I always forget to post these, so this one covers the past few weeks of awesome crowd members. I’ve picked four fans who deserve to be celebrated.

  • Ah yes, the elusive touch of a wrestler’s hand. Anyone who ever went to an autograph signing, bought front row tickets for a wrestling show or rushed to the barrier during a show to press the flesh with a Superstar/Diva understands the thrill of reaching your hand out and feeling their hand grab at yours. Not that I would know. Ahem. You might think this silliness would temper with old age. Not so. As this gentleman of a certain age proves, touching Kelly Kelly’s hand is as exciting in one’s later years as it is as a teenager. Bravo to you, sir. I bet he didn’t wash his hand for a week after this encounter. On second thoughts, as being that close to Kelly might cause some men to relive the experience at home later, I really hope he washed his hands afterwards.
  • I know Raw and Smackdown like to feud over which brand is superior, but I like to think they all love each other when the cameras stop rolling. With this in mind I thought it was ever so nice of Natalya to buy a ticket and sit up in the Raw crowd a few weeks ago. She even dropped her usually nasty character and surrounded herself with a selection of young children. She was spotted here cheering for her fellow Smackdown roster-mates, R-Truth and John Morrison. Natalya is Mary Poppins. Who knew?

  • Serious, serious, serious times on Smackdown. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if you’re not having fun watching wrestling, why bother? This dude was caught several times holding up his home-made SPEAR sign, and not once with a smile on his face. The whole purpose of the SPEAR-SPEAR-SPEAR thing is to have a laugh while repeating the same word over and over again at inappropriate moments. Smile and the world smiles with you. It’s fun. I promise.

Actually, nobody in this picture looks happy.

  • Ah. This one was actually requested by one of the readers.

I know everyone spotted this guy during the Stone Cold hosted Raw. I’ve mentioned before how much I detest a melancholic wrestling crowd.  A great show can be ruined by a bored crowd and a terrible show can somehow seem more entertaining if the audience really throw themselves into it. So, congratulations to this gentleman on enjoying himself so overtly throughout. And I mean REALLY enjoying himself. Just a little tip to all men though; if you happen to be going to a show in a warm arena, a shirt with some form of sleeves is generally considered appropriate attire. Especially if plan on doing this……

I know a vest might keep you cool under all those lights, but unless you’re Randy Orton, armpits are never a good look.


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  1. I’m so glad somebody else noticed that guy in the front row at RAW is STONE COLD. It was just…ah! I didn’t know what to think the whole time.

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