GUEST POST WEEK: superfan friday- part one

[We amateur wrestling analysts and mickey takers can sometimes get caught up in dissecting wrestling to such an extent that we forget just why we started watching it in the first place. So we decided that Friday of this Guest Post Week would be handed over to a few superfans. This first post is by two ladies from the North of England, who wanted to provide a little reminder of why they love the wrestling community. Following this we’re posting a note we received from a Matt Hardy fan who’s taken issue with Andrew’s constant MH bashing. For now, we hand over to the girls. – Ray]

First off we should introduce ourselves. One of us is Lainy. One of us is Nikki. We’re best friends and attend countless wrestling events together. We’re both over the age of 25 and we both LOVE professional wrestling. We met each other in around 1999 on the web, via a Jeff Hardy fan site. Yes, you read that right. We met through our love of Jeff Hardy of Hardy Boyz fame! Those of you who have only recently just met us might be a little bit shocked by that as we do give the Hardy brothers a lot of crap nowadays, but initially, all those years ago, we were both Hardy fangirls. We were invited, by Ray, to write a blog for Wrestlegasm this week while the usual staff are taking a break. So here we are!

We have decided to blog about how wrestling brings people together and the friendships we have built through being wrestling fans. Although we knew each other from around 1999 we didn’t actually meet in person until 2004, but since then we have attended countless wrestling events together, met many different people, and had lots of fun. Wrestling seems to be in our blood, and it devours all of our hard-earned cash, but it’s what makes us US.

Attending events is programmed into us, we book our annual leave around wrestling tours and we book our actual holidays around major wrestling events. However, going to the events is not the only thing we love about wrestling. The build up a few weeks beforehand, and the count down to the actual event is something that gets our blood pumping. From when we arrive at the location, usually the night before, to when we leave the morning after, it’s all part of the experience. Staying in the town/city an event is being held in the following night is also something that we love to do. You will, more often than not, meet a whole bunch of people who are staying in the same hotel as you, for the exact same reason as you. You all have the same thing in common, which means you can walk into the hotel bar and have a random conversation about Smackdown with a random person you’ve not met before. You can almost guarantee that the person you were chatting about Smackdown with will remember you the next time there is an event on in this town and a passing hello and possibly a quick chat about what’s happening in the world of wrestling will follow.

There are one or two people that we always bump into and exchange pleasantries with, and there are one or two people that we will always make a point of meeting up with if we are in the same town. The friendships that we have built from simply being wrestling fans are second to none, and we wouldn’t change them for the world. Knowing that there is someone else who loves the sport as much as you do, without the usual patronising comments of “You do know it’s fake?” being thrown into the conversation is something that we cherish. We are wrestling fans, we love wrestling, and we have wrestling to thank for many of the strong bonds and friendships that we share today.

In finishing, we would just like to say, if anyone wants to meet us for drinks before or after any events, they really should give us a holler! We would love to catch up with you and get to know the people behind the screens and keyboards!