smackdown(lite): mini SD

Just an express Smackdown recap this week, mainly because I’m knackered as a girl can be. It’s been a very challenging working week. Send hugs, chocolate and Chinese food immediately and I will accept delivery. Well, after I finish writing this anyway.

As I mentioned previously, I had initially been worried for my beloved Smackdown after the draft. After watching this episode though, my fears were shown to be unfounded. I genuinely think it’ll be even better than it has been of late. Trust me. I know these things.

Kofi Kingston emerged from the ashes of his feud with Randy Orton to show what he can do when he’s given the chance. She’s gonna be a staaaah!

Chavo Guererro returned to the bosom of his Aunt Vickie. Not literally, obviously. That would be creepy. Kane threw him a party celebrate.

Cody Rhodes finally broke free of his (formerly) evil Legacy leader to make his own way on the blue brand. To my surprise, he actually did pretty well in beating the departing John Morrison.

Edge came out to thank the fans for accepting him back into the fold and told them he loved them. He wanted them to know how grateful he was before heading off to Raw. Aww. But then I got a total wrestling-(lady)-boner when Christian came out to suggest that Edge was a filthy liar. (SIDENOTE: I had a dream that I was engaged to Christian last week. I dumped HHH for him. It was SPECTACULAR.) It was both a wonderful segment and a confusing one. It was Edge & Christian talking it up in the same ring. But I was also unsure as to which of these good-guys would be turning bad. So, would I have to ditch my new fiancée for his unnecessary nastiness?

Bah! As if CHRISTIAN could turn heel again.

After the trauma of that embarrassing Extreme Makeover match at Extreme Rules, sanity was restored to the Smackdown Divas. Kelly Kelly won her match against Team LayCool with a little help from my favourite champion.

Drew McIntyre hijacked Matt Hardy’s interview and kicked him into the middle of next week. I swooned at the fact that Drew had finally discovered trendy jeans. Andrew swooned at seeing Matt Hardy in another concussed haze.

Nice jeans.

Nice head injury.

MVP interrupted one of CM Punk’s standard sermons and attempted to save the audience from the apparent snoozefest.

This could actually be one of the best new feuds in the works. Punk and MVP are both great talkers. We may have some very memorable promos ahead.

Throughout the show, Jack Swagger had been delivering interesting tedious facts about his academic and sporting achievements. Meanwhile, Big Show had been roaming around punching people in the face. It seemed right and proper then, that when Jack Swagger droned on at the end of the show til I wanted to perforate my eardrums, Big Show came out and punched him square in the jaw. It was beautiful and I never thought I’d say that about any Big Show promo.

Bigger and better stuff when I’ve had some sleep!