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In a bold and visionary move (and not in any way just vaguely plagiarised from Razor over at Kick-Out) we have decided to start posting our predictions before each PPV. This way you can all see just how incredibly perceptive and intelligent we are when it comes to blindly guessing the results of a pre-scripted event. Of course, chances are we’ll both do really badly and you’ll lose all the respect (hah!) and credibility (hah again!) that we have built up over the last year and a bit.

Anyway, this is a pretty simple post. We’ll waffle on a bit about each match and then make a prediction at the end. Hopefully some of you will be interested enough to leave your predictions in the comments section – we’d love to know how the Wrestlegasm readers think some of the matches will go.

DISCLAIMER: Neither of us have watched Raw in its entirety for a few weeks now, and we are writing this before Smackdown has aired. So if anything really obvious happens on SD that would affect our predictions then, to paraphrase the much missed Snitsky, “it wasn’t our fault”.

No of course we don't. You were just a cheap throwaway joke. Sorry

OK, on with the predictions, starting with…

Andrew: As you may be aware (especially if you read this last week) I don’t watch Raw, so I’m not 100% sure how accurate any of my predictions for their matches will be. Having said that, this Nexus/Cena storyline has been going on long enough that even I have a rough idea what’s going on. I would be surprised if Barrett doesn’t win on Sunday, giving Cena chance to escape Nexus and start on the road to beating Barrett for the title further down the road. Whether Cena will help Barrett to win or not, I’m not sure. But I can definitely see our favourite Preston wrestler looking incredibly smug on Raw with the belt draped over his shoulder.

Ray: Picture the scene. Wade Barrett sits alone in a dark, empty room. The shadows from his broken nose switch from one side to another as a solitary light bulb hangs perilously above his head. He wrings his hands together as he tells you you’re too simple to understand the might of the Nexus. Well not me, Wade. I am not too simple to understand that you wouldn’t be the only person in the promo video if they weren’t going to make a star of you at Survivor Series. Also, I feel somewhat obliged to tip Wade. Anything else would feel like going to an international sporting event and singing the other team’s national anthem. Predict from the heart!

Andrew: I’ve a feeling this one will also be a title change, with Edge getting the win, the belt and his awesome God-pyro back. I’m expecting some kind of Undertaker/Paul Bearer/Urn-related shenanigans to be involved, with the “Ultimate Opportunist” taking advantage for a cheap win.

Ray: Let’s face it, Kane was only ever made champion to facilitate the whole ‘who beat my brother into a coma?’ thing. And then the ‘let’s bring Paul Bearer back for old time’s sake’ thing. Followed swiftly by the ‘let’s bury the Undertaker alive in a grave made of polystyrene and resin’ thing. It was never about Kane being a fabulous champion. Time to lay this story to rest (sorry) and move on.

Andrew: Much as we both love Alberto Del Rio here in The Bunker, I’m sensing a Team Mysterio win after Del Rio walks out on his team (again!) leaving them to take the loss against Rey and Big Show. Plus Mysterio’s name is (kind of) mentioned in the title of our favourite Simpsons episode, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Ray: I feel I may regret this one. Andrew makes a good point. But I’m under the Del Rio spell. Despite logic, every time those trumpets pipe up and he blasts the horn of his Rolls with all the arrogance of aristocracy, I’m won over. I’m even convinced he may be angling for an invite to Will and Kate’s marital toff-fest next year.

Andrew: While I find it very hard to get excited (or even interested) in this match, I’m going to predict some kind of mass Nexus interference leading to a DQ victory for Santino & Kozlov. Barrett, Slater & Gabriel celebrating on Monday’s Raw with all three belts seems like too good an image to ignore – even if they will then be attacked and chased off by Cena…

Ray: Easily the least interesting match of the night. It seems fitting that if I have Barrett winning, I should make it a clean sweep for the boys in black and yellow. I think Sheamus will interfere somehow, leading me nicely to my prediction for the final match in the list (Sheamus/Morrison). Cor, it’s like it’s all been worked out in advance or something.

