Thank you for being a friend

We’ve just noticed that a year ago today we made the decision to change our content and the way we blogged. It was a pretty big deal to us. We were burnt out and seriously considering calling it quits. But rather than wave goodbye, we decided to give the blog a makeover and only write when we had something to say, with a minimal schedule. It worked brilliantly for us, and while we lost some readers, we gained lots of new ones, made new friends and have enjoy this year of blogging immensely.

Whether you’ve been reading and listening from the very beginning (two and a half years ago!) or you joined us after we made the switch, thank you. We think you’re ace!



It occurred to us that we probably should have mentioned we’re having something of a break at the moment. Individually we’re in the various stages of a holiday (staycation), studying or moving house, so we’re a little more absent than usual. This was just one of the reasons we timed our No Alternative? interviews to run now. We hope you’ve been enjoying them and, if you’re not familiar with any indie wrestling promotions, we hope we’ve been able to introduce you to something new. Another interview is on the way later this week and you can read the rest by clicking here. Normal service will be resumed when life gets back to its regular routine.

Happy Summer Holidays!

(May or may not be an accurate depiction of our holidays.)

Wallets at the ready!

If you don’t follow us on Twitter you might have missed the fact that I have been published in the first issue of the Fair to Flair Quarterly journal. If you’ve never visited Fair to Flair, you’re missing out. As soon as I finish writing this little nugget, I’m going to write a post about the Internet Wrestling Community and why its over-the-top and unintelligent reactions to wrestling events are giving me a dilemma to contend with. The guys running Fair to Flair are bucking the trend and changing the face of wrestling journalism, and I’m excited to be playing a small part in changing how wrestling is reported for the better.

My article is about how Stephanie McMahon and Triple H changed the way I watched and understood wrestling. I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t discover wrestling until the late 90s. This is the full story of how I fell in love with it. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the article and I’d love for you to read it. So why not scuttle your way over to the site and pre-order your copy of the Quarterly now. It’s available for just $20 (Canadian) until 16th June and $25 afterwards. It’s my birthday this month, so you’d make an old lady very happy if you bought a copy. But don’t just buy it to please me. The journal is full of fantastic long- form articles on wrestling, the likes of which you just won’t find anywhere else, and you’ll be supporting writers who believe wrestling deserves better. Bury yourself in the details….

  • Rachel Davies of Wrestlegasm looks back at the Stephanie McMahon-Triple H story and how it forever changed her view of pro wrestling.
  • Seth Roy of Wrestlespective writes about Bret Hart’s role in making Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon into the biggest feud in wrestling history.
  • Fake Vince McMahon of This Is Sports Entertainment argues that he saved pro wrestling from itself when he turned it into sports entertainment.
  • Daniella Porcano of Styles Clash shares how Cody Rhodes has been delightfully blending art and entertainment, always a tricky balance in pro wrestling.
  • Robert Dorman of Hitting the Mark writes about the intense pressure wrestlers and athletes face to keep going even when they are hurt.
  • Leslie Lee III of Dirty Dirty Sheets presents an international photo essay, with images of wrestling from Tokyo to Montreal to San Antonio to Philadelphia.
  • Paul Karnatz of Turnbuckle Zine finds parallels in the artforms of pro wrestling and opera.
  • Jason Mann of Wrestlespective writes about the hidden significance of Dude Love, the most short-lived and maligned character portrayed by Mick Foley.
  • Razor of Kick-Out!! Wrestling shows how wrestling is a little bit of every major form of entertainment.
  • Jason and Razor also debate the value of world championships in 2011 and whether fans should bother to care about them.
  • Danielle Stull of Cewsh Reviews comments on the difficulties faced by feminists who want to enjoy pro wrestling and recounts how WWE has portrayed women over the years.
  • Joe Drilling of On The Stick demonstrates why the fierce Magnum T.A. v. Tully Blanchard I quit match at Starrcade 1985 is one of the greatest examples of live performance.
  • Thomas Holzerman of The Wrestling Blog writes about Sean Waltman’s return as the 1-2-3 Kid at Chikara King of Trios and being a sucker for a good redemption story.

