A quick thank you

I’m not one for pleasantries here on the blog. Boss Lady Ray, for all her whip-cracking ways here in The Bunker, is much more emotional than my flinty northern heart will allow. But I was genuinely chuffed by the response to our Birthday Giveaway. It’s nice to know that so many people want some free stuff from us enjoy the blog around the world. You made both myself and Ray happier than a tortoise eating a strawberry…

…which I think you’ll agree is pretty damn happy.

We will be posting the winners on Monday, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for reading, and especially for saying such nice things. So to Balard (sorry we don’t quite have the budget of the WWE), Achema (Danke Schön), Lauren (good luck with the blog), Zarushi (Merci Beaucoup), Abby (it’s always cake time round The Bunker), Tyler (less twitter, more blog!), Hel (many more years? Do you not realise how old and decrepit I am?), Jenna (between you and me, Ray is still cheering on Cena, just very quietly), Shoaib (Nov 2009! That’s when I started! Can I have a raise Boss?), Kellee (I’d add a chicken joke here, but that would be childish), Joey (glad we help you to “keep it up”, weirdo), Cat (Woo Woo Woo We Are Fully Aware Of It), Sarah (Diolch yn fawr), Charlie (Have a great time at King of Trios *seething jealousy*), Daniel (Santino has excellent taste in comedy), Steven (don’t tell anyone, but I think the runner up prize is the better one), Rachel (hopefully the big “2” won’t be the “terrible twos”), Jason (is Radford as cool a place as it sounds?), Lacy (a good boyfriend will always let you read first), Sarah (thank you very much), Sean (Love? Blimey… cheers mate), Kim (Punk’s pants again! I’m beginning to think I might have to bring Crotch Watch back.)

To all of you, thanks for being so awesome (and letting me type the longest sentence I’ve ever done on here). That’s it, I promise I’ll go back to my curmudgeonly old self from now on, taking the piss out of Matt Hardy whenever possible.


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