cupcakes and colleagues: wrestlemania predictions part 1

Ta-daaaa! I promised Wrestlemania themed cupcakes and here they are:

Never let it be said that I don’t dedicate enough time to this blog. I spent several hours making and icing these cakes yesterday. Enjoyable as it was, it was a lot of work. I do also need to explain something. I bought some letter cutters to give the final cupcakes a more professional look, but it seems the cutters I bought cannot be used with sugarpaste. It’s too soft. So basically, all my designs went out to window and I had to just improvise as I went along, with mixed results. I’ve clearly learnt nothing from all those episodes of Cake Boss I’ve been watching.

Anyway, I am predicting this year’s Wrestlemania via the use of cupcakes. Hah! I bet nobody else on the internet is doing that. But then, most people don’t have as much time on their hands as I do. Come with me on this journey of baked delights.


Ok, I realise there are ten competitors in this match, but seriously, there’s no way I could have made ten cakes just for one match. Although, I now wish I’d made an Evan Bourne cake so that I could….never mind. Insert your own filthy ‘eating Evan Bourne’ joke. In case it’s not obvious, these cakes represent Kofi Kingston, Christian, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. I’m pretty sure something will brew between Christian and Edge over the coming months, so I think he might take it. I won’t be surprised if any of the other three gran the briefcase though. Ziggler’s an outsider because he has no storyline, but I’m quite open to the idea of a surprise winner.


When Creative came up with this feud, I’m not entirely sure they knew just how fantastic it would be. CM Punk has been on fire these past few weeks and there are months of mileage left in this storyline. I’ll be disappointed if Rey Mysterio wins tonight, as it’ll take all the momentum out of what could be one of the feuds of the year.


Hmm. I’m still a bit undecided here. Randy Orton has been pushed as a face lately, but they never really gave us my much requested ‘minions overthrowing their evil leader’ bit. I feel a little cheated. I had my POWER TO THE PEOPLE chant ready and everything. Even though Randy Orton cleared house in spectacular fashion on this week’s Raw, I still think people would love to see Ted have his moment. He’s ready!


I know! I know! It’s Wrestlemania and it’s the silly match. It’s the feelgood fight to give you a warm glow in your heart. But this is no ordinary feelgood match. It had baggage and potential to run longer than it might originally have seemed. Bret is booked on to the UK tour next month (SOB – I can’t go) and he’s had no interaction with The Hart Dynasty yet. Something tells me this one’s not as clear-cut as everyone thinks.


I struggled with this one. I even asked my dad who he thought would win; at which point he laughed in my face and questioned why I was bothering to predict ‘a sport’ that’s already pre-determined. We’ll see who’s laughing the next time he marks out for Dave Batista, won’t we? If I thought this feud might run for a while, I’d choose Sheamus. But this is mostly an interim thing to keep them both occupied for a few weeks. And everyone knows, Triple H jobs to nobody.


Ummm. Yeah. Here’s the thing. I made four cupcakes to represent The Miz, Big Show, John Morrison and R-Truth and…. well….. the Big Show ate them. I left them out on the counter for the icing to dry out and came back to find him stuffing his face with them. I was going to shout at him, but after he demonstrated the size of his fist by holding it against Josh Matthews face this week, I figured it was best to let him eat as many cupcakes as his belly desired. I think ShowMiz will retain the tag titles at Wrestlemania. And I would like to point out that Big Show was in no way holding his fist to my face while I made that prediction. Maybe. Please send help.


I’d like to come up with some long and logical reason for why I think Edge will win, but my main reason is that I think Batista will retain the WWE Championship over John Cena. I’d be shocked if neither of the big belts dropped at ‘Mania, so Edge has to win. Also, it would set up my previously requested feud between Edge and Christian. Edge will obviously have to turn heel, which is not something I think he’ll have much trouble with.


So yeah, as I mentioned in the last prediction, I really believe Dave will hold on to the belt tonight. This heel-turn has been quite extraordinary. Who knew Dave had it in him to pull out some of the best mic-work we’ve seen from anyone in ages? There’s far too much potential in this superior character for John Cena to wipe it all away just yet. He will eventually, but I think John can keep his cape in the bottom drawer for a few more weeks.


YEP! I’m bucking the trend. Everyone seems to think Taker is untouchable and that Michaels’ recent talk about wanting to hang up his chaps for good is an indication of how the match will go. I still think HBK will retire soon after Wrestlemania, but I think he’ll break the streak first. That way, his BFF HHH can give him a proper send-off a few weeks from now. Either way, I really hope it lives up to the hype and the magnitude of their WM25 match. There’s nothing like setting yourself a personal challenge, eh?

The Diva match was added fairly last minute and without fanfare, so I had to come up with something quick. There’s no major storyline here and if it lasts more than two minutes I’ll be amazed. Team Beth Phoenix will win. Also, let me give you some advice for when icing cakes with sugarpaste….. if you use a pen filled with edible ink on wet paste, your handwriting may resemble that of a five year-old child. Be patient and wait until it’s dried.

Now don’t disappear, scroll down and read part 2. That’s an order!


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