Andrew: First prediction is that this should be match of the night. Kaval is obviously a great wrestler, and Ziggler has repaid the affection that Ray and myself have paid him by having consistently enjoyable matches including his recent run against Daniel Bryan. Having said that, I’m picking Kaval for this one. Ray mentioned that she always makes her predictions from her heart, and I would love for Kaval to start a title unification feud against Bryan

Ray: There I was saying that I always make my predictions from the heart and here I am doing the opposite. Much as I would love to see Kaval win, I’m not sure they’re quite ready to give him that push or move Ziggler in another direction. I think there might be a bit of juice left in that love triangle nonsense yet. But psssst! Kaval! If you prove me wrong, I’ll secretly be quite pleased.

Andrew: Going from the heart is trickier in this one as we’re both fans of LayCool and Natalya. Having said that, Layla is a surprisingly good wrestler when she’s given chance, and I’d be happy for LayCool to split up now (especially if McCool having to skip the recent European tour to look after her husband are true and she needs take more time off.) I’m hoping for Natalya to win this one, then feud with Layla for a while until Beth Phoenix comes back. Then I can sit and mark out as Natalya and Beth feud for the title… well, a man can dream can’t he?

Ray: I just want Beth Phoenix to come back. OK, I don’t just want that, but it’s started to feel like everything in the Smackdown women’s division is waiting with bated breath for the Glamazon to storm in and take everyone out. I do think it might soon be time for Layla and Michelle to part ways, but not before Ms. Phoenix comes back to buddy-up with Natalya. Then again, maybe that will happen at Survivor Series. Queen of wishful thinking.

Andrew: Yeah, I’ve no idea what this is all about. Hang on a sec, I’ll just check… What? They’re fighting over Santino! Why are they… but… Santino has Kozlov on his team! Why would he need John Morrison? Meh…

Ray: Sheamus is just hanging around waiting for Triple H to come back and take his revenge for ousting him all those months ago. John Morrison is just, well, hanging around. So why not let them have a little match over a pretend Italian man to keep themselves amused while waiting for something better to come along. A bit like the way firefighters play poker in between fires.

Right, that’s what we think. What about you lot? We like to think that Wrestlegasm reader’s are smarter (and smarter) than the normal wrestling fan, so if you get a couple of minutes feel free to let us know your predictions in the comments below and we’ll mention the closest results on the blog.


7 thoughts on “survivor series 2010: the predictions

  1. They also added Dibase vs Bryan for the US. I shutter to think of them just throwing it on Ted….but they’re still building up Bryan. Hence, no title switch. Here’s a more detailed look at MY picks for SS:

  2. Methinks it’ll go a little somethinglike this;
    Team Del Rio
    Koslov & Santino

  3. nice predictions, ok now to throw my 2 cents =3

    -barret (miz cashes in and barret and cena feud on their own)
    -Edge (if not, he will at TLC)
    -Team del Rio
    -Nexus (after santino misses the cobra as usual)
    -Kaval (he needs a win)
    -LayCool (After cheating)
    -Sheamus (after a cheap shot)

  4. My predictions….

    Please note I very much believe I’m going to be wrong about EVERY single result having only seen one episode of RAW in the last 2 months and I haven’t seen SmackDown in years. In fact how can it be that I’ve seen more TNA in the last few years than SmackDown. That just kind of feels dirty. Though at least one of the 3 things of TNA I saw this year was Doug Williams vs Kurt Angle which was about as good as a TV match could ever possibly be. Shame the other two things I saw were as tight and as ghastly as a bucket of soapy frogs.

    Orton vs Barrett – Cena as ref.

    With WWE being an action/adventure show after all one would think that there is more mileage of Cena being the ultimate good guy in giving the win to the clean cut Randy Orton and going on the adventure of trying to get his job back. As much as I’d love to see Wade get the belt it just seems too….obvious. Not that that’s a bad thing. An obvious title change can spark additional buyrates through interest. But in this case it would be a case of….meh okay. NEXT. Barrett would only be able to hold onto the belt until Rumble / Elimination Chamber unless the planned Barrett-‘Taker match for WrestleMania is going to be for RAW title and I seriously doubt that.

