Rainbows, Lasagne and Goldfish: The Miz on Blue Peter

You can’t have failed to notice that the WWE are on tour in Europe at the moment. The WWE promotion wagons never stop rolling, especially when cruising around a foreign market. When you’re sending someone to appear on children’s television you want someone kids will engage with. You need a figure to wind them up and get them excited about the WWE. There’s only one man for the job:

The last time Miz was on Blue Peter he royally cheesed off Helen Skelton by messing up her craft project. In fact, he didn’t just mess up her instructional video on how to make a small wrestling ring out of a pizza box and string, he berated her for making a bad job of it. The loathing between them was palpable. It was also one of the funniest things I saw on TV all last year.

This time, Miz and Helen seemed to have settled their differences. She actually seemed quite excited to see him.

Kind of.

This segment of the show was carried out while standing in a wrestling ring with only two sides, with a group of stage-school kids primed to look like real fans and a barking dog. I bloody love you, Blue Peter.

Before Miz appeared, the kids were asked to name their favourite moves. One selected the 619, but Helen found that to be far too aggressive. She much preferred the sound of the Starship Pain for its “balletic” properties. She then interviewed a young boy who came along because he thinks his dad looks like The Rock.

I bet his mum picked that picture.

Let us leave these pipsqueaks and get to the main event. Allow me to ask you a question. If the Miz was coming round to your gaff for the afternoon and you were waiting to present him to the world, where would you ask him to wait until you were ready for the big reveal?

In the greenhouse with the tomato plants. Of course.

There was whooping. There was hollering. There was all manner of Miz-like posturing. Barney, who is new to Blue Peter and wasn’t around for our champion’s previous visit, got an education in how to talk yourself up from the ego-master himself.

This narcissistic oratory went on for some time before Helen had to step in to move the show along, only succeeding to shut Miz’s mouth by holding his hand.

Ah-ha. So she does like him. I knew it! Me thinks the lady hath been protesting too much.  Helen’s sudden change of heart made Miz blush.

He actually said "BLUSH" while stroking his face. ❤

The whole premise of this segment had been to give an explanation of trash talk. Miz basically explained to the kiddywinks that trash talking isn’t necessary about talking your opponent down, it’s more about talking yourself up. So he’s not such a bad role model after all. With this in mind the little ‘uns were asked to present Miz with something he could talk-up in a section we’ll call ‘collect three random pictures from the prop room’. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure this segment worked out the way the children expected. I got the feeling they wanted him to really trash the hell out of the items they’d chosen. What he went on to do was prove that his theory positive trash talking was cool. So instead of telling them how much they sucked, he delivered:

The dog looks impressed, but the kids not so much. My favourite thing about this whole piece though, was the cutest geek child I have ever seen. He even brought his own belt to carry over his shoulder. Aww. Bless.

He wanted Miz to say lovely things about his pet goldfish, Jangles. This was Miz’s last chance to win the hearts of the crowd.

Nice save! And that, my friends, was it. The Miz was done at Blue Peter for another tour. But before he could go on his merry way, Helen needed him to help her segue into her video on the lion cubs she met at Bristol Zoo. So, dear boy, what do you think of lion cubs?

GASP! Mizzzzzz! There’s no advertising allowed on the BBC. Naughty boy. Our TV licence cash pays for this show. Be off with you! (But please don’t stay away too long.) See you next tour, kiddo. Stay awesome.

If you’re in the UK you can watch this episode of Blue Peter on the BBC iPlayer for a limited time. If you’re not on this fair isle, thems the breaks.


cool britannia week: part four

….. otherwise know as raw(lite): four davids and a funeral

This week’s Raw came from the glorious setting of the O² Arena in London. You know what that means, right? British stage set time! I was quite impressed that it was a little understated this time around. The enormous flag and double-decker bus remained, but this time the phone-box was replaced with a Mini-Cooper, complete with a Union Jack painted on the roof. What could be more British? Should we tell the Americans that the Mini is owned by the Germans now? Best not.

This may have been a very British show, but it had a very American guest host. David Hasselhoff was in charge and he throughly enjoyed himself. We are quite fond of The Hoff in the UK. Not only because he kind of lives here now, but also because we like people who are able to poke fun at themselves. The Hoff is most definitely in on the joke that is himself.

Despite the nausea inducing promise of Baywatch inspired Divas match later on in the show, the first match of the night was Maryse vs Eve for the Divas Championship. As is the norm on Raw, it was painfully short, but it ended with Eve pulling off a brilliant bridge pin, finally swiping the title from Maryse.


It’s about time Eve got some recognition for being one of the few proper athletes in the company. Hoorah!

So, the ladies vacated the ring and were followed by ShowMiz.They started bleating about how they’re the greatest tag team that ever was.  A bold claim indeed, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t just be the London crowd who disagreed.

Bret begged to differ and ran through several tag teams who he believed were higher up the pecking order. Being the big-mouth he is, Miz refused just to roll over and take it, so he went on to suggest that he would quite happily smack The British Bulldogs in their stupid faces if he’d had the chance. All of this was done in the phoniest English accent I’ve heard in some time. It was worse than Matt Striker’s when referring to Layla. Even Dick Van Dyke would be ashamed. Miz’s awful accent was punished with an appearance from the Hart Dynasty. Many options were put out on the table regarding how they might solve this disagreement and much discussion took place…….

…. but it was eventually agreed that Miz and DH Smith would have a match that night. If Mr. Smith won, the Hart Dynasty would get a tag titles match at Extreme Rules. If Miz won, Bret Hart would have to come out and declare ShowMiz the greatest tag team of all time the following week. And all that was before the match even started.

Unfortunately, despite a solid match and a sincere hope from myself that the Hart Dynasty would get a PPV match, Miz pinned David for the win. It seems having such chunky thighs means you can’t move out of the way too quickly.

Well, for me anyway.

I wasn’t well enough to recap last week’s Raw, so I wasn’t able to tell you anything about David Otunga’s guest host spot. I’ll just say MEH and be done with it. This week, it appeared that Otunga and his fellow David (Batista) were the best of pals. Batista was back in his favourite Ralph Lauren tank top and seemed to have acquired a pair of RayBan Wayfarers. A little ‘summer 2009’ but whatever. This apparent buddydom soon turned sour though. Batista suggested that Otunga get him a cup of coffee. LIKE A BITCH!!! Ok, he didn’t say ‘like a bitch’ but it was implied with an icy stare.

