Hello again!

We’re back! Yay! We’ll give you a moment to throw some airpunches.

Following an unplanned but necessary break, we decided it was time to spruce the place up a bit and return to the wrestling blogging community. The words ‘gluttons for punishment’ come to mind.

2012 didn’t really happen for us blog wise. Our intentions were good and we dipped in and out here and there, but the truth is there was so much else going on, blogging dropped off our to-do list. It wasn’t so much that life got busy. Modern life is always stupidly hectic. It was just that different things were taking off for us and sometimes you have to put projects down for a while until there’s room to pick them up again.

The positive thing about this period of respite was that we didn’t duck out of wrestling itself. In many ways, we’re more involved now than we’ve ever been before. Andrew in particular has thrown himself into the British wrestling scene, which is experiencing an exciting revival at the moment. We’re coming back with a collection of new insights and experiences.

Believe it or not, we really did miss being here. There were several moments where we had things to say, but just didn’t want to do hit-and-run blog posts. We have no grand plans right now. We’ve got no regular features in place yet. We’ll just slowly make our way through our notebook of post titles and see how we go. We’re treating this as a fresh start, so everything we wrote between 2009 and 2012 has been moved to the Vintage Wrestlegasm tab.

New posts will begin popping up over the next few days. Group hug?