raw(lite): holding court


Answer one of the following questions in no more than 1300 words. All outside material and electronic devices must be left outside the assessment room.

1) There are several schools of thought on Maryse and Ted DiBiase Jr’s union; romantic love, the pursuit of money and status, the strengthening of international relations between France and the US, for example. Align yourself with one school of thought and give detailed reasons for your answer.

2) Discuss the events which took place following King Sheamus of Ireland’s ascent to the throne on 23rd August 2010.

3) Alicia Fox is the most accomplished female wrestler in the WWE. Discuss.

All answers must be your own. Those who plagiarise the work of others will be punished with a mark of zero.


On 23rd August 2010, Sheamus of Ireland began his appearance on Monday Night Raw by tormenting the Los Angeles townsfolk’s children, much to their distress. He insinuated that one of the children was overweight, although the famous Irish/British football chant beginning “Who ate all the pies?” was unfamiliar to the courtiers in attendance, sparing Sheamus legal action from the child’s parents.
It was expected that such deplorable behaviour would be punished, but Sheamus was unexpectedly made King of the WWE and was required to take his throne immediately. It was suggested by the new King’s advisor, known as The Anonymous GM, that he choose his very own opponent for the defence of his crown at the forthcoming Night of Champions gathering. Possible suitors were to parade their skills in front of King Sheamus throughout the evening to assist him in selecting a worthy opponent.

Knights of Canadian descent proved to be most successful in the early part of the evening. Edge of Toronto beat R-Truth of North Carolina, followed by Indian The Great Khali’s defeat at the hands of Chris Jericho of Winnipeg. Both Edge and Jericho spoke highly of themselves as they passed the king on their exit from the arena. Although, those in attendance were particularly impressed with Jericho, who applied an excellent Walls of Jericho move on a man significantly larger and taller than himself.
Despite Edge and Jericho’s vocal recommendations for themselves, King Sheamus remained silent while he pondered his choice. It is then thought that the competition to be the number one contender departed while the ladies of the king’s court performed for the gathered crowd. Melina, a beauty native to the town who held the jewelled title of most successful Diva at the time, was to defend her crown against Jillian Hall. Ms. Hall of Louisville, who was known for her deluded operatic skills and infamous decolletage, was unsuccessful during this particular contest and Melina remained the most important lady in the House of Raw. However, before she departed the arena, Melina received a video message from the most important women in the House of Smackdown.
Not only was there fierce competition within each House, but the desire to be the most important competitors in the land was true for both men and women. Although, male competition was presented significantly more regularly and was held in far higher esteem. In my opinion, this was grossly misguided.
The king’s advisor called a young renegade group of knights known as The Order of the Nexus to the court to inform them in front of crowd that the previous treaty barring them from competing for any royal titles had been revoked. The lead knight (an Englishman known as Wade Barrett) spoke for the group, informing Sheamus that their gentleman’s agreement to avoid competing against each would now be broken.
The competition continued with one of the most famous of all knights, John Cena, competing against The Miz. He was much revered at the time, as he held the prestigious chest known as ‘The Money in the Bank Briefcase’. Unfortunately for the young fighter, an old rival sabotaged his match and assisted John Cena in beating him. The rival, sometimes known as Daniel Bryan but thought to be born Bryan Danielson, continued to fight with the Miz after the initial tussle had ended.
One of the court transcribers, Michael Cole, had much to say on this particular happening. His angry and personal outbursts concerning Daniel Bryan are well documented. King Sheamus is known to have left the arena at this juncture while the court jester, an Italian named Santino Marella, performed a comedy skit for the audience. This performance also involved a Russian known as Vladimir Koslov and two American-Samoans – The Usos. The skit is thought to have culminated in an unusual alliance between Santino and Tamina, the female companion of the Usos. She is thought to have saved him from a beating at the hands of her regular companions, even blowing him a kiss before leaving.
King Sheamus returned to arena briefly while one of his most recent rivals, Randy Orton of St Louis, took on the local fighter John Morrison and Ted DiBiase Jr, the wealthy heir to his famous father’s fortune. Knowing that he did not wish to defend his crown against any of the competitors in the ring, King Sheamus left the arena to prepare for his announcement. After an even fight, Randy Orton won the match by applying an RKO and pinning the hirsute John Morrison.
King Sheamus was ready to announce who he would defend his title against at the Night of Champions Ball and appeared in front of his subjects in a jolly mood. After his evening of entertainment he decided that he would fight Zack Ryder of Long Island, New York. But the king would not wait until Night of Champions. He was to defend his crown immediately that evening. The crowd did not approve of this as they believed he had deliberately selected a weaker opponent to guarantee a win. Ryder, however, was grateful for the opportunity and took King Sheamus on with relish.
As the image above depicts, the young pretender lost in grand fashion. Having a clear and firm grasp of the rules within the boundaries of the WWE, Sheamus announced that, having defended his crown that evening, he would not be required to defend it again for 30 days. He spoke of his plans to return to Ireland and bathe in the adoration of his home country’s people, while the rest of the courtiers and courtesans continued to perform. However, in his haste to leave the country, Sheamus had missed a few minor loop-holes in the rules.
He was joined by Wade Barrett, who reminded Sheamus that as the winner of the first run of NXT bouts, he was entitled to an opportunity to take any crown he wanted at any time. With the treaty barring him from competing lifted, Barrett revealed that he would be tendering for Sheamus’s crown at the Night of Champions event.
With this loop-hole so carelessly missed, King Sheamus had no choice but to cancel his voyage to the homeland and put his crown on the line. As he would be obliged to compete anyway, The Anonymous GM decided the make the fight even more competitive with the addition of Chris Jericho, Edge, Randy Orton and John Cena. King Sheamus was extremely unhappy with this developement, but had no choice in the matter. The evening ended when the veterans put young Barrett to the test, attacking him as a group and then attacking each other.