On his way to grab the java, Otunga ran into The Hoff, who was flanked by The Bellas. After some banter between the two where, again, initial congeniality was mistaken for friendship, The Hoff set Otunga up with a match against John Cena. He even asked KITT to confirm how long it might take for John Cena to win.

Next we had Evan Bourne vs Carlito, which was solid and pleasing because Evan Bourne actually got to win a match. I read some rumours earlier that WWE are thinking of bringing the Cruiserweight Belt back soon. It would certainly jazz up some of these mid-card matches, but they’re probably just rumours. I’ll take them with a pinch of salt.

John Cena against David Otunga was up next and, as that clever black car from the 1980’s had suggested, John made very light work of the rookie. Batista was furious that John was showing off his prowess so successfully, so he ran out with the intention of  bringing Cena down a peg or two. Turns out he just wanted to take his clothes off and get his weekly quota of bare chest in before the show ended.

After flexing about a bit, Dave just turned around and left. LIKE A BITCH!!!

You may have heard that HHH has a minor neck injury, so he’s sitting these few weeks out to be ready for his match against Sheamus at Extreme Rules. No Game action to mention this week. Sheamus, however, was given a few minutes to talk himself up without interruption. Of course, he hadn’t anticipated that The Hoff would send Kofi Kingston out to do some damage in Triple H’s place. They had a match. It was alright. Kofi won by DQ when Sheamus punched him in the stomach with a TV monitor.

Randy Orton had a match against Batista later that night and Josh interviewed him about what we could expect from the match. It was a standard answer from Orton, but my main concern was why Josh felt the need to use so much bronzer while on British soil. We’re all painfully pale. Just blend in with the locals, Josh.

Speaking of over-tanning, this was followed by the inevitable  Divas Baywatch Babe match, with David Hasselhoff watching from his lifeguard station and Santino as guest referee. I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you all about it. The picture covers everything.

Batista and Orton had their match, which was decent, if a little lumbering. Randy was about to tie up the loose ends when Jack Swagger ran out to attack Randy. The match was deemed over and as Swagger triumphantly left the arena, Cena whacked him from behind and made an attempt at suffocating Dave. Not even a bevy of refs could prise them apart.

Once John was satisfied that Dave was dead, he counted him out for ten.

Tomorrow’s Raw is guest hosted by the cast of the new MacGruber movie. Thanks to airspace over most of Europe being closed due to the Icelandic volcano eruption and a large number of the Raw roster being stranded in Belfast, next week’s Raw could be the longest movie trailer ever seen on television. Triple H better get over this neck injury. QUICKLY!

cool britannia week: part three

Before I begin, I think a little backstory is in order. Unlike Ray, or indeed guest blogger Joey, I’m an old man. I’m currently in my mid thirties and married with two kids.  I grew up watching World of Sport on early Eighties Saturday afternoons with my two octogenarian maiden aunts, becoming enamoured with the likes of Rollerball Rocco, Tom Billington, Kendo Nagasaki and Mick McManus. Later, as I approached double figures, British wrestling (on TV at least) became more infatuated with showing literal squash matches with Big Daddy tagging with a much smaller (and more talented) wrestler such as Steven Regal or Robbie Brookside. These matches would always follow the same path, the smaller team member getting the crap kicked out of them before Big Daddy got the hot tag and defeated the bad guys with his ever popular yet ridiculous Belly Butt.

It was around now that I lost interest in wrestling, primarily from a lack of desire to watch Big Daddy every week. This lack of interest in wrestling, coupled with the disdain many of my age group developed for this “fake” sport, meant I missed out on the explosion of US Pro-Wrestling led by WWE and WCW. In fact, it wasn’t until my mid-Twenties that I accidentally caught an episode of Raw showing highlights of TLC II from Wrestlemania X-7. This quite frankly blew me away, leading me on a journey of almost embarrassing geeky obsession with wrestling. It is also possibly the reason I loathe Matt Hardy so much nowadays; after having impressed me so much originally he became the bloated, lethargic desperate mess that is he now. Well, that and the fact that he ***** **** (joke removed by Boss Lady Ray)

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you all this is to try and explain why last Sunday’s Smackdown House Show in Manchester was the first ever live wrestling event I attended. A succession of age, disinterest, peer pressure, money and finally lack of opportunity all conspired through the years to prevent me going before. By now you’ve hopefully read the report that Joey wrote regarding his trip to Liverpool to stare at Cody Rhodes. Good wasn’t it? I should point out that mine maybe less informative than Joey’s, not least because I didn’t take a camera.

Living in a small seaside town just outside Blackpool, transportation is always an issue with trips anywhere more than a couple of miles (our train station only having one line, and that only boasting one train every hour) so I had to arrange transport with a local Concert Travel company. This, in retrospect, may have been a bad idea as I am not the most congenial traveller in the world, and putting me in a minibus with a group of wrestling fans when I’m starting to feel travel sick will only help my suspicion that, Wrestlegasm.com readers aside, most wrestling fans should not be allowed out without a helper.

After cocooning myself in a bubble consisting of Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe book and my mp3 player, I somehow managed to arrive in Manchester without screaming “NO! FOR PITY’S SAKE, JOHN CENA WON’T BE THERE! AND YOU AT THE FRONT, YES YOU… MR “WRESTLING INSIDER”! SHUT UP ABOUT BOOKER T BEING SACKED FROM WWE! THAT WAS TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO! AARRGGHHHH!!!”

Unfortunately, arriving in Manchester at 4 o’clock, to watch a show that was billed as starting at 6 o’clock left me with a slight dilemma – namely how to occupy myself for 2 hours. Immediately dismissing the idea of looking around Manchester for a while on the grounds of laziness, and not being overly keen on the idea of standing with a load more fans at the entrance the wrestlers would be using, I decided to just go into the arena and have a nosy round. (To be perfectly honest, I quite needed a wee by this point so my bladder may have taken some role in the decision-making process) Having taken care of any necessary ablutions, and having visited the frankly disappointing merchandise stand and bought myself a CM Punk shirt followed shortly by a Pepsi (I’m nothing if not impressionable) I went and sat down. For those of you who’ve never been, the Manchester Evening News Arena has very steeply sloped seating, so I had a great view of the ring.

