Fame! He’s gonna live forever…..

A combination of busy times, failing technology and the need for a break from the wrestling internet have kept us a little silent over the past week or so. I’m going to write a whole post on why I’m so exasperated with the internet very soon. We’re not closing the blog, I’m just contemplating how much the internet colours my enjoyment of wrestling and whether I’d be better off without it. That’s for another day though. This post is set aside as a big high-5 for Sidekick Andrew.

I’m writing this post because he’s too humble to write it himself and not because his laptop’s dead. Honest. Andrew’s a rather clever designer and I’m very lucky to have someone I can pass all the blog’s graphics needs over to. The Royal Wedding inspired plates we used for our Extreme Rules predictions were some of my favourites.

As well as being a professional designer, Andrew also enjoys designing wrestling stuff for fun. He’s designed t-shirts, championship belts, posters, DVD covers, flyers and internet graphics for a load of indie wrestlers and promotions – all for FREE! My gentle nagging about going officially freelance continues to fall on deaf ears.  Still, it’s a fine and growing portfolio. If only Claudio Castagnoli had run with the trunks design Andrew came up with, the set would be complete.

Just as every wrestler dreams of making it to the WWE, such is the dream of wrestling loving designers. When Scott Stanford called out for help with a t-shirt design, the Sidekick jumped on it. They started DMing each other on Twitter, then they started emailing each other with ideas and adjustments. They were very exciting times. I was not party to these DMs and emails. Andrew covered up the screen every time I walked into the office. It was all very hush-hush. I was at least allowed to see the design as it evolved into exactly what Mr. Stanford wanted. I was swooning all over the place and I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone! Torture!

The design was finally settled upon, Scott put his t-shirts into production and he plugged them in the latest installment of Zack Ryder’s Z! True Long Island Story.

We’ve written before about the fact that we’re quite fond of Zack Ryder and I’m rather smitten with Scott Stanford myself, so this was very cool indeed.  My favourite thing was when I corrected him on his American spellings and he replied…..

'boss lady'

If you want a shirt, you can buy one from here. Andrew won’t make any money from it, but we just love the idea of people wearing stuff he’s had a hand in. Not literally, obviously. I’ve curbed his penchant for sticking his hand down strangers’ tops. I suppose now he’s made it to the WWE I should give him a 10% pay rise or something. What’s 10% of zero?