Thank you for being a friend

We’ve just noticed that a year ago today we made the decision to change our content and the way we blogged. It was a pretty big deal to us. We were burnt out and seriously considering calling it quits. But rather than wave goodbye, we decided to give the blog a makeover and only write when we had something to say, with a minimal schedule. It worked brilliantly for us, and while we lost some readers, we gained lots of new ones, made new friends and have enjoy this year of blogging immensely.

Whether you’ve been reading and listening from the very beginning (two and a half years ago!) or you joined us after we made the switch, thank you. We think you’re ace!


2 thoughts on “Thank you for being a friend

  1. Thanks for all the awesome reading material, guys! I don’t care how long in coming the updates are: it’s always great stuff! Also, thumbs up for the use of Golden Girls.

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