CHIKARA King of Trios: Jakob Hammermeier interview

As the more observant among you will have realised by now, this weekend is a pretty big deal in the indie wrestling calendar as CHIKARA hold their annual King of Trios tournament in Philadelphia. 16 teams, 48 wrestlers – all competing over three days of what will be, if previous years are anything to go by, amazing wrestling.

Excited as we are here in the bunker for this tournament, unfortunately we will be stuck back in the rainy UK. However, we do have a couple of readers attending (that we are insanely jealous of) and now we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with a wrestler making his debut King of Trios in-ring appearance, Jakob Hammermeier. And yes, the word “exclusive” really does deserve to be in bold and upper case. Hey, if I was writing this in a school exercise book I’d have underlined it three times… in red.

Jakob Hammermeier, thanks for the opportunity for an interview. Could you briefly introduce yourself for readers that might not be familiar with you?
Guten Tag! ( first of all pardon my English. I’ve just recently became relatively fluent within the past year or so.) So I’m Jakob Hammermeier, wrestler/announcer for the BDK in Chikara Pro (although were working on getting that named changed to BDK Pro) [Sidekick Andrew: Who are the BDK you ask? See below…]

How would you explain CHIKARA to someone who may not have seen any of the shows before?
Chikara (name change pending), is the future und the alternative of/in professional wrestling. It encompasses everything that made you fall in love with pro wrestling as a child, and then throws in a blend different wrestling styles, dashes of comedic and pop culture references all of which are depicted by dedicated, creative, innovative, and colorful athletes. Something entertaining for everyone of all ages.

King of Trios is the biggest show of the CHIKARA year, possibly the largest in the world of professional wrestling. How big a deal is it for you to be competing this year?
It is an amazing honor to compete in the same competition that mein trainers have dominated in the past. I can’t wait to make them proud!

Who are you most looking forward to facing during the tournament?
The team who is going to get 2nd place after we win!

If you could pick a fantasy Trio of any three wrestlers, alive or dead, who would you pick?
Ares, Claudio Castanoli, und Tursas.

CHIKARA’s DVD covers are incredibly popular with fans due to their comic book homages. If you could be a comic book character who would it be?
Thanos, the Mad Titan. Hands down my favorite comic book character of all time.

Of all the CHIKARA DVDs you’ve appeared on, which you recommend as an introduction to Jakob Hammermeier?
Any of them beginning with “A Touch of Class”. They all represent who I am.

Overdone Tough Enough question: other than the obvious Alicia Fox vs Melina 5* epic, what is your favourite match of all time?
Those would be a four-way tie between C.Castagnoli und Ares vs. The Colony (at Wit, Verve, and a Bit of Nerve), KOT 2010 finals, Tim Donst vs. Player Dos (A Touch of Class) und my most recent victory over Green Ant at (Creatures from the Tar Swamp).

As we are also interviewing Green Ant for the blog, which member of The Colony do you respect the most?

If you had to replace one member of the BDK with any other wrestler from the CHIKARA roster, who would it be?
I would never replace any member of the BDK with a member of the Chikara “roster”. But if I had to recruit one extra person it would definitely be the U.S.Ape because I feel that would really demoralize the Chikara roster to see such a symbolic image of U.S.Ape in BDK colors.

How devastated were you when Claudio spurned your hug after granting you a match?
What are you talking about? He totally hugged me back firmly, which says to me; “Great job kid, you’ve earned this, und I couldn’t be more proud of you.” you just couldn’t tell because it’s very subtle. [Sidekick Andrew: I guess I was wrong, but feel free to judge for yourselves below]

Any final words for the Wrestlegasm readers?
Everybody come out to King of Trios und bring out an extra $20.00 and buy my new shirt!!!! It’s super well done and looks sharp. (it also will make you live longer!) Danke for the interview!
Im namen der Bruderschaft
Jakob Hammermeier

Nein, danke schön Herr Hammermeier. CHIKARA’s King of Trios tournament is being held on April 15, 16 & 17 at the Asylum Arena in Philadelphia, and quite frankly if you’re in a position to attend and you don’t then I’m not sure I want to know you. As well as the CHIKARA and BDK regulars such as Mike Quackenbush, Claudio Castagnoli (and my man-crush Ultramantis Black), there will also be Japanese legends Manami Toyota, Dick Togo, Jinsei Shinzaki and The Great Sasuke, as well as ex-WWE star the 1-2-3 Kid.

Tickets are still available at the official CHIKARA store as well as DVDs of the previous tournaments, every last one of which is worth watching.

In the immortal words of Boss Lady Ray: “EEP”


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  1. This is my favorite thing I read all day, and one of the things I read today was Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death” and my first-ever student essay to use the phrase “epic fail.” Bless you all. Im namen der Wrestlegasm!

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  4. Loved the interview, next time I get a chance, I’m def. getting a BDK shirt. Screw Edward, I’m team Jakob.

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