Eventually, after a quite unsatisfying Sunday evening meal consisting of Candy Floss, the show started at six. Was it worth waiting thirty-odd years for? Was it worth 90 minutes of excruciating company and travel sickness on the minibus? Was it worth sitting next the most annoying father & son combination in the country throughout the whole show, suffering through their constant farting and heckling in a grating Burnley accent, ending with the father spending the last hour or so explaining to his son that it wasn’t real, and that (during the Kane vs Shad match) “the guy in red has to win, because everyone’s booing the paki”? Honestly, yes it was.

It’s no secret that I am a massive fan of Smackdown for much the same reasons that I hate Raw – Smackdown is a “wrestling” show, whereas Raw is an entertainment show, which occasionally features some wrestling. Smackdown live was a concentrated version of this, with even less padding and even more wrestling.

The first match on the card was Dolph Ziggler (yay!) versus R-Truth (boo!) I’m not a fan of R-Truth, but there’s no denying the kids in the audience love his hip-hop gimmick. They went mental for Truth, in a portent of the crowd’s noise levels to come. Ziggler also got a massive reaction, albeit a more negative one. This was a good ten minute match (in fact all the matches were longer than you’d get on TV), with Ziggler spending a lot of time avoiding entering the ring. Eventually though R-Truth got the win, and I have to admit he impressed me more than I expected. Still can’t stand his gimmick though…

Now then, think back to the Divas matched on TV for the last few weeks. Crap weren’t they? Ridiculously short, overly gimmick-laden pieces of inconsequential fluff, designed to titillate the average 13 year old viewer. Well, this wasn’t like that, it was a really fun match, lasting a practically unheard of eight minutes. Beth was obviously awesome, but the big surprise in this match was Layla. Without the stifling presence of Michelle McCool and given a chance to perform to her own merits, Layla was a surprisingly competent competitor; mixing great comic timing with a promising amount of wrestling skills and impressive moves. Hopefully Team Laycool will go their separate ways after the draft and Layla will get a chance to show  us all what she can do. Continuing the unwritten rule that faces generally win at house shows, Beth took this one after the Glam Slam.

As much as Layla impressed me, it was nothing compared to The Dudebusters (Trent Baretta & Caylen Croft) In fact, if it wasn’t for the Punk/Mysterio match later on, this would have been match of the night. Coming out to a chorus of “Who are ya?”, The Dudebusters cut a quick (and funny) heel promo before The Hart Dynasty came out. Smith got a massive response, possibly due in part to the fact that he looks like Teddy Ruxpin, and possibly due in part to the fact that his dad (Davey Boy Smith) was billed as being from Manchester. As it happens, he was actually from Wigan (land of pies, George Formby, The Verve and Sir Ian McKellan) but the WWE has never had the firmest grasp on Non-US geography. The match mainly focussed on The Dudebusters working over Tyson Kidd, while Natalya and Smith did a great job keeping the crowd going. Eventually Smith got the tag and came in to clear house, winning after a Running Powerslam (hopefully meant as a tribute to his old man) and a Springboard Hart Attack.

Silly David, Cardiff isn’t over there. Ray won’t see that…

Gallows and Serena came out still dressed like neo-nazis, with Gallows taking the microphone to dedicate this match to his saviour CM Punk. While I was excited to see Finlay (another wrestler I used to watch as a kid on World of Sport, accompanied by his then wife Princess Paula in full “Indian Squaw” get-up), the crowd were slow to get into this match, and it wasn’t until a shillelagh shot followed by consecutive CM Punk and Mysterio run-ins that the crowd really got interested…

…and this wasn’t the match to get them back into the swing of things. Much as I like Kane (and I really do) the crowd just weren’t interested in this match. Shad had new heel music though, which I suppose is interesting enough. He also cut a reasonable heel promo using the easy targets in Manchester, namely Manchester United and Manchester City. Kane, somewhat predictably, won this one after a chokeslam – which led us into intermission.

Hmm… talk about conflicted. One the hand we have Drew McIntyre, somebody I have a lot of time for (despite the 2nd most annoying entrance on Smackdown). On the other hand we have Matt Hardy; a wrestler that, despite what you may have read elsewhere on this site, I loathe with every fibre of my being. McIntyre started the second half of the show by telling is all the story of how his parents used to take him to Spain every year on holiday, until one year they took him to Manchester (or Chav Central) and he couldn’t decide what he’d done to upset them so much. He then went on to explain that as England had no heroes left, after John Terry’s infidelities, he was prepared to be a hero for the United Kingdom as a whole.

This entrance took approximately 17 hours

Why else would Matt Hardy be so sweaty by the end of it?

This was a reasonably slow match, with lots of stalling by McIntyre – but it was saved by two things.

1. Drew McIntyre won and retained the title after a Future Shock DDT, the first heel of the night to win…

2. Matt Hardy seemed to be injured at the end of the show, which I took a perverse amount of pleasure in.

Seriously, and I know I sound like a broken record slagging Hardy, but after the match he just led there until the referees rolled him out of the ring like he was Violet Beauregarde. Of course he then went on to post on Twitter that he’s hurt his arm, but I think that was actually the night after. Tonight he was just being lazy…

It happens every time, they all become blueberries.

MATCH OF THE NIGHT! You may have noticed that here in the bunker, we are quite fond of Mr Punk and his Straight Edge Society. Ray likes him for possibly more aesthetic reasons than I, but we are both fans. As such, I was possibly more excited than is seemly for a man of my advanced years to hear a honest-to-goodness CM Punk Straight Edge Saviour promo live and in person. After swearing to myself that I would never touch alcohol again until I got home that night, my euphoria was interrupted by Rey Mysterio’s entrance and a great disturbance in the crowd, as if millions of children suddenly cried out in joy…

While Mysterio was visiting each turnbuckle to pose for the kids, Punk was busy tearing up people’s signs that he didn’t approve of (although it was interesting to note that he left the “Pepsi Plunge” sign intact, bearing in mind he will never get to use that move in the WWE . This was another match that went on for much longer than I expected, and every time Mysterio went for the 619 I expected the match to be over, only for Punk to evade or counter the move over and over. Eventually Mysterio managed to hit the move after an expected amount of interference from Gallows and Serena. After the match Punk slipped on the ring steps, which led to him kicking them in frustration and then hopping up the ramp holding his foot in pain.

