royal rumble voicemail – LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN

The one where I plug my collaborative live Royal Rumble blog with LOL, Wresslin’, announce that Crotch Watch is taking a very long hiatus, mention the forthcoming one-year anniversary of Wrestlegasm and say “cool” and “ummm” way too much. Someone buy me a thesaurus for my birthday.


3 thoughts on “royal rumble voicemail – LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN

  1. well since you might turn the plug on crotch watch, how about making a new one to take its place?? something like… “facepalm times” since wwe’s writing has become so dumb recently (specially on some backstage segments) you could do a section pointing out some moments that made you facepalm =)

    its just a suggestion of course X3

    • Nice idea! I’ve got a few other things in to works to start towards the end of the Spring, so we’ll see. Will you able to take part in the live blog?

      • probably, though i might write a little since some other friends join me to watch, thanks a lot for the invitation =)

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