GUEST POST WEEK: the nxt stars

[This first post in our exciting Guest Post Week has been written by the fantastic Trey Irby. Quite frankly, anyone who sees the genius of Wade Barrett is OK by us and anything we say should be taken as gospel. Read, enjoy and show some love, please.  – Ray]

Before I begin, I must send my apologies to those across the pond for the so far disappointing performance of the Brits in the World Cup. After all, you lads actually like this damned sport while I flip between it and Scrubs reruns during the coverage. This is not important information.

There is important information coming, though. All is not lost, lads! Similar to how the Irish Curse became the glorious Sheamus, Britain will one day too have its wrestling champion. And WWE will hopefully have at least three big stars it can carry to the next decade.

Wade Barrett is the greatest human the world has ever known. This is a purposeful exaggeration, but I shall explain. This man will single handedly change the scene of the wrestling world. Yes, another exaggeration. But hear me out. His achievement is shocking and phenomenal. Going into NXT, he only had a notable commentary stint in FCW where, among other things, he did commentary for a Bryan Danielson/Kaval match. His work was average at best in the ring when he started on NXT. And yet, he’s the best promo out of the group of rookies, even including the now axed Danielson. Perhaps it was the real influence of Chris Jericho that turned Barrett into one of the most shockingly comfortable promos in WWE today, a man who was given the tough order of selling the biggest angle of his career a mere four months into his run on television and knocked it out of the park. Much like Barrett telling Bret Hart that the decision to sign his NXT co-horts was “easy,” it is easy as hell to see Wade Barrett become one of the company’s biggest stars.

I’m sure someone would want me to list Daniel Bryan. So I won’t. Bryan will be a giant deal, don’t get me wrong. His placement in the future will be like that of (okay he was a killer and a horrible human being in the end but I’m strictly referring to ability and not murder, alright?) Chris Benoit. He’ll maybe get a run with the title, cut a shocking good promo in 2017, lose the belt and put over some new guys and be generally respected. And yes, he will be back with the company.

So instead, I will list the non-shocking second star: David Otunga. The sound you hear is people yawning and getting bored, not unlike a current David Otunga promo and match. But calm yourself. With the big NXT angle, the one thing that helped and hurt him is shattered. All through the four long months, all we heard was about Otunga sexing that American Idol chick, equating WWE to a land of starfuckers, pardon the expression. But with the angle, all of this is gone. This affects everyone in that Skip Sheffield will likely not be a crazy cowboy at least until the angle’s finish. Tarver won’t be that weird loser guy and Heath Slater is finally not that goddamn one man rock band. Everyone is a soldier to the army, and their gimmick is gone. So now Otunga has no pressure. He is a poor worker right now, but Ezekiel Jackson had similar poor ability, and he was given the shot to competence. Plus, he’s still a starfucker. Which will save his job, even if he doesn’t even have the gimmick.

And finally, brace yourself, Michael Tarver. Yes, Gabriel is a better worker. Yes, Slater might be easier to boo. Yes, Darren Young does have John Cena’s face. And none of them have the small thing that Tarver has: creativity. I’m serious. Tarver’s expressions are already far and above his peers, from his initiative to wear every cool NXT pun-based shirt he could make, to the presence of his T bandana, Tarver is literally the last man I forget in this stable. And that will help him in the end. In the battle of making himself memorable, he got to be the chill inducer who kicked off the big NXT angle. He has the look of a big name star down. Now, this could be way off. TNA, for example, got money in their pocket with the downright amazing look of Pope D’Angelo Dinero and squandered it fast. Tarver’s promos aren’t bad, though, and neither is his work.

This NXT angle will hopefully not be a failure. If anything, it will be a fascinating experiment. Let’s see what comes out of it.