So, the last match of the evening, could it live it up to the previous bout? Well, no to be frank, it couldn’t. But, it was a very enjoyable match anyway. There is a certain thrill in getting to see Bret Hart live in a wrestling ring in 2010, and Swagger, Jericho and Edge are all incredibly talented guys who put on great matches. The main story of the match was that Jericho annoyed Bret Hart before the match by cutting a promo on him. Then, towards the end, Jericho brought a chair into the ring, only to have it taken from him by the Special Enforcer, leading to Jericho beating up Hart. The match ended when Edge speared Jericho, only to be barged out of the ring by Swagger who picked up the pin and the victory.

After the match, Edge got back in the ring to attack Swagger, leading to Hart applying the Sharpshooter on Swagger. This also led to great deal of posing from Edge & Bret, which Edge obviously loved.

So that was it, bar another 90 minutes or so travelling with the same, now sweaty, wrestling fans back home. And to make matters worse, I somehow managed to leave my copy of Screenwipe in the arena and the battery had died on my phone. But to recap – Match of the Night: Punk vs Mysterio. Most impressive wrestler: Layla or Trent Baretta. Most popular wrestler: Mysterio, no contest. Most annoying fans: the aforementioned windy and casually racist father-son couple from Burnley.

cool britannia week: part two

Twitter rumours started circling on Monday that The Miz would be on yesterday’s episode of Blue Peter and, guess what, it turned out to be true! As this blog is read by people from all over the world, I should explain the British institution that is Blue Peter. It’s a magazine-type TV show for children which has been running since 1958. The presenters cook, they go on global adventures, they make things out of milk cartons, they present factual reports, they launch charity appeals etc. Special people are given a Blue Peter badge, which is very difficult to come by. Truth be told, every kid secretly wanted a Blue Peter badge. I know I did. Actually, I still do. One day, one day. Anyway, it’s good wholesome fun which no parent could possibly object to their children watching.

If the WWE wanted to send a wrestler to appear on Blue Peter, you’d think they might send an Evan Bourne type. In fact, Evan Bourne is so cutesy, he could actually be a Blue Peter presenter. He’s clean-cut, friendly and isn’t afraid of heights. Perfect. But to add a touch of dynamite to the show, WWE sent The Miz along. I wondered how he’d come across. Would he be The Miz we all know on Raw, verbally battering anyone who crosses his path? Would he be grumpy that he’d been sent to appear on kids TV? Would he break character and be Mr. Nice? I was intrigued, so at 4:35pm I turned to BBC1 to gauge just how Mizzy he’d actually be.

Yep, he was a total pro and I may have swooned a little. Every time he came on the screen I was inexplicably excited. I’m far too old for all this nonsense, but there was something wonderful about my childhood and my adult obsession coming together in one show. Miz started off by gloating about his newly acquired Blue Peter badge:

That badge means he can get into the special dinosaur room at the Natural History Museum for FREE! Lucky sod!

After being welcomed to the show by one of the overly familiar pets:

Miz went on to give the boys, Joel and Andy, a lesson in trash talk. It went a little something like:

Then the show cut to a report on the production of marmalade.

On returning to the studio, Miz was asked to do a little commentary for the boys’ thumb war:

Then we went to one of the best things I’ve seen on TV in some time. The lady of the group, Helen, didn’t take to The Miz quite as well as the guys had. She had the difficult talk of making a thumb war ring out of a pizza box. Classic BP! It started well. Miz followed Helen’s instructions and handled his first sticky-back plastic like a professional.

Unfortunately, it all started falling apart when he started taking the piss and suggested that he was doing a better job of the craft project than she was. She told him to behave himself, to which he responded along the lines of “Don’t you boss me around. I’m a WWE Superstar! I boss people around here, missy!” She replied with“Hey! It’s my make-area, mate!” Uh-oh. I sense tension. The banter continued with Miz behaving like a child; refusing to pay attention and move on when instructed.

Helen screwed up her ring-ropes made of string and Miz took it upon himself to point and laugh. She was not impressed!

She also declared that she wanted 'this American' removed from her make-area. Thems fightin' words!

I feel this display was actually an insight into how Miz picks up girls. Helen was having none of it and punished him by playing in the ring with action figures that weren’t his own.

The lady has the last laugh.

PS—–> There’s no advertising or product placement allowed on the BBC, Miz. We Brits have to purchase a licence to watch television. You should not have said the word ‘Mattel’. Very sneaky.

That was the last we saw of the Miz. This segment was followed by a report on roller derby and an appearance from ditsy pop starlet Diana Vickers. Joel and Andy probably took him out for a beer afterwards. I don’t think Helen will be welcoming his back any time soon.

Love you, Miz! MWAH!

Update: This segment is now available on YouTube, so if you’re outside the UK and don’t have access to the BBC iPlayer, you can watch it here. You’re welcome!

cool britannia week: part one

[Just because poor, sickly Ray doesn’t have a WWE tour show to attend, it doesn’t mean that the lovely readers have to miss out on some Cool Britannia Week posts.  With this in mind I have invited regular reader Joey to cover the Raw house show which took place in Liverpool on Sunday evening. Joey is a huge supporter of the blog, so it was great being able to give him his tiny slice of the Wrestlegasm pie.  I’ll go back to sobbing into my photo album from the last show I went to now. *WEEP*. Enjoy! – Ray]

Hello there! I’m Joey, an avid Wrestlegasm reader and total WWE Nerd. Before I begin I would just like to say what an honour and privilege it is to have the opportunity to write for the site. The work Ray and Andrew do is tragically underrated and, whilst I can give it my best, nothing can compare to their fantastic work.

Anyway… ZOMG! I got to go to a house show in Liverpool! Let me give you some Joey House Show History… the last time I went, John Cena was a heel and the late Eddie Guerrero was still frog splashing stunned opponents. I was also so high up I couldn’t see the ring and I actually got a nose bleed (even though my Dad says it was through picking my nose too much). This time round I got a damn good seat which was just a few rows back from ringside. It was amazing to be so close to the stars that I could touch them, but it’s a good job I was sat where I was, considering the restraining order that Cody Rhodes filed against me.

I should let it be known now that I am a total Raw fan. I very rarely watch Smackdown, which I guess is one point in favour of brand separation. I like Raw because it’s tongue-in-cheek, it’s storyline driven and it doesn’t pain me too much to watch (although some of the Guest Hosts have made me scratch my head). Raw gets a lot of heat from the fans but I love it.

