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Hello Wrestlegasm faithful!

I thought you might be interested to know that I submitted a guest blog post about Wrestlegasm favourite, CM Punk, to – official distributor of WWE DVDs in the UK. To my surprise, my entry was chosen. YAY! If you’d like to see how I write about wrestling with my grown-up head on, click here.

Raw, ECW and Smackdown recaps should all go up over the next few days.  Can you tell I’m putting off recapping this week’s Raw? Surely not! For those waiting for a new installment of Crotch Watch, I’ll try to get it posted ASAP. Clearly that grown up-writing was  just a fluke after all. 😛


8 thoughts on “grown-up writing

  1. And here I’ve been putting off asking you if you would like a third member in the Wrestlegasm gang… I wield a mean steel chair in a fight.

  2. I just want to know if you know where I can go to learn all about wrestling. I’m really starting to get into it. I’ve seen places like but I still don’t get it. I’m really new to it, so if you could help that would be great. Thanks.

    • Well, you are welcome to come here and read the recaps that I and Andrew write about the shows. We tend to keep it light-hearted so it shouldn’t be too complicated to follow. The basics are that there’s always a good guy (the face), there’s always a bad guy (the heel) and they fight each other – usually to win a title belt. Yes, there are storylines, which are worked out in advance and they’re trained to do a minimal amount of damage, but they do go through real pain during the matches. That’s the most difficult thing to grasp. Once you get past the fact that it’s not like other sports, you’ve got it. This video might help But feel free to ask questions at any time. Nobody here will laugh at you.

    • If you want to know more about the history of pro wrestling, or the general rules and culture in general, the main Wikipedia article is pretty good and in-depth:

      If you want to know more details about pretty much everything that’s ever happened in pro wrestling, from Wrestlemanias down to the smallest indie promotion, try Online World of Wrestling for more information that you could ever need:

      Other than that, if you want to know about the behind the scenes stuff, how much is fake as opposed to how much is real, most wrestler’s autobiographies will explain it quite well. Ric Flair’s “To Be The Man” and Mick Foley’s “Have a Nice Day” are both worth a read, and should be available second hand on ebay for cheap (or your library might be able to get you a copy)

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