Wrestlegasm Birthday Giveaway Posts: 2. Shawn Michaels

As Andrew mentioned earlier in the week when he wrote the first of these posts, we’re giving our second birthday giveaway winners the opportunity to select a wrestler for us to write a quick post about. Runner-up Kim gave us a choice of three or four people, but she mentioned Shawn Michaels first, so we’re going with HBK. Enjoy, Kim……..


Ask me who my top three wrestlers are and I can tell you for definite that Shawn Michaels won’t be in the list. I’m not sure he’d even be in my top five. Maybe he’d fall around a nine or a ten. And yet, I have an awful lot to thank Shawn Michaels for.

When anyone asks me how I got into wrestling, my response is always the same “I came for Shawn Michaels, I stayed for The Rock.” My younger brother had been watching wrestling for a while before I came across it. Initially, I shunned it, but my brother was on-board to the point where he was wandering around the house shouting “SWEET CHIN MUSIC!” before proceeding to kick the sole of his foot to within an inch of my nose. Sometimes he misjudged the kick and stopped an inch after my nose. It hurt as must as you’re imagining.

Despite asking time and time again, he wouldn’t tell me what these seemingly random three words meant. I eventually sat down and watched wrestling with him and his friends. Shawn busted out some SWEET CHIN MUSIC! and the mystery was solved. Observe one of my favourites:

Of course, then I encountered The Rock and felt a stirring in my teenage heart that implored me to return and watch again. But if it wasn’t for Shawn and that stupidly named superkick, I never would have started watching wrestling. This blog wouldn’t exist. Think how sad you’d be! But that’s it. That’s all I have to thank Shawn Michaels for. 13 years of tormented wrestling viewing and this blog. Not much then.

Alright, so the first storylines I found myself immersed in were down to DX. It seemed dangerous and exciting and a little bit wrong, but DX coupled with my crush on a man with an overactive eyebrow and a penchant for unbuttoned shirts kept me watching wrestling just long enough for it to become my televisual crack. Another thing I need to thank HBK for…..or not, depending on the amount of time I’ve wasted on wrestling over the years.

Shawn Michaels went away for a while after that. He damaged his back so severely that he had to retire (for the first time). I went away for a while a few years later too. After HHH copulated with a corpse I fired off an angry email to Connecticut and decided I couldn’t justify watching this depravity any longer. It didn’t last long. I came back. Thanks to those early DX storylines I found it hard to stay way. Shawn returned too and this time he stuck around. He didn’t do much after that. Just a few DX revival runs. And he only put the messy Montreal Screwjob to bed, finally shaking hands with Bret Hart and bringing about the return of a man we never dreamed we’d see on WWE programming again. No big deal or anything.

Oh and he just happened to play his part in arguably the greatest match of all time at Wrestlemania 25. You know, nothing major.

When Shawn Michaels held Ric Flair’s hand and guided him into what was supposed to be his retirement, it was extremely touching. When Shawn himself hung up his leather chaps for the second time, it more than touched me, it made me cry like a baby – much to my surprise. I didn’t just drench my cheeks in tears when Shawn gave his farewell speech. I sobbed again when HHH came out to spoon and bump noses with him.

Much the same happened when Shawn was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this month, although my personal reaction was slightly more muted being that the speech was cut so short for television.

I never think of myself as a Shawn Michaels fan and yet when I saw him wrestle at a WWE House Show in Cardiff some 18 months ago, it was one of my greatest wrestling thrills. Nobody shouted SUCK IIIIIIT prouder than I did. (Apologies for shaky camera work. It was one of the most exciting nights of my life. You’ll also notice I stopped the camera the second Cena’s music hit. I stopped it to scream.)

There are very few wrestlers who are unconditionally loved regardless of whether their past was as chequered as Michaels’ or not. In his Hall of Fame speech, Shawn himself admitted that in his younger days he wasn’t Mr. Popular, and yet, he absolutely is. He started the game badly and ended a hero. So thank you, Shawn Michaels. Thanks for being the guy who got me into all this nonsense, thanks for finishing it better than you started and thanks for being the bloke I’m never really a fan of, but somehow always am.


