A Song for Whoever: Wade Barrett and Boss Lady Ray Edition

BOSS LADY RAY: During our Capitol Punishment predictions I not only predicted that Wade Barrett would lose the Intercontinental Championship to Muscles Jackson, but I also said that he should lose it. (For a good reason, of course.) Actually I predicted EVERY BLOODY MATCH correctly. This is a glorious day. I’d have been satisfied with getting more right than Andrew, but to get them all right? Nice. Anyway, let’s get back to Wade.

Poor Wade Barrett. He triumphantly lead the Nexus through its exciting early days. His splinter group, The Corre, didn’t work out as well as he’d hoped. I agree with the Sidekick when he said that it showed signs of failing when they revealed their terrible t-shirt. All our Wade had left was his shiny Intercontinental belt and now he’s gone and lost that to big Zeke.

Take heart, lovely boy. Like I said in the predictions, now you’re free of the Corre and the silly belts you can get back to the world domination plans you started hatching when you won NXT. Your preamble before the PPV match started had us both punching the air.

This is the Wade we know and love....

The song I’m dedicating to our boy won’t be familiar to most. I couldn’t even find a video of it. But it’ll cheer him up and remind him of home. Chin up, kidder. Bruce Forsyth’s got your back.

SIDEKICK ANDREW: As Boss Lady Ray might have graciously and gently alluded to in her opening paragraph, she did quite well in our little Capitol Punishment predictions. After a pretty impressive losing streak she proved herself to be more of a hustler than I could have imagined.

Believe me, after some of the photos that came up doing an image search for Hustler, I think I chose the right one to photoshop the Boss’ head on to.

Yes, all of a sudden the Boss can suddenly predict the results of EVERY SINGLE BLOODY MATCH! And before you ask, no… I’m not bitter at all. I could claim that I let her win as it was her birthday last weekend, but I’d be lying. If I had to cling to some last refuge of dignity I’d claim that my lack of research (having not watched much WWE programming over the last 8 weeks or so) let me down, but I probably would have still picked the people I did. At least I can console myself with the fact that I am lucky that the Boss is a very modest person and certainly wouldn’t be telling the world about this…

Fiiiiiiine… I’ll let her have her moment in the sun. As I said before it was her birthday this weekend and as a loyal sidekick I’ll do anything I can do to help her enjoy her birthday week. Including an historic first for this series in dedicating a post to a staff member. This one’s for you and your incredible psychic skills Boss – you deserve it. And if that doesn’t earn me a payrise nothing will…