just jingling your bells

If you’re all sad about the lack of posts at WG this week, don’t cry. I’ll be back soon. How much I catch up with and how much I skip is still to be determined.  I may just skip everything, give you a Crotch Watch and tell you what happened at the Wrestlegasm staff party. Messy! Very Messy! I’ve been spending my time eating food like this…….


… and wondering when the USA became so efficient that they don’t write your name on your Starbucks cup any more, they print it on a label machine.

I also defy anyone to sit and write about wrestling when this thing wants nothing but to give you kisses and play with you.

If you missed my voicemail a couple of weeks ago, which explains my absence, click here.

I shall repay your patience will lots of good stuff, including the much requested Crotch Watch and a recorded Christmas message, as soon as possible.  Now, who fancies a smooch under the mistletoe?


5 thoughts on “just jingling your bells

  1. Wow, my Starbucks doesn’t use labels for the coffee. I guess thats cause its in the middle of nowhere. I hope you have a nice time and happy holidays! =]

    • And that’s exactly what I meant about bacon with everything! I just don’t get it! At least it’s served on separate plates. Luckily for Mr Gray he got doubles when we ate out 😛

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