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Yes, that’s right. This coming week will be COOL BRITANNIA WEEK at, in honour of WWE’s current tour of the United Kingdom. They’re also in Ireland and France, but since neither of those countries have much to do with me (apart from having friends from both) all of this week’s posts will have a distinctly British flavour. And yes, if you like to peddle stereotypes, that flavour tastes of tea, chips and rainwater. Sorry, Chavo Guerrero. I know you’re dying for a burrito.

WWE only tours the UK twice a year, so when they come over we like to be gracious hosts and make a big deal of it. We’re not spoilt for shows to go to like North Americans.

Tomorrow night I’m dragging my brother along to a Smackdown houseshow in Cardiff. Tuesday I’ll be meeting Kofi Kingston and Gail Kim, if I can swing a few hours off work. Also, this week’s televised Raw and Smackdown shows are coming from Sheffield upt’ in the north of England, with one of my favourite people, Ricky Hatton, guest hosting Raw. It should be a great week and I will attempt to report on it all from the comfort of the Cardiff wrestle bunker. I cannot confirm at the moment if Matt Striker will be joining me in the bunker or not, but I’ve made sure my iTunes library is fully up-to-date just in case.



8 thoughts on “cool britannia week

  1. I went to the Smackdown/ECW show in Nottingham tonight. It was awesome. Drew McIntyre detests England and despises Wales. That is all.

    • Well, he’s a heel. It’s his job to make the audience hate him. But in reality we Celts tend to stick together. It’s a blood thing. Glad you have such a great time. Can’t wait for my show tomorrow. WHEEE!

  2. I wish i would’ve known of this tour! I missed the Smackdown ECW Philippines tour – just after wrestlemania – when I was living there – and now that I’m back in the good old UK, I’m gonna miss this one too 😦 it’s total BS! I haven’t been to a WWE show since it was a WWF show when i went twice in Belfast in the very early ninties!

    Oh, i must must must go soon, and I’ll drag the missus along with me!

  3. I could not be more excited, going to see it on Sunday. My girlfriend bought me tickets as part of my christmas present. Yep, she’s a keeper :).

    Hope you have an awesome time at the show (Y)

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