I keep forgetting to do these. Mainly because I’m so fixated on the wrestle action I forget to scan the crowd for awesome people. But on last week’s Smackdown this lady jumped out at me and I was reminded to salute those fabulous people who actually try and enjoy themselves at live WWE events.


Rey Mysterio bounced out into the arena, this lady’s son (I am assuming) has no reaction whatsoever, but she leaped from her seat and waved her arms in the air like she just didn’t care. Well done, m’dear. I suspect any children in my future who have no interest in wrestling will also suffer the cruel fate of being forced to watch grown men in tights throw each other around a bit. What am I saying???? Of COURSE, my children will like wrestling. As if any babies spawned from CM Punk would have no interest in wrestling!

Actually, the best part of this picture is the lady in the bottom left with the ‘is it over yet?’ look on her face. It was a great Smackdown last week, missus. I think Lee Ann Womack is sitting behind you. Follow her lead!

I also want to give a quick round of applause to these three Bostonian ladies from a couple of weeks ago…


…who went to the effort of making custom t-shirts, danced and cheered their way through the Decade of Smackdown celebrations and who made the very slick move of bringing a boyfriend along (right of picture) to drive them home at the end of the party. Yes, he’s embarrassed to be seen with them, but I don’t think they care. Bravo!


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  1. Great site, but I got to say, looking at the video, it makes me wonder what has Orton done to himself over the years from that point to now to both a) cause his hairline to rapidly receede to the point where he has to shave his head and b) have his body look like an action figure

    • I think you meant to comment on the post above, but yes, the change in Randy’s physical appearance is quite startling, isn’t it? I think he’s just lost a lot of weight and sculpted his muscles. Good for him. No complaints here.

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