mhmbanThe men of the WWE haven’t been too chummy lately. Man hugs have been in short supply and even when I have spotted them, they haven’t been heartfelt enough to stick in my memory. Thank heavens for Dave Batista and Rey Mysterio who, within just a few minutes of chatter on this week’s Smackdown managed to embrace with feeling three times. Man hugs are just like British buses… you wait forever for one and then three show up at once. Observe:







And just for good measure, they threw an extra one in at the end of the show too. Bless their hearts. What better way to recover from a CM Punk sneak attack than a little snuggle.


All hail the return on man hugs!


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    • I can’t get the video to play, but I wholeheartedly believe you that they had a cuddle. You’ve got an excellent memory. I can’t remember what happened yesterday let alone a month ago?

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