episode 2: in which our hero’s NXT “krush” gets into it’s “groove”

NXT Week 2, and after last week’s episode the pressure was really on to deliver another great show. Did they manage it? Let’s have a look.

After a video recap of last weeks debut show, this episode opened with Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Ortunga, unfortunately being accompanied to the ring by the bleating heap of nonce-sense that is R-Truth.  Two things to note in his (preferably muted) entrance. One: Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Ortunga wears stripper pants that he removes much like Chris Pontius in Jackass. Two: and this goes for all the Rookies this week, but Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Ortunga was the first; the name plates now contain the Rookie’s twitter account. Good to see the WWE keeping up with technology…

It's true, Google it if you don't believe me

You might recall that Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Ortunga had a very brief match last week against Darren Young, the guy who looks like a cross between Eraserhead, John Cena and David Dickinson. Well apparently, that short match wasn’t long enough to contain the sheer amounts of beatific brilliance that his mentor CM Punk was preparing to bestow upon us, so a rematch was arranged for tonight.

I’m still not sold on Young, but given how well the Young-Punk relationship is working I’m all for more appearances by him. Before the match started our esteemed colleague and NXT Host Matt Striker was kind enough to explain a little more about the NXT scoring system. Once a teacher always a teacher eh? Basically, each mentor will be voting on the rookies, but no pro is permitted to vote for or against his own rookie.

With that very vague explanation out of the way, it was time for the Straight Edge Society to enter with Darren Young. Well, at the same time as him at least, if not exactly with him. Their match was much more impressive than last week, mainly because they actually had one. During the match Punk continued to show how unimpressed he was with Young, even when he was gaining the advantage over Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Ortunga, Punk was more interested in stretching his Juicy Fruit out as long as he could.

dirty boy...

Also of note, Punk left his hood up throughout the match, heightening the Destitute Deliverer look even more than usual. Although I was disappointed to hear that his hoodie was not available to buy on wweshop.com, with it being a Bouncing Souls top rather than Punk/SES merchandise. As perhaps expected, Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Ortunga started to get the upper hand until the spilled outside of the ring. While the referee was distracted trying to separate Gallows and Truth, CM Punk reached into the ring and tripped Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Ortunga, giving Darren Young the opportunity to get the win. R-Truth entered the ring to console Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Ortunga, which led to Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Ortunga having a bit of a hissy fit and pushing Truth away, spurning his love and affection (well, David Ortunga is engaged to Jennifer Hudson, what did he expect?) What will come of this? Stay tuned…

Next up was one of the excellent introductory videos that WWE do so well, this time introducing Daniel Bryan. You remember him don’t you? He didn’t get much airtime last week.  Bryan came out of this looking even better than before (in fact, I think a certain lady of this parish may now have begun harbouring designs on him, especially after hearing that his cats are called Henry and Rollins.) Some poor schmuck has given the job of shoddily photoshopping Daniel Bryan over any mention of Bryan Danielson in the magazine articles they showed to demonstrate his 10 year career.

I want this person's job...

After Michael Cole dismissed us as Twitter-Geeks, we went backstage to see the trainer checking Bryan’s ribs, before being approached by The Miz who proceeded to call Bryan “scum” and informed him he’d arranged a match against Wade Barrett. Miz then wished Bryan good luck, before slapping him hard in the ribs (which was a dick move and not awesome).

Meanwhile, during the adverts, Matt Striker had been interviewing Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Ortunga when R-Truth appeared and mumbled something intelligibly before the two men started rolling around the floor together like one of them had kicked the other’s dog or something. Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Ortunga seemed more concerned that his Versace trunks might get damaged than anything else

On to the Bryan/Barrett match – with Wade Barrett being introduced first by Chris Jericho and then in an introductory video. Barrett was talking about how he fought on the streets of England and most of Europe, and how he’s from Manchester (home of the British Bulldog). As it happens he’s actually from Preston (home of Wrestlegasm reader Joey Guy) where men are men, and dress like Mafia dons apparently.

This will make sense to maybe one person

This was another good match by Bryan and Barrett, with Bryan especially hitting a brilliant running knee from the apron. Jericho was really good on commentary on this match, swiftly claiming credit for an apparent botch when Bryan slipped off the top rope by pointing to the damage he had done to his ribs the week before.  Barrett got the win, interestingly leaving the “best in the world” and arguably the best pushed rookie with two defeats in two matches. After the match Jericho put Bryan in the Liontamer, hopefully setting up a feud for the future…

Following that match (and the inevitable Raw Rebound) they showed a brief vignette with Christian and Slater working out. I’m still not sold on Slater, but they did seem to sow the seeds of a possible falling out between the two, and Ray was quite excited by his “flex bump”…

Next up was a quick interview with Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel. I shall refrain from commenting on Gabriel’s frankly bizarre outfit, as it has been discussed far more eloquently than I ever could on this site already. However, I will issue a warning: Kate and Abby. Thanks for reading again after I insulted Matt Hardy last week. I’m afraid you might not like me any better after I’ve finished this recap… Sorry.

These two muppets were in the main event against William Regal and Skip Sheffield. My total man-crush on Regal is well documented, but I had no hope for Skip Sheffield until he entered the arena.  Much as Punk has made Darren Young worth watching, Regal’s facial expressions and sheer disdain for the excitable Sheffield were a thing of joy.

This match was really fun. Regal and Sheffield basically pounded on Hardy throughout the match, Regal constantly berating Sheffield throughout the match. My personal favourite moment was the point where Regal dragged Hardy over to his corner in a headlock, all the while ignoring his sloppy looking punches. Eventually Hardy tagged in Justin Gabriel who hit a nice 450 Splash for the win.

After the match, Matt Striker was with the rest of the rookies, when he was interrupted by Carlito who spat apple into Heath Slater’s face for some reason. Presumably this will lead to a match next week, but more interesting was a certain somebody’s observation regarding Mr Striker. Now, considering this particular person insists that she no longer watches crotches, she was quick to point out that Mr Striker appeared to be “enjoying” his job a little too much…

Now, as Kevin Smith wrote in Clerks, life is nothing but a series of down notes. As such, we’ll oblige with an unhappy ending. Unfortunately, Matt Hardy looked terrible in his match (in every sense of the word). I know the guy’s had abdominal issues, and I’m hardly a svelte figure of perfection myself, but Hardy seems to be getting more and more out of shape by the week. His moves are looking sloppy and ineffective and he doesn’t even seem to have the energy to run across the ring anymore. It’s a shame because, much as I loathe Hardy, he did used to at least have some skill in the ring, but he seems content to just receive a paycheque every week and make the least effort possible. The worst thing about Hardy at the moment is that he is tainting the reputation of the people he’s working with, leaving Gabriel looking ineffective throughout most of the match also. I’m not unfair though, I’ll accept there was one positive: he’s seen sense and gone back to jeans rather than tights…


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  1. that’s mexican magazine “AAA”

    (That’s the name of the promotion here, think of it as a mexican wwe)

    cool recap, i find funny that you found the first gag with Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Ortunga xD

    • Thanks – I didn’t realise it was AAA magazine, interesting considering TNA have just signed a talent share agreement with them.

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