Second Birthday Giveaway: Winners Announced

As promised last week it’s time to announce the winners of our first ever giveaway. It’s been a fun thing to do and we’d love to do it again at some point. Maybe another one later in the year? What do you think? Huge thanks to everyone who entered and for all the very kind messages you left. It’s good to know people enjoy reading the blog as much as we love writing it. Just to recap, one lucky person will win a copy of Chris Jericho’s new book Undisputed, a DVD copy of WWE Fatal 4-Way 2010 (which includes our favourite match of 2010), a CHIKARA Sampler DVD and a Wrestlegasm blog post dedicated to the winner’s favourite wrestler. Four runners-up will win one copy of the CHIKARA Sampler DVD each. Since closing the giveaway we’ve also decided to offer the runners-up the opportunity to have us write a Wrestlegasm blog post dedicated to their favourite wrestler too. We’re in a generous mood.

So to the winners. We cut out each entry, folded them up and put them in this beautiful vessel:

We then picked out the winners at random. So, the lucky so-and-so winning the main prize issssssss:

Congratulations, Sarah F! We’ll be in touch very soon.

And the runners-up?

Well done to you too Kellee, Lacy, Kim and Cat. There’s no need to get in touch with us. We’ll email you within the next day or so to let you know which details we need. Start thinking about which wrestler you want us to write about. Thanks guys. 


what’s black, white and red all over? That’s what! We felt like giving ourselves a makeover and, being that Andrew designs graphics for a living, it seemed like a waste of his skills not to paint some gloss over the blog. We also wanted a new design to coincide with our slight shift in content, so this seemed like the right time to load it on up. We’re still playing around with a few details, so if it looks like things are missing or in strange places, it’s just us shifting things around a bit. Hope you love it as much as we do.

announcement: ch-ch-changes

Happy Sunday!  We’ve been having a little chat in the Bunker about how to take Wrestlegasm forward and how to manage it better. We’ve decided that from now on we won’t be writing regular, weekly recaps of WWE programming. We’re not abandoning WWE at all, just pulling away from the way we’ve been writing about it. There are two reasons for this.
Firstly, we’re busy. We’ve got full-time jobs, families to look after, college study to focus on, non-wrestling projects that require our time and Ray’s been tackling a very tricky illness for over seven months now, which is mega energy-zapping. Bottom line…. we’ve only got so many hours every week to devote to writing about wrestling and they’re being sucked up by WWE recaps. We’ve got a whole list of editorial-type posts that just never got written because we only had time for the recaps and it annoys us. If you’re going run a blog for the love of it, it should never annoy you.
Which brings us to our second reason for the change. Much as we love WWE and watch it religiously, we also love indie wrestling. We’re both borderline obsessive about CHIKARA (although admittedly Andrew may have crossed that line some time ago) and we’d love to help spread the gospel by writing about it. So, we’d like to use the little time we have to cover some indie stuff too. We’re huge fans of wrestling as a whole and we’re not doing it justice by ignoring everything that isn’t touched by the hand of Vince McMahon.
So there you have it. We’re looking forward to providing you with a little more creative variety over the coming months, which should be more interesting for us to write and for you to read. Thanks a million for your support over the last year and a half. We truly appreciate it. Oh and just in case you’re wondering, yes, we still hate TNA with a passion.
Lots o’ love……


It’s a lot of work running an awesome wrestling blog, especially when real life gets busy and even more so when the sun is shining. The Cardiff Wrestle Bunker is severely lacking in windows and it’s only our mentor, Matt Striker, who gets to see the light of day. We both have serious Vitamin D deficiencies!

Even ace bloggers need a break from time-to-time, so with this in mind, Sidekick Andrew and Boss Lady Ray are having a little chillaxing time to absorb some sunlight and ease our aching bones. And no, we’re not taking a break to watch some of the World Cup. Andrew couldn’t care less about football, especially as England have been so pitiful, and Wales didn’t qualify so Ray has no representation anyway.

So now you’re thinking “How will I survive a whole week without Wrestlegasm?” Have no fear, readers. We aren’t abandoning you entirely. We just wouldn’t be able to relax during our week off thinking about how sad you’d be without us to entertain you. So this coming week will be the very first…..

We’ve invited a few of our favourite people to write guest posts for you and we’ll hopefully be posting at least one a day for the rest of the week. We’re very excited, not only to be having a rest, but also to be able to share the Bunker with a few new faces and old friends. We hope you enjoy the week ahead. Please give our guest writers as much love as you give us or there’ll be trouble when we get back! Be good while we’re gone.

royal rumble voicemail – LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN

The one where I plug my collaborative live Royal Rumble blog with LOL, Wresslin’, announce that Crotch Watch is taking a very long hiatus, mention the forthcoming one-year anniversary of Wrestlegasm and say “cool” and “ummm” way too much. Someone buy me a thesaurus for my birthday.