ground this week. But that’s ok, we were treated to a really special one at Night of Champions.

Christian had just recaptured the ECW title and was offered the hand of Tommy Dreamer to close the match. But, oh no, Christian doesn’t do cordial handshakes. He does great, big “I LOVE YOU, MAAAAAAN! hugs.

Feeling chilly? Puts your hands out in front of your monitor and feel the warmth oozing out of this……………………………