A Song for Whoever: Brie Bella/Kelly Kelly & John Cena edition

Sidekick Andrew:

In the immortal words of Stan Lee, ’nuff said…

Boss Lady Ray: My love for John Cena (the man) is unflinching. Whatever you think of his written character or his limited technical wrestling skills, you have to admit that John’s a jolly good egg. He generally keeps his nose clean, has an admirable work ethic, is a fantastic ambassador for the WWE and carries out so much charity work, Make-a-Wish gave him an award.

My love for John Cena (the character) fluctuates. Sometimes I think he’s a genius, sometimes I wish they’d just shine the bloody spotlight on someone else for a change. I know lots of people loved last week’s Raw, but I found it a little dull. Just like I’m not sure I’d like a live Smackdown, taped episodes of Raw never feel quite right. (Even though technically I always watch them recorded because of the time difference.) Raw was saved for me by John Cena’s mighty fine performance. His opening gambit where he defended CM Punk’s right to free speech had me doing little swoons, but that final exchange with Mr. McMahon had me all tingly. I’m falling in love you with again, John Cena, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Couldn’t you insult a minority sector of society again or something?  No? Alright, you’ll just have to have this tune instead then…….