Wrestlegasm Birthday Giveaway Posts: 1. Chis Sabin

When we had the idea for the birthday giveaway, Boss Lady Ray suggested that we offer the winner a special Wrestlegasm post about the wrestler of their choice. This sounded like a great idea at the time, but I have to admit to a certain amount of trepidation worrying about which wrestler would be chosen. Obviously my main fear was that the winner would choose Matt Hardy, and I always get in trouble when I write about Matt Hardy. Of course, I could have asked past guest writer Brandi to write about him, but that didn’t end too well last time either.


Fortunately our winner was Sarah F, a reader of more refined tastes who (to my relief) was kind enough to inform me via twitter that she “pretty much hate[s] the Hardys.” Instead she picked a wrestler that I like, but don’t get as much chance to watch as I would like.

Yep, Sarah picked ex-TNA X Division and Tag Team Champion Chis Sabin. My feelings on TNA are pretty well documented, but to recap: the main reason I loathe them so much is that they have some really great wrestlers and misuse them. As such, I miss out on seeing these wrestlers because I find TNA frankly embarrassing to watch. Wrestlers such as Generation Me, Brian Kendrick, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Desmond Wolfe, Douglas Williams, Samoa Joe, Mickie James, Daffney (if they ever bring her back), Tara, Winter, Alex Shelley and of course Chis Sabin: all great wrestlers that you could easily build a great promotion around, if you weren’t too busy throwing money away on worn out has-beens and drug addled rednecks.

But I digress. For those of you who might not know him, Chis Sabin is one half of the Motor City Machine Guns tag team along with Alex Shelley (although, for what it’s worth, in my incredibly masculine and totally hetero opinion, Shelley is definitely the prettier of the two) This video below, despite the quite annoying music, should give you a quick idea what they’re about…

I have to confess to not knowing as much about Chis Sabin as I would like, so let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about him. Hmm… apparently he took his name from a Final Fantasy character, so he’s presumably a gamer. Also, he’s in a band with Alex Shelley, Petey Williams and A.N. Other non-wrestler bloke so he likes music. Erm… Ooh, he used to work at Subway! I knew I recognised this guy…

The other thing to note about Chis Sabin is that he seems inordinately fond of his right hand (please, feel free to insert your own smutty joke here). Seriously, every time you see him he points it out to the crowd. “Look at me! I have a right hand! Yippee!”

So, what have we learnt today. Well, we have learnt that Chis Sabin likes his hand, video games and music. We have learnt that he really likes mustard and that he’s a pretty great wrestler. We’ve also learnt that he was in CHIKARA King of Trios once upon a time back in 2007.

Perhaps most importantly for me, I’ve learnt that the Motor City Machine Guns had a great match against Dragon Gate Stars Masato Yoshino and Naruki Doi that is definitely a perfect way to end this slightly paltry post. Congratulations Sarah, hope you at least enjoy the video…

Bugger! Hang on… apparently it’s Chris, not Chis. Stupid TNA…

Second Birthday Giveaway: Winners Announced

As promised last week it’s time to announce the winners of our first ever giveaway. It’s been a fun thing to do and we’d love to do it again at some point. Maybe another one later in the year? What do you think? Huge thanks to everyone who entered and for all the very kind messages you left. It’s good to know people enjoy reading the blog as much as we love writing it. Just to recap, one lucky person will win a copy of Chris Jericho’s new book Undisputed, a DVD copy of WWE Fatal 4-Way 2010 (which includes our favourite match of 2010), a CHIKARA Sampler DVD and a Wrestlegasm blog post dedicated to the winner’s favourite wrestler. Four runners-up will win one copy of the CHIKARA Sampler DVD each. Since closing the giveaway we’ve also decided to offer the runners-up the opportunity to have us write a Wrestlegasm blog post dedicated to their favourite wrestler too. We’re in a generous mood.

