A Song for Whoever: Smashing Pumpkins and Bryan Danielson edition

SIDEKICK ANDREW: Just a quick one this week, although the video is longer than usual. I was tempted to write about Superstars and how amazing this week’s episode was. There was a great match between Beth Phoenix and Gail Kim, a surprisingly good match between Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn, and an amazing six-man tag involving the Usos and Trent Baretta against Tyson Kidd, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. Wondering what was so great about that match? Well, when was the last time you saw a move like this on Raw?

also, never headbutt a Samoan

Anyway, I was going to write about Superstars, but I’ve already pleaded with you guys to watch the show. Something else you should definitely watch if you get chance (neat segue!) is the Wrestling Road Diaries documentary put out by Colt “Scotty Goldman” Cabana, Bryan “Daniel Bryan” Danielson and Sal “the other one” Rinauro. We had a screening in the Bunker this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’ve got a spare couple of quid knocking about, support indie wrestlers and buy it at WrestlingRoadDiaries.com, you won’t regret it.

And in a slightly less smooth segue than before, the behind the scenes footage in that documentary leads to my Song For Whoever this week (bear with me, we’ll get there.) When I was nineteen I lived, for a while, in the back of a van parked for the most part in the car park of Morrison’s supermarket in Blackpool with a friend called Wayne Squire. His name isn’t relevant to the story, but just in case he ever does one of those self-indulgent Google searches we all do from time to time… hi Wayne!

no Google, I did not mean "southern"

When we lived in the van we had a number of cassettes that were played pretty incessantly. Black Sunday by Cypress Hill, Automatic for the People by REM, In Utero by Nirvana… and the first two Smashing Pumpkins albums – Gish and Siamese Dream. These were the soundtrack to my life at a pretty weird time, and as such I’ve still a soft spot for all these bands. So I was pretty excited to hear that the Smashing Pumpkins were recording their new video at an indie wrestling show and involving Raven, Cheerleader Melissa and Shelly Martinez in the shoot.

Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins is a massive (if somewhat unlikely) wrestling fan, having shown up in the original ECW as well as allowing his songs to be used for at least two TNA PPV hype videos.

How to explain the logic behind releasing a video this week for a single that was released back in 2009? Well, here’s an paragraph I’m stealing from Consequence of Sound to explain it for me.

Let’s start with the facts: Billy Corgan’s Smashing Pumpkins have a new video for their past single, “Owata”, off the still evolving 44-track effort, Teargarden By Kaleidyscope. (The same album which will contain the previously released two EPs and the forthcoming album-within-an-album, Oceania, which is currently being endorsed by one Kareem Abdul-Jabar.) Instead of issuing a quick three to four minute video, which is apparently in the pipeline too, Corgan’s attached his song to director Robby Starbuck’s 12 minute short film about female underground wrestling.

All clear? Cool…

Obligatory Simpsons Reference

So, I started off saying this would be a short one, and it hasn’t been really. Sorry about that. I suppose I could scroll back up and delete that line, but meh… Enjoy the video.

BOSS LADY RAY: I’m afraid I don’t like Smashing Pumpkins or that song or the video (sorry, Andrew) so I’m going to take you down a slightly jazzier road this week. As Andrew mentioned, this past weekend we watched Colt Cabana, Bryan Danielson and Sal Rinauro take a ten-day road trip to shows and training workshops in the Wrestling Road Diaries documentary. It’s rather brilliant and worth any spare pennies you’ve got floating around.

The ten days it covers are Bryan Danielson’s last week and a half before he heads off to the WWE to morph into Daniel Bryan on NXT. There are two things that come across strongly throughout – the wonderful friendship between the three of them, and the fact that they love their jobs. I mean they really love their jobs. They travel all over the world for very little money, in a car with a cracked windscreen, sleeping on friends’ couches and buying clothes in charity shops. Admittedly that last one was just for fun. But still, it becomes apparent that to be on the indie wrestling circuit you have to truly love it and they clearly do. They regularly mention that they think they have the best job in the world. How many people can honestly say they feel that way about their job? Even when some health issues put Bryan Danielson’s WWE contract in jeopardy, he’s reasonably calm about it, because he can still do what he loves to do elsewhere.

I watched Bryan wrestle Ted DiBiase on Smackdown this morning, and it occurred to me that he’s one of the few who gets to just go out and completely be himself on TV. (Albeit with a slight name change.) Despite the fact that his style of wrestling isn’t Flavour of the Month in the mainstream at the moment, he’s still the same guy he is in the documentary, at least for as long as that character allows him to be. This one’s dedicated to you, Bryan Da>ielson, for reminding me that if you don’t love your job, you need a new one.

PS—> Previous mild crush on Colt Cabana is now a giant one. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a boy who makes me laugh!