CHIKARA King of Trios: Green Ant interview

You should all be aware of just how much we love CHIKARA and the King of Trios tournament here in The Bunker by now. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but every time I watch this video I get goosebumps.

As such big fans, we’re always happy to do anything we can to help promote CHIKARA, and following on from our EXCLUSIVE interview with Jakob Hammermeier yesterday, today we bring you an EXCLUSIVE interview with perhaps his fiercest rival, Green Ant. Yep, still not getting bored with typing EXCLUSIVE 😀

Green Ant, thanks for the opportunity for an interview. Could you briefly introduce yourself for readers that might not be familiar with you?
Sure! I’m a member of a trio of wrestling (“ENTERTAINING”?) ants known as the Colony. My partners are the HOT PROPERTY Fire Ant and the Militant Mat Mite, Soldier Ant. We’re pretty great.

How would you explain CHIKARA to someone who may not have seen any of the shows before?
Well first I would probably direct them to the Youtube channel and the official seller of CHIKARA DVDs, because I’m a professional like that. But if I had to describe what we do, I guess I’d have to say that CHIKARA is professional wrestling done right with a slightly wacky edge. Some people look at CHIKARA and get the impression that we’re strictly a comedy promotion, but that’s certainly not the case. They judge the book by its cover, and I guess it’s kind of understandable since the cover probably had giant wrestling ants fighting Egyptian time travelers on it.

King of Trios is the biggest show of the CHIKARA year, possibly the largest in the world of professional wrestling. How big a deal is it for you to be competing this year?
Oh, it’s a huge deal. It’s the biggest weekend of my year and it’s constantly on my mind. Last year was my first time participating in the tournament, and ever since then I’ve been waiting for the next opportunity to prove that the Colony is the best trio CHIKARA, or the world, has to offer. I’m constantly training with my partners and trying to get better, and this weekend we get to put our skills to the test against a ridiculously stacked group of 16 trios. The world’s eyes are on us, and that’s heavy stuff. Also it’s like a real-life version of King Of Fighters and that’s awesome.

So I see...

Who are you most looking forward to facing during the tournament?
That’s kind of a tough one since the brackets are kept secret until the tournament is already in motion. I’m definitely hoping to face off with the BDK trio of Timothy Donst, Delirious, and most importantly, Jakob Hammermeier. I’m not sure if you saw the Creatures From The Tar Swamp show in Brooklyn, NY, but I’ve got some issues to work out with young Jakob. And of course there’s what happened last year in the finals of King Of Trios 2010, when the BDK quadrant of Tursas, Castagnoli, Ares, and Derek Sabato robbed me and my partners. They showed no respect for true competition and stole victory from us when we wanted to win more than anything in the world. However, this year is different. This year, we don’t WANT to win, we NEED to win. So Donst, Delirious, and Hammermeier, if the stars align and you end up across the ring from The Colony, you can throw every trick in your little scrapbook at us. We’ll be ready. [Sidekick Andrew: Scrapbook? Oh yes, *that* scrapbook…]

If you could pick a fantasy Trio of any three wrestlers, alive or dead, who would you pick?
Early 90’s Sting, Antonino Rocca, Kazushi Sakuraba

CHIKARA’s DVD covers are incredibly popular with fans due to their comic book homages. If you could be a comic book character who would it be?
I think I’m in one of those old CHIKARA comic books, so I’d say ME, Green Ant. If I had to choose someone else, I’m going to say THE MASK from the old Dark Horse comics. Don’t ask me why, haha.

Of all the CHIKARA DVDs you’ve appeared on, which you recommend as an introduction to Green Ant?
Definitely King Of Trios 2010, Night Three. Even though the finals didn’t have the outcome we wanted, I think that show is a great example of how hard my partners and I fight and how seriously we take what we do. Plus I jump off a really high ant-tower onto a Japanese guy.

Overdone Tough Enough question: other than the obvious Alicia Fox vs Melina 5* epic, what is your favourite match of all time?
I’m actually partial to the less-publicized rematch, Melina vs. Alicia Foxx II. Some people say it didn’t have the same magic as the first classic, but I just blame that on it being in such a large building. The sound went up, as they say. So yeah, Melina vs. Alicia Foxx TWO.

As we are also interviewing Jakob Hammermeier for the blog, which member of the BDK do you respect the most?
Blah. It’s hard to say I respect any of them after what they’ve shown us month in and month out. I respect Claudio Castagnoli’s ABILITIES the most since he was my trainer before all this BDK nonsense. I respect Jakob the least 🙂

Question from Boss Lady Ray: What are your thoughts on interspecies marriage?
Hmm. I’m pretty open minded, so I’d have to say I support it. Hopefully Jakob Hammermeier can find a nice donkey or something to settle down with. [BOSS LADY RAY: Clearly that marriage proposal was too subtle.]

Question from one of our regular readers, Charlie: How does it feel to be picked out to wrestle against Mike Quackenbush in opening wrestling clinics at Clutch of Doom and Michigan’s Brain?
It’s an awesome thing, and I hope to get more time in the ring one on one with Mike Quackenbush. I don’t feel like I’ve really showed what I can do on the mat just yet. I love that CHIKARA is a place where every style of professional wrestling can shine, and you can see every style represented on the same show in the same ring. So yeah, I hope to show more of what I can do on the mat. Thanks, reader!

Any final words for the Wrestlegasm readers?
No matter where you are on this earth, you need to find your way to Philadelphia this weekend. In my honest opinion, King Of Trios is consistantly the most exciting weekend of wrestling shows year in and year out. I’d also like to say that I really appreciate you guys helping to get the word out there about CHIKARA.

As I said above Mr Ant, always a pleasure. CHIKARA’s King of Trios tournament is being held on April 15, 16 & 17 at the Asylum Arena in Philadelphia, and quite frankly if you’re in a position to attend and you don’t then I’m not sure I want to know you. As well as the CHIKARA and BDK regulars such as Mike Quackenbush, Claudio Castagnoli (and my man-crush Ultramantis Black), there will also be Japanese legends Manami Toyota, Dick Togo, Jinsei Shinzaki and The Great Sasuke, as well as ex-WWE star the 1-2-3 Kid. (Sorry about the mistake yesterday, I could be professional and edit it out, but I know I’m not flawless. Claudio is in Japan this weekend instead.)

Tickets are still available at the official CHIKARA store as well as DVDs of the previous tournaments, every last one of which is worth watching.

In case you were wondering, the word of the day is still “EEP”


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  1. “I’m a member of a trio of wrestling (“ENTERTAINING”?) ants known as the Colony.”

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