A Song for Whoever: Christian & Randy Orton Edition

Sidekick Andrew: There’s only been one story apparently worth discussing this week, at least according to the more vocal areas of the “Internet Wrestling Community” (God, I hate that phrase.) It wasn’t the amazing episode of Superstars that aired this week. It wasn’t The Rock’s birthday, or the surprisingly great Extreme Rules PPV. It wasn’t even the fact that Thursday was the anniversary of the death of Raymond Kessler, the Haiti Kid.

Rest in peace little man...

Nope, this week all anybody would talk about (despite the fact that IT INVOLVED SPOILING BLOODY SMACKDOWN FOR ME) was the fact that Christian lost his World Heavyweight Championship to Randy Orton after two days (or five if you go by broadcast date.) Apparently this was the worse thing that the WWE have ever done, and act which would persuade many fans to stop watching altogether – which is pretty telling given that this was a company who have run incest and necrophilia angles over the years.

Yep, that's the Head of New Talent Development

I promised Boss Lady Ray I wouldn’t go on a rant about this, so I won’t. Suffice to say that I whole-heartedly feel that wrestling (as usual) overreacted to something that really had no significance in the long run. Christian won the title will the help of Edge’s interference, a fact that seems to have been forgotten by most complainants. The WWE have given him the title once, they’ll give it him again: and hopefully this time he can win it clean and it will mean more. Also, the wrestling fans in the audience at these events (as opposed to the wrestling fans sat at home moaning on twitter) love Randy Orton – the guy gets a bigger pop than pretty much anybody on the Smackdown roster since he was drafted. The WWE are just giving the fans what they want, if not what the internet fans want.

So internet fans, this week’s Song for Whoever is actually dedicated to you rather than Christian & Orton. In fact, as you’ve had such a heart-rending experience we’ll give you a few songs. You’re welcome…


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