So, perhaps I should get on with the bloody point? We began with the lights going down and Justin Roberts stepping into the ring. It was interesting seeing him up close, he’s not that tall and it looks like he wears make up. Not that I want to start rumours or anything. Make up aside he did a great job of getting the crowd worked up, which wasn’t hard really as it was mostly John Cena-loving kids. I swear to God, there was more orange in that arena than there is on a WAG night out. The lights came back up for the first match and with that the engines got started for us to fly Air Bourne.

The match was to be Evan Bourne (who is a LOT smaller in real life) versus Chavo Guerrero. The match, I must admit, wasn’t very impressive. The crowd didn’t seem that interested at all and it was, sadly, full of clumsy mistakes. I am going to put that down to the rigorous travel the Superstars have been doing recently, but it was a shame to watch as they tried to act their way out of it. The submission moves placed on Bourne were awkward as, for some reason, Chavo found it hard to keep grip of Bourne. There were moments where Bourne was just lying on the mat screaming in pain. The match did pick up however, once Bourne started going up top. They dragged it out and every time Bourne went up top, there were deep breaths around the arena. Eventually Bourne finally hit Air Bourne for the win.

Evan a good time.

Once the crowd had eventually gone back to their seats (every time a Superstar appeared/exit, everyone would rush to the rails to get a photo) Justin got ready to introduce the next match… after wiping foundation off his collar (just sayin’!). He first introduced Captain Charisma himself, Christian who looks absolutely gorgeous. Christian took his time going from turnbuckle and then Justin introduced his opponent. Dos Caras. Yeah, me neither. Now I have no issue with WWE pushing new stars but, seriously, I paid £50 to see my favourite superstars, not some greasy newbie. This isn’t NXT, fools! Anyway, after sending a swift complaint email on my iPhone (I joke), Christian and Dos thingybob stopped messing around. They were playing to the audience where Christian would raise his hand and the crowd would cheer then Dos Whatever would raise his and they’d boo. It went on for literally 4 minutes. No joke. I was already annoyed and they made it work. Us Brits aren’t complainers so I kept my upper lip stiff and tried to enjoy the match. The match was actually quite good and Dos Carararara whatever showed great skill and pulled off some good moves. It wasn’t his night though. Christian hit the Killswitch and it was goodnight for Dos Thingy.

I've no idea, Christian

Christian proceeded to celebrate and was thanking his peeps when Sheamus came out of nowhere and kicked Christian. By nowhere, I mean nowhere. I was completely surprised, as was the rest of the crowd, including one kid who screamed “noooooo” really loudly. It was hilarious. Sheamus milked the shock for all it was worth and then took to the mic.

Pale Male

He told everybody that they were losers like Liverpool & Everton. This got the reaction it was meant to as an arena packed full of scousers booed to their hearts’ content. The most hilarious part was the fact that Everton Striker Yakubu was sat in the audience. I know this isn’t strictly wrestling but I’d like to vent my frustration here. Yakubu turned up to the show late flanked by a bodyguard, being a popular player on the team he generated a lot of attention. When it got to the interval, a few people went up to him to ask for photographs and autographs. Rather than grant their wish and then enjoy the show, Yakubu ignored them and his bodyguard ushered them all away screaming at young kids that “he is here for the show”. I find this absolutely disgraceful and poor form. Yakubu then left the show early once again flanked by his guard to a chorus of boos. It was glorious.

Back to the wrestling. Sheamus continued milking the crowd and then announced he’d do to John Cena what he did to Christian and take back the WWE Title. This was both a good and bad thing because the main event billed was Triple H v Cena for the title. It has been much discussed on the interweb that Triple H is actually suffering a neck injury and hadn’t been to previous shows. This was later confirmed to me after the show by one of The Sun’s wrestling reporters (I know, I’m so connected) who said that Triple H is resting but should be at the Raw Live show on Monday. Fingers were crossed. Sheamus left and Justin, who looked even more tangerine than before (I reckon he topped up), got back in the ring.

“Please welcome at this time, Chris Masters” and with those words the crowd went dead. Chris Masters doesn’t really excite if I’m honest but he did look amazingly muscular. He challenged any Superstar from the back to come out and take part in the Masterlock Challenge. Then that familiar upbeat jig music started and out came Hornswaggle. It was actually really funny to see ‘Swaggle’ stare down Masters and, as you could probably predict, Hornswaggle ran around the ring and took down Masters. I was laughing like an idiot. I guess I’m easily amused.


Justin ‘Day Glo’ Roberts got back in and announced that the next match would be a Triple Threat match for the WWE Diva’s Championship. I was actually excited to hear that the Divas would be having a proper match and not given some stupid stipulation. It was to be Maryse v Eve Torres v Kelly Kelly and I’ve never seen so many adult men rush forward as much as they did. The match was actually brilliant. It has been a long, long time since I’ve seen such a fantastic match but it became clear that the match may have been a rehearsal for Raw as Kelly Kelly spent most of her time outside the ring. Eve did a fantastic job and even risked going up top with a gorgeous moonsault that could possibly rival Lita. Maryse was victorious, however, and managed to keep hold of the title.

I know a few people that’d give you a sports massage, Kelly

Justin Orange then set us up for the next match; a two on one match. I knew who was going to be wrestling. My stomach began to flutter with butterflies as the Legacy music hit. This was my chance, what should I do? Do I risk arrest, jump over the barrier and snog Cody in the hope he’d fall in love with me or do I stay in my seat and just enjoy the show. I’m currently writing this review from my Lawyer’s office… I lie, I did the right thing and stayed in my seat. As you probably could’ve guessed Legacy aren’t popular so my cheers went completely unheard.  The boys took to the mic first to work up the crowd. They said that everyone was pretty much stupid but I knew Cody didn’t mean me, he loves me too much to say that. Right? RIGHT?! Ahem, sorry, anyway Cody was carrying some jazzy red head gear and he explained that this was a result of Orton’s Punt and Wrestlemania. He went on  to say that the audience would never see an RKO again once he and Ted were done with Orton. With that, Voices blasted out and the crowd went wild. I mean WILD, it was deafening. Orton took his time getting to the ring, skulking down the aisle with his eyes transfixed. I took the opportunity to take lots of pictures of Cody so much so I had to replace the batteries. The crowd continued to go wild and the match got underway.

