Tough Enough: Silent Rage and Pretty Shoes

Andrew’s having an unfortunate bit of luck at the moment. The last time it was his turn to cover Tough Enough he was poorly for the whole week. Now it’s his turn again, his computer’s died and…..waitaminute. I see a theme forming here. It’s lucky I’m a good boss and not in any way suspicious of his current misfortune.

As it’s the Bank Holiday I haven’t got time to do a full recap, but just know that Christina made it back from hospital with just a little ankle sprain, they all did the commentary for an open-top bus tour around Hollywood and were so cringeworthy we had to chew on cushions while we watched it, oh and The Rock swung by to show the contestants how to cut a bitchin’ promo. Their own promos had to be delivered to Bill DeMott and in front of the trainers and The Rock. Some were good, others a massive flop. The elimination went a little something like this:


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