Hello again!

Hello, my darlings. Long time no see! This note is far later than I had intended. It’s also not in audio format as I had planned. You’ll just have read it in my voice and pretend. Actually, none of you can duplicate my accent properly. Just read it.

First of all, thank you to everyone who sent me such kind messages after my surgery. They really did brighten my mood. It’ll be a long while yet before I’m close to being 100% healthy, but the surgery was the first step. Also thank you to Andrew for writing such a lovely post while I was hooked up to my morphine drip and too zoned out to stop him.

We had planned on doing some PPV predictions during December, but we couldn’t manage it. Then I was going to do some old school Raw recaps or PPV recaps for general kicks and nostalgia purposes. But that didn’t happen either. So we just resigned ourselves to the fact that December would be a hibernation month.

Something like this

2011 was kind of a strange year. We took quite a few breaks. Sometimes they were self-imposed because we knew we were going to be busy or didn’t feel like we had anything to say. Other times life got busy quickly and, unfortunately, writing about wrestling is usually the first thing to drop off our radar, much as we love it. Luckily, we were persuaded to join Tumblr last year. So even when this space was a little bare, we still hung out over in The Gasm. And of course, you can always find us on Twitter, grumbling about something or other.

It feels good to be back though and, while we won’t be so silly as to make any concrete promises about post regularity that we can’t be sure we’ll keep, we’ll do our very best to be around as much as real life allows. Some of the articles we’re most proud of were written in 2011, so while we checked out more often than we would have liked, we still love what we managed to put out there.

Tomorrow we have a staff meeting to decide on who will win the much coveted Wrestlegasm Awards for 2011. This will involve lots of fizzy pop, banging our fists on the table and grimacing, but we’re hoping to drip feed the results to you throughout the rest of the month, with a spot of Rumble fever thrown in for good measure.

So thanks again for sticking with us in 2011. We made lots of new friends and had some real fun.  Hopefully we can do more of the same in 2012 and as we say round my way, blwyddyn newydd dda!


Song for Whoever: The Boss Lady Rae edition

Sidekick Andrew: There won’t be a “normal” Song for Whoever post this week. It’s no secret that Rae has had some health issues over the last year or so, and today she’s in hospital having an operation that should make a massive difference to her life. It’s OK though, she’s doing us all proud on the sartorial front as usual…

So this week I’d like to take the opportunity to dedicate my Song For Whoever to Rae. She won’t be happy about this, but hey… what’s she going to do about it?

When I first found the blog I instantly loved it. Rae has a way with words that I will never be able to compete with, and her articles have never failed to make me laugh or (in her more serious moments) think harder about this ridiculous sport. After the first article I read (the one with the amazing Summerslam cake, I went back and read every single post and loved them all. I might be biased due to association, but Rae genuinely did stand out to me as having a unique voice among wrestling bloggers. First by being female (rare enough in this community) and secondly by being British and using pop culture reference points that immediately resonated with me.

Since we then got in touch over twitter, and later as I was invited to recap the much missed ECW, I’ve got to know Rae pretty well. Strange as it might seem for someone I’ve never actually met (the Wrestle Bunker is, after all, a significantly sprawling spread) she quickly became someone I consider to be my best friend. Someone I can share this wonderfully embarrassing geeky obsession with. She’s constantly encouraged my writing, and even more so my graphic design work. Without her I wouldn’t have got to work with Pro Wrestling EVE, and from there I wouldn’t have had the confidence to approach any of the other promotions or wrestlers I’ve designed for. I owe her a lot, and I only hope that one day she realises just how much.

So, Boss Lady Rae, this one’s for you. Diolch yn fawr…

PS. Sori (I know you’ll hate this article, but that’s the advantage of the Boss being away)

Thank you for being a friend

We’ve just noticed that a year ago today we made the decision to change our content and the way we blogged. It was a pretty big deal to us. We were burnt out and seriously considering calling it quits. But rather than wave goodbye, we decided to give the blog a makeover and only write when we had something to say, with a minimal schedule. It worked brilliantly for us, and while we lost some readers, we gained lots of new ones, made new friends and have enjoy this year of blogging immensely.

Whether you’ve been reading and listening from the very beginning (two and a half years ago!) or you joined us after we made the switch, thank you. We think you’re ace!

A quick thank you

I’m not one for pleasantries here on the blog. Boss Lady Ray, for all her whip-cracking ways here in The Bunker, is much more emotional than my flinty northern heart will allow. But I was genuinely chuffed by the response to our Birthday Giveaway. It’s nice to know that so many people want some free stuff from us enjoy the blog around the world. You made both myself and Ray happier than a tortoise eating a strawberry…

…which I think you’ll agree is pretty damn happy.

We will be posting the winners on Monday, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for reading, and especially for saying such nice things. So to Balard (sorry we don’t quite have the budget of the WWE), Achema (Danke Schön), Lauren (good luck with the blog), Zarushi (Merci Beaucoup), Abby (it’s always cake time round The Bunker), Tyler (less twitter, more blog!), Hel (many more years? Do you not realise how old and decrepit I am?), Jenna (between you and me, Ray is still cheering on Cena, just very quietly), Shoaib (Nov 2009! That’s when I started! Can I have a raise Boss?), Kellee (I’d add a chicken joke here, but that would be childish), Joey (glad we help you to “keep it up”, weirdo), Cat (Woo Woo Woo We Are Fully Aware Of It), Sarah (Diolch yn fawr), Charlie (Have a great time at King of Trios *seething jealousy*), Daniel (Santino has excellent taste in comedy), Steven (don’t tell anyone, but I think the runner up prize is the better one), Rachel (hopefully the big “2” won’t be the “terrible twos”), Jason (is Radford as cool a place as it sounds?), Lacy (a good boyfriend will always let you read first), Sarah (thank you very much), Sean (Love? Blimey… cheers mate), Kim (Punk’s pants again! I’m beginning to think I might have to bring Crotch Watch back.)

To all of you, thanks for being so awesome (and letting me type the longest sentence I’ve ever done on here). That’s it, I promise I’ll go back to my curmudgeonly old self from now on, taking the piss out of Matt Hardy whenever possible.