John Morrison loves a good hug. He’s an easy-going fellow who never backs away from an opportunity to show some love.  He even appears in the banner for this segment. Remember when he was separated from his man-friend The Miz at last year’s big draft? The end of an era. The end of a bromance! But John’s got a new bromance on the boil. He’s teaming up with R-Truth to challenge Miz and Big Show for the tag-team titles at Wrestlemania 26.

It shouldn’t be surprising that these two enjoy being together. One is a rock star, the other is a rap star. Rock/Rap fusions, when done well, can work very nicely. Think Aerosmith and Run DMC back in the day. Think Jay-Z and Linkin Park’s joint Collision Course venture. You get the idea. Admittedly, the age gap might give them a few issues. After all, John Morrison travelled through time from 1965 to work for Vince McMahon, and R-Truth is a thoroughly modern chap. But I’m sure they’ll overcome it. John Morrison even tweets every now and then, so he must have a decent handle on contemporary technology.

The first signs that this fusion might be taking off came towards the end of last month. R-Truth gate-crashed Morrison’s promo interview with Josh Matthews and the bromantic tension between them was evident.

A few minutes later, Truth was cracking Jo-Mo up with hilarious funny-faces.

And by the end of the promo they were strolling off together arm-in-arm.

This new friendship was tested quickly. Just a week or two later, John and Truth were forced to fight each other in a Triple Threat with Dolph Ziggler for a spot in the Wrestlemania Money in the Bank Ladder Match. This could easily have caused a rift between them, but as Ziggler took the win it allowed them to stay friends. Phew! There’s nothing worse than the opening bud that is a new bromance being cut down before it’s had chance to blossom.

Fast-forward to last week’s Smackdown and it appeared that the union had been cemented when they executed the most perfect of man-hugs. Men, you see, tend to avoid touching their bodies together. When women hug each other, they squeeze. When men hug each other, it often starts with a handshake, then a pull together (keeping the handshake in place to keep the bodies slightly separated, then a wrap of the arms with a hard backslap. Observe:

Oh and just to top it off, a lingering look:

Their final moment of brotherly love came later that night, when they beat The Hart Dynasty and Cryme Tyme for that elusive Wrestlemania spot. After winning the match, they did a mini-man-hug, making sure not to press their nether regions together (as men prefer):

They did the ‘pointy-pointy’ together:

No, R-Truth, the Wrestlemania sign is IN FRONT of you.

They shared an awkward but endearing dance:

And they executed their second full man-hug of the evening:

John Morrison and R-Truth are a good match, both bromatically and in a wrestling sense. They both love to throw some aerial acrobatics into their in-ring performances, they both deliver promos which sometimes need subtitles to make sense and, most importantly, they both love a good man-hug. Long may it continue!


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