I was bitterly disappointed by the Orton/Legacy match at ‘Mania so this was a chance to get another viewing and at ringside too! The match was actually pretty epic, Legacy pretty much beat up Orton until he went into Viper mode and cleared house quite spectacularly. It was an absolute honour to see them wrestle live and DiBiase and Rhodes have clearly come on since we first saw them and have turned into incredible, interesting and extremely sexy wrestlers. There was even an element of storyline thrown in as Rhodes walked away from the ring leaving DiBiase to wrestle alone. Cody came back though and, after a short while, DiBiase returned the favour allowing Orton to rip off his head brace. Orton eventually hit the RKO for the win and that was the end of that. Nothing else happened. OK. I lie. Half way through the match, the crowd had gone a little silent so other members started chanting for Orton and it got loud again. Thinking I wouldn’t be heard, I decided to yell “I LOVE YOU CODY”. I decided to do this at the very moment it went quiet again. I was mortified. Everybody looked and I pretend it wasn’t me. Either way it was a fantastic match and a real testament to the work of all involved.

This is the only photo I took that had anyone other than Cody in it.

Next up we had Regal v MVP. I’ll be honest, it was a dull match. Regal is fantastic but the match was hampered by the fact that Regal is loved by English fans so he was cheered as was MVP so it just didn’t create any sort of buzz at all. It ended a bit like this:

Wonder when Danyl Bryan gets it from!

Next up was the interval. The temperature in the arena was extremely hot which resulted in me being charged £6 for two waters. I wasn’t happy, especially after a kid ran into me and knocked one out of my hand. When we returned Justin Roberts was ready and waiting in the ring like an amber traffic light. He said the next match would be for the Unified Tag Team Titles. Three title matches in one night? Brilliant! The familiar music of ShowMiz played out and they made their way to the ring. I must say that I am really pleased with the way The Miz has come on. He’s clearly dedicated to improving his game and his partnership with Show is brilliant. This match proved to be the funniest of the night. The Big Show is actually quite comedically brilliant. The Miz started off by saying that Liverpool hadn’t had any champions in years and asked the crowd if anyone had ever been number one in what they’ve done. Pretty much everyone put their hand up but Miz ignored it and carried on with his amazing mic work. He then gave his legendary line “because we’re ShowMiz and we’re…” he gave it to The Big Show to finish and Show brilliant delivered a non-committal “awesome?”.

Have a guess what I was looking at.

The match began with Mark Henry and Kofi Kingston and I quickly realised that The Miz is rather attractive. I know that’s nothing to do with the match but it’s important to add. There were some great moves on display but the real fun began when Mark Henry and Big Show got in the ring. Big Show began by attempting a few “stretches” against the rope. The two then linked up and Big Show grabbed Henry’s hair. The ref broke it up to which Show challenged the ref “he was pulling MY hair” and the ref had to point out that Show didn’t have any. Pure comedy gold. The match ended up with Show punching Kofi Kingston for the win. Kofi played it out really well and the ringside doctor even jumped in to give it some reality.

It’s OK, he’s fine ya’ll

Finally we got to the main event. The anticipation was unbelievable. The crowd knew what was coming and the energy literally made the hair on my neck stand up. Sheamus came in first and the best part of that was referee Mike Chioda bobbing his head up and down to Sheamus’ music. Then, it happened. John Cena’s music hit. It was electric and Cena really felt it. He actually looked genuinely emotional looking at the sea of orange around the arena and even Sheamus cracked a smile, which he quickly replaced with his trademark scowl.

The match was your typical Cena match, he got beaten up for a long while and then turned into Super-Cena, much to the happiness of the crowd.

We believe in you, John!

I also have a lot of respect for Sheamus after this. He did a fantastic job and I regret my original pessimism regarding his ability. After the match the crowd were going crazy and John took to the mic to thank everybody. One idiot in the crowd yelled “fuck off you wanker” which was completely misjudged especially considering all the kids. Cena handled it well and told him to show more respect. He then started a battle of the cheers by telling the crowd that Dublin were a louder audience. Nothing gets scousers more riled than competition and the arena went crazy. Job done.

All in all it was a fantastic event a real tribute to the hard work and dedication of the Superstars, Divas and the entire crew. I was apprehensive to go to the show alone as usually the only thing I do alone is shower and go to the toilet. I will, however, be making a journey to Raw in November when the WWE returns to Blightly. This ends my recap! Thank you everybody for reading.

Thanks, Cena.... now can I have your shirt?

cool britannia week: springtime edition

That’s right, folks. The WWE are back in Blighty once again. I can’t quite believe it’s been six months since they were last here. Time flies, eh? Sadly for me and the rest of the Welsh wrestling fans out there, Vince McMahon decided not to send his troops in to do any shows in Cardiff on this trip. Sad times! But all is not lost. As I write this, Sidekick Andrew is sat in the Manchester Evening News arena, patiently awaiting the appearance of the Smackdown roster.  I’m super-jealous! But hey, watching Antiques Roadshow in your pyjamas is almost as good as watching live wrestling, right? Andrew will tell you the tale of his trip to Manchester later in the week.

In addition and not to leave Raw feeling lonely, one of our most regular readers, Joey Guy, is currently at the Raw house show in Liverpool hoping to catch a glimpse of Cody Rhodes sans-trunks. Joey too will be telling you all about how his night in Merseyside went. Something tells me that Joey and Andrew’s reviews will have a slightly different feel.

As well as some house show action, you’ll also get full recaps of the TV tapings in London and obviously some catch-ups from last week’s business. I’ve fallen a little behind. Sorry. But for good reason, I promise.

There is also an opportunity for YOU to get involved with Cool Britannia Week. If you’re a British based wrestling fan going to the TV tapings and you see yourself on TV, send me a screencap or tell me how to spot you and I’ll bestow upon you the honour or being one of our Favourite Crowd Members of the Week. Also, if you’re going to one of the many Superstar/Diva signings up and down the country, or just going to a house show, send your pictures to wrestlegasm(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll see if we can feature your pictures on the website. DON’T BE SHY!!!! Please be sure to include your name and the location of the show/signing.

In the meantime, sit back, enjoy the week of posts coming your way and we’ll do our very best to keep you entertained British-style!