    Only problem with Cena being fired for “doing the right thing” and awarding the belt to Orton (unless Barrett pins Orton clean which would be a nice change of pace) is it makes ANOTHER mockery of match stipulations which when selling pay-per-views is surely something that needs to be protected/rebuilt. From what I understand PPV stipulations are destroyed and devalued on a weekly basis in TNA – whether WWE claim to pay attention to them or not one would hope with pay-per-view revenue down $900’000 comparing 2010 to 2009 (granted SummerSlam and Night Of Champions generated more revenue in 2010 than 2009 despite a decline in buys due to an increase in price but surely WWE would not want to bank on the buys no longer declining in order to keep revenue up and this is just 2 PPVs of the year that are up) with 4 of this years PPV’s making their way into the top ten WORST drawing PPV’s of the last 20 years and DVD revenue down from $11.2million to $7.2million WWE would know that they have to make things such as stipulations mean something if they’re to make money out of them in the long term to increase customer trust. On that basis and that basis alone it would make sense to honour the stipulation.

    While some are talking about a Cena heel turn I for one can not see the logic in turning your biggest merchandise seller against kids as Christmas approaches. Forget story lines or freshening things up or whatever reason people are giving for wanting to turn Cena heel – that’s just bad business.

    Should Cena count the 3 (or whatever finish they go with that allows a title change) there is always the option of having the rest of the roster angry, claim he did the selfish thing etc etc and have him take a more ‘loner’ route by billing him as a man without a country. With Royal Rumble just 2 months away should Cena be in the Royal Rumble match another point in story would be that while it’s every man for himself – each individual will target Cena making him more of the underdog as announcers over-sell that it’s “Cena vs 29 Super Stars at the Royal Rumble”. Hey, he’s Super Man, right?

    Annnyyywaaayyyyy…… Over the top analogy finished, on the evidence shown here the right business decision would be for Barrett to become the first ever English born WWE Champion.

    Prediction: Barrett.

    Edge vs Kane.

    They’ve built Kane up so much that to have him drop the belt at the start of a program with Edge just seems pointless to me however should Barrett get the WWE title I can’t imagine they’d want two heels with both the main championships. As a rule it does tend to be split. On that basis I’d go with Edge. It’s anti-climactic but it’s probably going to be Edge. On that basis I’m going with Kane. Why? Because that’s who I want to win. Yup goes completely against my last essay but hey. There you go.

    Prediction: Kane.

    Team Mysterio v Team Del Rio.
    Big Show ain’t putting no fucker over. So I assume he’s either winning or getting counted out / DQ’d. Del Rio is due something now on PPV I’d say so on that basis I’d say Del Rio but if both mains are won by heels then there needs to be some big babyface wins to counteract that. However I will admit to going with Kane out of want rather than what I think. But I can’t remember the last time I heard Big Show won a match on PPV. Could be wrong but….They DO like to keep him fairly strong considering he main events most SD house shows.

    Prediction: Team Mysterio (Survivors – Rey & Big Show).

    Kaval v Dolph Ziggler.

    I LOVE both these guys. Fuck Mike McGillicutty – Dolph is the second coming of Mr Perfect (minus the charisma – just completely different levels there). I’d love if Kaval won the belt but again….Why? Out of nowhere? He’s hardly been on TV, right? Maybe a fuck finish in order for their to be a rematch. Hmmm….

    Prediction: Kaval. Fuck knows. Goes against everything about how I ACTUALLY think but if you’re not going to put the belt on him then why the fuck are you bothering? Everyone had forgotton about that title match for winning NXT2 and not that I condone it but it could have been a 3 way or 4 corners or something with guys who fans have been taught to care about.

    Sheamus vs John Morrison

    Meh. These two could actually have a good match but….I don’t care. FF button will be put to use when I watch this tomorrow.

    Prediction: Sheamus.

    Nexus vs Santino / Kozlov

    Though it doesn’t mean anything at least I won’t fast forward through this as it should be amusing.

    Prediciton: Nexus.

    Ted Dibiase vs Bryan Danielson

    WWE booking tends to lean towards heels winning the rematch. I could see Danielson getting the win here but losing the strap on an episode of Raw. Though Dibiase could do with another PPV win.

    Prediction: Bryan Danielson

    Laycool vs Natty Neidhart

    Really Natty needs the win here or she looks like a goof. Wouldn’t this be like the 3rd PPV in a row she’s lost? One would assume Beth Pheonix will aid the victory.

    Prediction: Nattie Neidhart

    And that’s it. Show starts in 2 and a half hours and I doubt any fucker will read this in the mean time but ummm…I feel better now. Yup.



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