A Song For Whoever: UK Indie Wrestling Edition

Sidekick Andrew: I’ve a confession to make. I’m not the lithe and effortlessly cool 21 year old you might suppose from my internet persona. In fact, despite the fact that I am rapidly approaching 40, I only passed my driving test a few weeks ago. There were a few reasons why I only just passed, but one of the main reasons I finally got round to taking lessons was to get myself to indie wrestling shows.

As such, this weekend was the inaugural Andrew Southern WONDERFUL WACKY WEEKEND O’ WRESTLING. On Friday I travelled to Preston to watch a show put on by NBW Southside Featuring a bunch of wrestlers you’ve never heard of, as well as ex-WWE star Dave Taylor and TNA-star Doug Williams, this was a pretty fun show culminating with the frakly amazing sight of Nigel McGuinness (fiiiiiine, Desmond Wolfe) hosting a raffle and pulling tickets from an old vase. You don’t get this kind of thing at WWE shows kids!

Next up on Saturday was XWA Wrestling in Morecambe. Unlike the Preston show, XWA didn’t pull in any major names, but they did put on a more professional looking show and they did happen to have the best match of the weekend.

I might well be biased, having a small stake of interest when it comes to Pro-Wrestling EVE and the title, but Britani Knight and Jenny Sjodin put on one of the best womens matches I’ve seen for a long time, and probably the best one I’ve seen this year. Any match involving an Orton-like draping DDT, but to the floor from the apron, is going to be a winner – but, mysoginistic as this might sound, it wasn’t a move I was expecting from these two. The show as a whole was pretty enjoyable (Joel Redman and El Ligero in particular are worth checking out) but the EVE match was definitely the highlight for me.

As for Sunday…

So, this week’s Song For Whoever is dedicated to all the men and women traipsing up and down the UK to entertain small crowds of pretty rabid fans in sports halls and nightclubs. If you get chance to visit a local indie promotion, I’d highly recommend you do so. If you’re in the UK and you don’t know of any local shows, feel free to post in the comments and I’ll see what I can find out for you. In the meantime, here’s this weeks song (and before you ask, none of them – although Nadine could whisper things in my ear if she really wanted to) [Boss Lady Ray’s Edit: If you’d choose Nadine over Cheryl, I may have to disown you.] [Sidekick Adrew’s Edit: I would choose Cheryl, but I wouldn’t be able to understand a word she was saying. See? I can be topical!]


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  1. I haven’t even taken the driver’s license test yet either (at 21), which is actually worse because America is a tiny bit bigger than the UK, so I can relate. And also, I have a growing disdain for cars. I have no idea why I posted this.

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