GUEST POST: tna in the uk

[A couple of weeks ago, TNA landed on British shores. They popped out a few matches in local arenas, did the odd meet & greet and proved that Vince McMahon isn’t the only boss who can  assemble a touring cast of wrestlers and send them on a Transtlantic jaunt. They did a show in Cardiff. I didn’t go. Although, probably not for the reasons you’re imagining. True, I’ve ripped TNA apart on several occasions. But that’s only because I care. Call it tough love. I didn’t want to go to a TNA show by myself, so I skipped it. And yes, I regret that decision now. Thankfully, wrestling fan and all-round lovely lady Toni went to one of the tour shows and has written a little report on the whole TNA experience. She actually likes TNA, so I’m sure she’s been much kinder than I would have been anyway. Then again, maybe I would have been converted. We’ll never know now, will we? Over to Toni. Enjoy!]

Being a TNA fan isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can be hard to fight through the bad to find the things you love about it, but still we persevere. That is how I came to find myself standing in a queue in the freezing cold in Coventry (which has surely got to be worse than waiting in the freezing cold anywhere else) waiting to be let in to what TNA call ‘Fan Interaction’. Basically, it’s a meet and greet with a handful of the wrestlers that you will be watching later that night. On the whole there is not an awful lot of interacting taking place, as the whole thing is quite rushed. The term ‘greet’ could also be used quite loosely in relation to some of the talent (Taylor Wilde, I’m looking at you), to whom saying hello appears to be too much of an effort. While the idea of fan interaction on the whole is a good one, the execution of the event could have been a little better. It was held in a bar room with really poor lighting, meaning that even with a flash most of the pictures we took came out really dark, which was a little disappointing. However, where Kurt Angle was sat made him look like he had a spotlight shining directly on him, which meant he looked awesome in everyone’s photos.

In our meet and greet was Taylor Wilde and Sarita, Amazing Red,  Earl Hebner, Chris Sabin, The Pope,The British Invasion and Kurt Angle. Sabin, The British Invasion and Kurt Angle were all really friendly, posed for photos and chatted while signing your t-shirt, program or random bits of paper. I was really, really pleased that Chris was doing the signing and virtually sprinted the first half of the line (well, as fast as you can sprint when there is a very slow-moving queue directly in front of you). Then something happened that struck fear in to my heart. He spoke to me. Now, anybody that knows me can tell you that I have a serious case of ‘foot in mouth disease’. If there is ever any opportunity to say something stupid, embarrassing, inappropriate or any combination of all three, then I will take it. I did manage to somehow tell him that my feet were cold  but personally I was just pleased to have escaped the whole thing without blurting out the words ‘I love you’ the second I laid eyes on him.

By the time I got to Kurt Angle I found that I had become speechless and completely lost the ability to say anything at all. I could only smile at him innanely. He didn’t seem to be at all phased by the slightly idiotic looking woman stood before him and it passed without incident. I chalked this up as a success. Then it was time to get kicked out in the freezing cold again to join another queue. Yay!

Thankfully, this queue didn’t take anywhere near as long and we were soon in the arena, ready to find our seats. But it quickly became apparent that locating your seat owed more to the process of elimination than anything else, as the event staff knew nothing, and by nothing I mean they didn’t even know which block was which. You know, the little things. The signage was about as informative as the stewards, so if we actually ended up in the right seats was anybody’s guess.

As part of what TNA calls the ‘Platinum Experience Ticket’ which my brother generously bought me, the seat I found myself with was in the second row. I would indeed be all nice and close to the sweaty wrestlers. The joy!

With about half an hour to go until bell time, Dixie Carter was on the arena floor signing autographs and having photos taken with fans and the World Heavyweight Championship belt. She looked genuinely interested in meeting the fans and had time for everyone. I did have my photo taken with Dixie and my brother, but I have vowed that it shall never see the light of day. It is possibly the worst photo I have seen of myself. Ever.

Now for the bit we have all been waiting for…. showtime! I should point out that although I truly enjoy wrestling, I’m not one of those people who is going to remember every single move that everyone performs. Far from it. I am more of a people watcher, so if you are expecting an account of each wrestlers technical prowess I’m not the girl for you and you should stop reading now before I make you angry. That being said…

First up is Chris Sabin (be still my beating heart) Vs  Suicide.

The crowd is pretty dead for this, to be honest. The occasional chant breaks the silence but it’s pretty quiet for the majority. You get all the tricks and stunts you would expect, with Sabin backflipping across the ring and both parties taking various leaps from the ropes. After a couple of near falls each, Suicide hits the Suicide Solution and pins Sabin for the win.

Then it’s the Knockouts Tag Team match, The Beautiful People Vs. Taylor Wilde and Sarita. This match was initially billed as Awesome Kong and Hamada Vs Taylor Wilde and Sarita but Kong didn’t make the trip to the UK after her earlier ‘altercation’ with the vile and loathsome Bubba The Love Sponge. After initially being gutted that Kong wasn’t coming, I perked up a bit when I realised that The Beautiful People were coming to take her place, and subsequently became overjoyed when I realised that Lacey Von Erich wasn’t coming with them. So all in all I was looking forward to this match a huge amount.

The Beautiful People made their typical entrance to the ring; teased kiss, arse wiggling over the rope, the whole kit and caboodle. This seemed to kickstart the crowd somewhat and both teams got good reactions. Although, I do have to say to the very overweight man sat in the row ahead of me, I am fairly sure Taylor Wilde doesn’t want to marry you, no matter how many times you bellow your proposal to her across the ring.

Following the usual back and forth between both sides and lots of near falls, Madison moved to slap referee Earl Hebner, who countered by going in for the kiss. Feeling pleased with himself, he strutted distractedly around the ring allowing Velvet to spray Taylor Wilde in the face with a can of hairspray. Wilde fell to the ground clutching her face and was pinned by Madison for the three count.

This is what happens when you leave a male in charge of the camera with Knockouts in the ring.

Next we move on to The Pope D’Angelo Dinero Vs. Desmond Wolfe.

Both Pope and Wolfe received a good reception from the crowd and Wolfe got a huge cheer every time he offered his trademark two-fingered salute. The crowd seemed very into this match, with a chant for both sides running for most of the duration. The match reached its end when Wolfe went for the Tower Of London, Pope countered with his finisher (which I am not going to even pretend to know the name of) and took the victory. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of The Pope, as you might have guessed, but I was loving Desmond and on the whole I really enjoyed the match.

