Tough Enough: The One With All The Foreshadowing

If I’m honest, I haven’t had chance to watch much WWE programming over the last couple of weeks. Other than my beloved Superstars, the only show I’ve made time for is Tough Enough. Part of this is admittedly the shorter run time, but mostly it’s because the show is just that good. Even when you don’t agree with the eliminations…

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. This second episode opened with a new fancy title sequence and a new theme tune by Chipmunk (who, I am informed by the younger members of The Bunker, is part of the “grubby” scene alongside this years Wrestlemania theme writer Tiny Tantrum.) Also in this beginning segment was a brief shot of Wrestlegasm favourite Matt Cross explaining how this competition couldn’t have come at a better time for him and how it was “now or never.” More foreshadowing?

Having all those logos is just asking for trouble


Yep, after Ray spent last week gushing about Matt Cross in her post, the fabled Wrestlegasm Kiss of Death raised it’s ugly head again. We’ll get to the actual elminations at the end – but the advantage of not actually being a news site is that we don’t have to maintain ignorance for the benefit of dramatic effect. By now you all know who was eliminated…

Oops, my mistake. He was off recording Smackdown apparently.

Stone Cold introduced the theme for this week which was “courage.” After a brief training montage (which, let’s be honest, could have benefitted from some inspirational eighties rock) we got to see the contestants wrestling for Bill DeMott. Bill seems to really have it in for Ryan “Skidmarks” Howe. Every chance he gets to have a dig at him, he takes it. I should point out that I agree entirely with Mr DeMott, and not just because he’s a lot bigger than me and I happen to know he read last week’s article. But it’s OK, because Ryan hit back with a devastating nickname of his own…

Way to go, Captain Redundancy!

Cut to Trish Stratus, who gave Matt Cross a chance to shine by showing her what he could do in the ring. Now, I don’t know how many of you have seen Matt wrestle normally, but the moves he does probably aren’t the best to try against somebody with less experience. One thing that Mysterio mentions a lot in his autobiography is how important it is to have someone who can take your moves safely, not just for them but for your sake as well. Certainly I wouldn’t like to try some of these moves without knowing the opponent could catch you

Having said that, this was Matt’s chance to show his personality a little, and there is an argument to make that he didn’t take that chance when it was handed to him. Luke ended up taking charge of the match, and I have to admit I did like his elbow drop, but as Trish said…

this episode has more foreshadowing than the start of Casualty

Next up was “SPECIAL GUEST SUPERSTAR TIME” with everyone’s favourite John Cena hosting a quick Q&A session. After a career spanning eleven years, and winning sixteen championships, he’s in a pretty good place to pass on his experience. OK, he might not have “paid his dues” wrestling in front of ten rednecks and trying to get a paycheque out of Ian Rotten at the end of the night, but that’s not what this show is about. Anyway, what kind of questions would he be asked? What deep insights into this bizarre sport/artform/entertainment would the contestants try to glean from the one time Extreme Mexican Wrestling Heavyweight Champion (at least according to Wikipedia, and they’re always right)?

Good question Jeremiah. Well done, just a bit sad that the WWE feel you need subtitles

Yay Matt! Also a good question, which led to Cena teasing Stone Cold about a match

Nooooooo... Silly Miss America.

Quick, let’s cut to something else to get rid of the slightly embarassed silence in the room. How about animals? Everyone loves animals. Especially dogs right? Dogs are a man’s best friend…

General rule of thumb: If a dog looks like one of the Terror Dogs from Ghostbusters, it’s probably not that friendly. This section was, well… it was exactly what Austin said it was. Some dogs trying to bite their arses (OK, not exactly what he said, but I can only bring myself to type “ass” so many times before my inherent Britishness kicks in.) Needless to see Austin loved this bit. How much did he love it? Take a look for yourself.

Following the “Run Away From The Dog” challenge, Rima was late for training the next day. Where could she be I wonder? Could she have gone for an early morning run and miscalculated the distance? Maybe she was working out in the gym and lost track of time? We’ve all done it…

oh... maybe not then

Still, she made it in time for the Skills Challenge, entitled “Five For Flinching.” Essentially Bill would charge at a contestant in the corner with a big splash, followed by five bodyslams. Not an envious position to be in, although the faintly homoerotic stare after each round was quite nice

I like to think of this of this image as a homage, rather than plagiarism

So, remember that picture up at the top? The one with all the foreshadowing?


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