It’s a lot of work running an awesome wrestling blog, especially when real life gets busy and even more so when the sun is shining. The Cardiff Wrestle Bunker is severely lacking in windows and it’s only our mentor, Matt Striker, who gets to see the light of day. We both have serious Vitamin D deficiencies!

Even ace bloggers need a break from time-to-time, so with this in mind, Sidekick Andrew and Boss Lady Ray are having a little chillaxing time to absorb some sunlight and ease our aching bones. And no, we’re not taking a break to watch some of the World Cup. Andrew couldn’t care less about football, especially as England have been so pitiful, and Wales didn’t qualify so Ray has no representation anyway.

So now you’re thinking “How will I survive a whole week without Wrestlegasm?” Have no fear, readers. We aren’t abandoning you entirely. We just wouldn’t be able to relax during our week off thinking about how sad you’d be without us to entertain you. So this coming week will be the very first…..

We’ve invited a few of our favourite people to write guest posts for you and we’ll hopefully be posting at least one a day for the rest of the week. We’re very excited, not only to be having a rest, but also to be able to share the Bunker with a few new faces and old friends. We hope you enjoy the week ahead. Please give our guest writers as much love as you give us or there’ll be trouble when we get back! Be good while we’re gone.



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