So to the winners. We cut out each entry, folded them up and put them in this beautiful vessel:

We then picked out the winners at random. So, the lucky so-and-so winning the main prize issssssss:

Congratulations, Sarah F! We’ll be in touch very soon.

And the runners-up?

Well done to you too Kellee, Lacy, Kim and Cat. There’s no need to get in touch with us. We’ll email you within the next day or so to let you know which details we need. Start thinking about which wrestler you want us to write about. Thanks guys. 


A quick thank you

I’m not one for pleasantries here on the blog. Boss Lady Ray, for all her whip-cracking ways here in The Bunker, is much more emotional than my flinty northern heart will allow. But I was genuinely chuffed by the response to our Birthday Giveaway. It’s nice to know that so many people want some free stuff from us enjoy the blog around the world. You made both myself and Ray happier than a tortoise eating a strawberry…

…which I think you’ll agree is pretty damn happy.

We will be posting the winners on Monday, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for reading, and especially for saying such nice things. So to Balard (sorry we don’t quite have the budget of the WWE), Achema (Danke Schön), Lauren (good luck with the blog), Zarushi (Merci Beaucoup), Abby (it’s always cake time round The Bunker), Tyler (less twitter, more blog!), Hel (many more years? Do you not realise how old and decrepit I am?), Jenna (between you and me, Ray is still cheering on Cena, just very quietly), Shoaib (Nov 2009! That’s when I started! Can I have a raise Boss?), Kellee (I’d add a chicken joke here, but that would be childish), Joey (glad we help you to “keep it up”, weirdo), Cat (Woo Woo Woo We Are Fully Aware Of It), Sarah (Diolch yn fawr), Charlie (Have a great time at King of Trios *seething jealousy*), Daniel (Santino has excellent taste in comedy), Steven (don’t tell anyone, but I think the runner up prize is the better one), Rachel (hopefully the big “2” won’t be the “terrible twos”), Jason (is Radford as cool a place as it sounds?), Lacy (a good boyfriend will always let you read first), Sarah (thank you very much), Sean (Love? Blimey… cheers mate), Kim (Punk’s pants again! I’m beginning to think I might have to bring Crotch Watch back.)

To all of you, thanks for being so awesome (and letting me type the longest sentence I’ve ever done on here). That’s it, I promise I’ll go back to my curmudgeonly old self from now on, taking the piss out of Matt Hardy whenever possible.

March Birthday Giveaway! – now closed

March is our birthday month. Hooray! The final Raw before Wrestlemania will be our second birthday. We can hardly believe another year has passed. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating being one year old. Now we’re toddling around and looking forward to going to blogging nursery school.

We’ll do a few more birthday related bits later in the month but, even though it’s the blog’s birthday, we wanted to give something back to the readers to thank you for supporting this site. This is our first ever reader giveaway. The prizes are as follows:

That’s right, we’ve put our hands in pockets and bought some lovely presents. One person will win a copy of Chris Jericho’s new book Undisputed, a DVD copy of WWE Fatal 4-Way 2010 (which includes our favourite match of 2010), a CHIKARA Sampler DVD and a Wrestlegasm blog post dedicated to the winner’s favourite wrestler. Four runners up will win one copy of the CHIKARA Sampler DVD each.

All you have to do is leave us a birthday message including your hometown and country in the comments section of this post before midday (UK time) on Monday 28th March 2011. We’ll let you know who the winners are. Now the boring bit……


  • For postal tracking purposes this giveaway is only available to those resident in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We apologise but entries received from outside these territories will not be valid.
  • You must enter a genuine email address when commenting. It will stay anonymous to other commenters. If we cannot make contact with you on the email address you comment with within 10 days of the giveaway closing, your prize will be reallocated to another entrant.
  • The giveaway will close at 12:00pm (noon) UK time on Monday 28th March 2011. Entries received after this time cannot be considered.
  • Only one comment per person.
  • Winners will be chosen at random.
  • Prizes are non-negotiable.
  • Ray and Andrew’s families are not permitted to enter.