Your Boss Lady Needs YOU! *point* (now closed)

You like me, right? And you like Beth Phoenix, I presume? And I KNOOOOOW you like cake. Everyone loves cake. So I need a little favour. A while back I entered SugarSlam 2011, a wrestling-themed baking competition at the brilliant There are lots of really fantastic prizes to be won by two people – one chosen by the judges, the other by ‘the peoples’. That’s you! This was the cake I made, built around a Beth Phoenix action figure. It was my own take on Ms. Phoenix’s Glamazon nickname. (There’s a full description on Flickr.)

The People’s Choice Award is given to the cake with the most comments on Flickr. If you have a few spare moments, I’d be eternally grateful if you could click on the link below and leave a comment. It doesn’t have to be long, just ‘VOTE’ would suffice if you’re busy. Click here to leave a comment before 22nd July. 

Huge thanks in advance, and if you have real problems using Flickr, you can leave a comment here as long as you give the full name of the cake – ‘The Most Glamorous Girl in the Amazon’. I think they’d prefer people use Flickr if possible. Comments on won’t count towards the competition, but you’re obviously welcome to tell me what you think. *curtsey*


3 thoughts on “Your Boss Lady Needs YOU! *point* (now closed)

  1. I vote for this cake! # 1! Duh, winning! War Beth Phoenix!! And the color purple!!! And most of all chocolate!!!! Cheers to the makers!!!!!

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