smackdown(lite): the haircare gods

At Over the Limit, there’s a possibility that CM Punk will lose his hair. The last time I dared to dream that this could come true, I was bitterly disappointed. So I won’t talk about how much I want to see Mr. Punk with a shaved head, so as not to tempt fate. I will find out tomorrow when I watch OTL spoiler-free.

He started this week’s Smackdown by inducting a few more people from developmental into the SES. PS—> The closer I look, the more I think I recognise the dude on the right. Was he in a recent squash match or something? Let me know.

Rey Mysterio interrupted and told Punk how ridiculous his minions looked. Then Punk lost his temper and kicked the hell out of the kids he’d just shaved.

Last week Layla won the Women’s Championship belt, but what kind of BFF would she be to Ms. McCool if she didn’t share? BFFs share EVERYTHING! They are now “The Self-Confessed Co-Women’s Champions”. I’m counting the weeks until they squabble, fall out and Layla gets a run by herself. For now, Team LayCool are joined at the hip and they rejoiced as they overthrew Kelly Kelly and Tiffany. Team Cheerleader couldn’t decide whether to be happy or sad. They may look like kindred spirits, but they need a little work in the old telepathy department.

Pick an emotion and run with it, ladies.

The Dude Busters continued to impress, but lost in a handicap match against JTG.

Vickie Guerrero displayed her new hair-do, which resembled a box-like apparatus.

Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer were welcomed back into the fold this week and had a squash match against…..

Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston had an incredible match which, as is the norm for Smackdown, was beyond PPV quality. Swagger was about to pin Kofi when Big Show turned up to distract him from the matter in hand. This gave Kofi time to climb the turnbuckle, jump on Swagger and pin him for win. This sums it up:

When I saw that Hornswoggle had been shifted to Smackdown during the draft, I figured there would have to be some silly segments so that the little guy could get paid. This week’s Smackdown brought about such a segment. Horny was Christian’s guest on The Peep Show, but their interview was rudely interrupted by the arrival of Vickie and familial lackie, Chavo. Vickie was miffed that she hadn’t been invited to appear on Christian’s little chat show, so she invited someone to express her anger in physical form.

Yes, Dolph beat Christian up and left Chavo to do some further damage from the top rope. A Christian/Ziggler feud? YES. PLEASE.

Punk and Gallows fought Rey Mysterio and MVP in another great match, but as far as I was concerned, it was a game of ‘how long will it be before the mystery man shows up?’ Said mystery man showed up, but Rey was waiting for him and knocked him off the apron before the hood could be yanked down. DAMMMMMN!

Mysterio & MVP went on to win the match and Rey showed us what Punk might look like bald.

For the love of God, Rey, if you get the opportunity to shave him, take the bloody beard off too! I beg of you!!! I’ve said too much. I think I’ve just jinxed it. Let’s move on quickly before the haircare gods hear anything.

Kofi Kingston, still in his sweaty trunks an hour after his match had finished, informed Drew McIntyre that he’d be getting his Intercontinental Title back after Over the Limit.

This didn’t frighten our Drew. He had bigger fish to fry as he headed into his match against Big Show.

Seriously, I don't think I have any concept of just how large Big Show is.

But predictably, this match was ruined by Jack Swagger, who interfered and finally managed to wipe the cheeky grin off Big Show’s face.

Who’ll be smiling after tonight? You’ll just have pays your monies and find out, won’t you? Myself and the Sidekick aren’t watching until tomorrow, so no spoilers please. Ta.


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