announcement: no longer an island

I’m sure you’ve all read John Donne’s 1624 blockbuster publication Devotions upon emergent occasions and seuerall steps in my sicknes – Meditation XVII. So I’m certain you’re all familiar with his much quoted musing “No man is an island.” This sentiment is also true for women. It gets awfully lonely in my Wrestlegasm office and The Dean isn’t here as much as I hoped he’d be.  In fact, he’s had a ‘Back in 10 minutes’ sign on his office door for a week. I think he’s avoiding me.

With this in mind I have inducted Andrew into the Wrestlegasm family. The details of the induction ceremony have to remain a secret though. Andrew will be your ECW guru from this point onwards. I always felt bad that I largely ignored ECW, because it’s a great, old-fashioned wrestling show. I considered offering him the Raw recap so that I could take ECW, but I don’t think that offer would have been taken up. Just an advanced warning, if Matt Striker goes back to ECW after Wrestlemania 26, I may have to make Andrew disappear.

Also, even though he’s a happily married and very heterosexual family man, Andrew’s totally gay for William Regal. But that’s largely because they both hail from the same part of the North West of England. Totally understandable. If Mickie James suddenly announced that she was really from Barry and started talking like an extra from Gavin & Stacey, I’d switch teams for her too.  Being from up Blackpool way also means he talks funny. And yes, ladies, he’s married. Therefore, off-limits. You can send all the lusty emails to the Wrestlegasm email account you like, but it’s no use. He’s taken. Ain’t it always the way?

It feels a bit odd inviting someone else to join me on this Wrestlegasm journey. This is, after all, my baby. But he’s a top bloke and we’re a good blogging match. We share the same slightly ridiculous and perverted sense of humour, we both spend far too much time thinking about any food covered in pastry and both love wrestling (and wrestlers) a very silly amount.

Andrew’s first offering, a recap of this week’s ECW, will be posted later tonight after my Raw recap. I expect you to show him the same love, affection and  respect you show me. Leave comments and send emails as you do for me. Any friend of mine should be considered a fabulous person and worthy of your adoration.

The family is growing. I think I’m gonna cry! *SOB*



Longest daily commute ever.




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