bragging rights: wired for sound (maybe)(doh!)

Dear Wrestle Fans

As promised, please find attached my Bragging Rights recap in audio form.Β  Please leave feedback as you see fit.

Kind regards


PS—-> I apologise for the quality of this audio file. I did a very stupid thing while recording, which I refuse to give details of for fear of ridicule from audio snobs. A hard lesson learnt. Please be kind. I’m still learning how to do this stuff.


14 thoughts on “bragging rights: wired for sound (maybe)(doh!)

  1. Great job Ray!

    I don’t know why everyone was bashing Orton vs. Cena, I thought it was tremendous. Especially Randy’s amazing acting skills. At the end when he was rocking back and forth with his head in his hands over Cena’s limp body I had that pang of pseudo-fear for John, it really looked like he snapped. I love it when I can watch a match and it draws me in so much that I either temporarily forget or just plain don’t care that its scripted.

    You mentioned Edge at the end of your post and I’m glad that I’m not he only one that misses him.

    I’m also glad that they gave Batista a feud with Rey Mysterio so that Punk and ‘Taker can continue their feud a little longer. When Batista came over to SD I was upset because I figured that Punk would slide back down to Mid-card again but I was pleasantly surprised. Too bad Punk couldn’t celebrate his birthday with the title though.

    Thanks again Ray,


    • Thanks, Jenna.

      I definitely miss Edge. He’s a great character. I’ve seen his name showing up on the promo for some of the International tours so I suspect he’ll use them as warm-up before coming back to TV.

  2. My favourite King-ism was about The Miz – “I couldn’t warm up to him if we were cremated together!”
    Though I do have to admit I haven’t seen it all yet, so I didn’t finish listening; I have a terrible terrible habit of finding out the end and spoiling it for Simon cause I can’t keep it in. Especially if it’s a swerve or something I know he’d like. But I promise you I will finish it once we’ve both seen the end! XxxX

    • I’m sure you’ll find the actual show 100% more entertaining than my podcast. πŸ™‚ Come back when you and the mister have both seen it. I’d hate to get angry emails from Simon for spoiling it for him by proxy! xx

  3. Very nice podcast, you sound like a nice welsh girl and not the maniac of your written work! You sound normal! Well done. Very nice.

    Don’t listen to them bad men twins, they’re just jealous of you πŸ™‚

    Diolch yn fawr


    • I’ve never been congratulated on sounding like a normal person before. Good times!

      And yeah the LOL Wresslin’ boys are totally jealous of me. They just WISH they were so amazing at podcasts that they plug two microphones in and speak into the one which isn’t turned on! I’m a genius like that.

      Diolch i ti am wrando.

  4. Nice podcast. It’s good to hear from girls who like wrestling for a change. It’s a nice surprise. Stumbled accross this by accident. Well played

  5. You didn’t make a technical error Ray… you were just recreating the atmosphere that David Bowie did when he sung Heroes in the studio.

    • Yes, exactly. That hollow, echo-like sound was deliberate. And now I must spend the evening listening to Bowie…. because that’s the law when someone mentions his name.

  6. I just finished watching Bragging Rights (yees, I’m late) and I liked it pretty much. My predictions were not fulfilled (Morrison wins – Raw divas win – Raw wins (why? because it’s Raw :/))… but Batista being Heel is wooooooooh – how long have we waited for this? Since he came back from his injury?
    Randy was great but I really thought John would go to Smackdown… he was a little bit too much Superman ._. And they used no handcuffs *sob*
    Anyway, it was funny. πŸ˜€

    • After everything that’s happened this past week I can’t actually remember Bragging Rights. Thanks for listening though. I appreciate it. πŸ™‚

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