Now for the 8-man gauntlet match featuring The British Invasion (w/Rob Terry), Eric Young, Team 3-D and Beer Money. I spent most of this match being marginally grossed out, but the humdinger of a rash, Eric Young, was sporting to the point where I didn’t actually notice much else that was going on. It’s not very often anyone will admit to missing most of the action in a match because they were looking at Eric Young’s body, but there you have it. All of the teams were very over with the crowd, although Rob Terry was subject to a “You can’t wrestle” chant at a couple of intervals and, being the mean girl that I am, I thought this was hilarious. Team 3-D picked up the win pinning Eric Young following a 3-D.

Sometimes being so close to sweaty wrestlers can have it's downsides.

Interval time, this is where I get to sit singing along to the Metallica songs playing out over the PA. I found this a very enjoyable way to pass the time but I feel the people sat around me may be inclined to disagree.

15 minutes of interval later and we’re back. Dixie comes to the ring to thank everyone for coming out and supporting TNA. I spend most of the time she is in the ring thinking how much she reminds me of Celine Dion.

Next up we have the X Division match and it’s Amazing Red Vs Hamada. Yep, you read that right… Hamada. The misogynistic crowd spoiled this in part for me with hugely offensive comments. I should point out that I am not easily offended, but if I thought I could have gotten away with it without getting kicked out the arena, I would have kicked the imbecile sat in front of me straight in the back of the head. Instead, I just cheered at an obscene volume for Hamada. If it was 1996 then I may have even shouted ‘Girl Power!’ but I will take heed of Daisy in Spaced and realise that this is something you should never ever say. People will laugh at you and not in a good way.

That aside, I LOVED this match; red not wanting to hit a woman and Hamada wanting to be fought against in the same way he would a man. Red’s inner conflict was utterly convincing and you could virtually taste the frustration rolling off Hamada. However, it seemed like I was the only one. The crowd pretty much died during this match, after they had run out of nasty and spiteful things to say. Anyway, Amazing Red fought through his principles, gave Hamada the contest she wanted and hit a standing Shooting Star Press to claim the victory. When he helped her up from the ground, it did make let out a little ‘awww’.

Tag team match next and it’s Daniels and Rhino Vs Hernandez and Kurt Angle. Angle stood in for Matt Morgan, who didn’t make the trip as expected due to his father being taken seriously ill in the States. All turned out well, as Angle was so unbelievably over with the crowd (and Matt’s dad is doing well), I think every single chant was for him, whether he was in the ring at the time or on the apron. Moment of the match for me was Kurt laughing and waving to the crowd in response to the “Angle, give us a wave. Angle, Angle, give us a wave” chants. Low point of the match was the disturbing realisation that Rhino wrestles in something akin to a velour Juicy Couture playsuit. Just thinking about it now makes me shudder.

You don't have to take my word for it, here's a photo.

Contrary to what I may have you believe, they did do some wrestling too, with all of the men looking solid in the ring. As if there was ever any doubt of the result, Hernandez and Angle won with the Angle Slam to Daniels.

At last we come to the main event, AJ Styles Vs. Samoa Joe with both men getting a good reaction from what ended up being a fairly Pro-Joe crowd. I should explain that I have a profound weakness for Mr. Styles. I know he’s a bit of a redneck and in real life I would want to punch him repeatedly in the face. But this is not real life, this is pro wrestling, and I love him. I only have to catch a glimpse of the chest hair and I am entranced. So it is fair to say I was pulling for AJ in this match.

Here is my reasoning.

Styles set about doing everything he could to rile the crowd, swearing and cursing with a fair few “Wooooo!”s thrown in for good measure. To the boy who shouted “I love you, AJ”, I just have to say, you are one brave soldier as one of Styles’ favourite words appears to be a slur on homosexuals.

After periods of domination from both sides, Joe began mocking AJ’s new mentor, Ric Flair, which made a certain little World Heavyweight Champion quite cross. So what else to do but beat your opponent in the head with the aforementioned belt you happen to be in possesion of, hey AJ? Although, as we all know, ideas like this are always doomed to fail. There are pesky little things like rules and match officials that want to spoil your dastardly plan.

After the failed attack with the championship belt, AJ throws Joe in to the ref who is knocked down and rendered ‘unconscious’. With no one to stop him he sets about attacking Joe with the belt and knocking him to the ground. Styles proceeded to drag the still out of it Slick Johnson across the ring, revive him and pin Joe for the 1-2-3. Quite understandably, this makes Joe a little angry, so he gets on the mic and informs Styles that “This isn’t over until you’re in the ground” and chases AJ in to the back.

The lights go on and the show is over.

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cool britannia week: part seven (fin)


So this is it, the final post within Cool Britannia Week and what a week it’s been for British WWE fans. It was brilliant, wasn’t it? I was super proud of all people from around the country who travelled to Sheffield and formed a formidable TV audience for Raw, ECW and Smackdown this week. As Jim Ross would say, ‘the world was watching’ and you did a  fabulous job. Nothing kills a wrestling show more than a crowd who thinks they’re too cool to mark out. You proved you weren’t too cool. Wait, that came out wrong. But you know what I mean.

I was really hoping that at least one of the UK based fans I follow on Twitter would get on TV so I could post pictures of them in my Favourite Crowd Members of the Week spot. I don’t think many managed it, but if you did let me know when you were on. Someone who did get on TV, not just on one show but on both Raw and Smackdown was Mr. Nero1000. He and his crew were spotted by the cameras having a dance to Kofi’s entrance on Raw and poppin’ to R-Truth’s entrance on Smackdown. Also, according to some of the Twitpics I saw this week, they managed to get a few snaps taken with some of the wrestlers too. Jammy. Very jammy indeed. Jealous.

So, I salute you Nero1000 and Co. It’s tough enough managing to get on TV for one show. Getting on two deserves an award. I bestow this Favourite Crowd Members of the Week award on you now. It brings you great power and esteem. Be humble and keep being awesome. In other words, don’t eff it up! BRAVO!






And there ends Cool Britannia Week. Sad, eh? I’m taking a few days off now. Mainly because you’ve had seven posts out of me this week. SEVEN! I’m not a machine. I need a little rest. Especially with Survivor Series next Sunday. But don’t panic. I’ll still recap next week’s Raw and Smackdown,and I’ve got one other thing up my sleeve. It’ll just be quiet for a few days. If you get bored you can always read one of the SEVEN posts from this past week. If you’ve already read them, why not read them again? They’re fantastic. I’m also very modest. Take it easy folks. Kiss-Kiss.