diolch, thank you etc

A short Christmas message to thank you for your support and to remind you not to kill your relatives. Enjoy…..


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  1. I went back to work yesterday and I’m still eating too much…!
    Thanks you guys for keeping us entertained throughout year, I have not been brilliant at keeping up with wrestling, and we have had much more pressing stuff to spend our money on than some PPVs. But I’ve been able to roughly follow what’s been going on thanks to you pair!
    PS Def Trips for Rumble. But then last year I said Booker and look how wrong that was!

    • Aww. Thanks darlin. Glad we’ve still been able to entertain you after all this time. We should have a catch-up at some point soon. X

  2. Ahhh it’s because I’m egocentric. That’s the bugger. Yup. Thank You Dann.

    See I put it in there for you 😀

    Merry Xmas


    P.S. You sound hot. Can’t wait to hear Andrew 😉

    Wow I’m in a strange mood tonight!


  3. oh wait – there I am! More of a whinge about me but it’s cool….ya know….haters gotta hate :-p

    Ya know Jeff Jarrett’s song ‘Aint I Great’?

    You know they said Road Dogg actually sung it? What they didn’t tell you it was written by someone who was method acting and pretending to be me.


  4. I didn’t so much drift away from Wrestlegasm this year… I drifted a little bit away from wrestling in general (though Chikara is still mindblowing), and because of that, well, I haven’t really been hanging out at too many wrestling blogs lately.

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