girliest post ever. sue me.

I may have taken a beating from my supposed comedy allies yesterday, pffft, but I also received a brilliant gift from one of Wrestlegasm’s loyal footsoldiers, Jenna.  Whenever you’re down, there’s always something on YouTube to turn things around. This arrived in my inbox wrapped in a pretty pink bow. Watch it. Then come back to me.


  • It includes the man I’d like to spend the night with (in the biblical sense) – CM Punk.
  • He’s dancing.
  • He’s singing.
  • It includes the woman I’d like to be – Mickie James.
  • She’s dancing.
  • She’s singing.
  • It includes the man I’d like to spend the night with (in the ‘drinking and telling old stories til the sun comes up’ sense) – Chris Jericho
  • He’s dancing.
  • He’s singing.
  • They’re singing a song from a MUSICAL. I love musicals. In my head I am Elphaba to Kristin Chenoweth’s Glinda.
  • Mickie’s singing sounds about as tuneful as my singing. Which explains why I’m only a Broadway star in my head.
  • Punk  doesn’t know the words or the melody to one of the most well known pop/musical songs of all time, which proves that he truly is a boy of rock.
  • Ironically Chris Jericho, who is in an actual rock band, knows every single word and rescues Punk when the karaoke machine dies. Jericho clearly played Danny Zuko in his high school’s Christmas production of Grease and loved every second of it. Jericho, you old ham. Stop making me love you.
  • Mickie James manages to look cute AND hot at the same time. Damn you, Mickie James. It’s the holy grail of female dressing.
  • Punk swears like a trooper at the end. Which should not appeal to an intelligent woman, and yet, when HE effs and blinds, it sounds cool. Shoot me!
  • Just generally it’s sweet to see them all enjoying themselves. Don’t get me wrong, Punk and Jericho are incredible heels. But it’s nice to see them smile when it’s not at the end of sermon about the evils of prescription drugs or a declaration that everyone is gelatinous.

Ah, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. I might just go and watch Grease, do my best Olivia Newton John impression and pretend CM Punk is my Danny.

“You bett-er shape up, ’cause I neeeed a maaaa-ann. And my heeeeeart is set on yoooou!”


10 thoughts on “girliest post ever. sue me.

  1. I think I laughed more watching it and reading your commentary than I did when I found it. If I come across any more beautiful little nuggets of hilariousness I will be sure to send them your way!


  2. And that is why Jericho is the best in the world at what he does. Even after watching that, he is still badass. CM Punk is straight edge across the board, so being part of something wholesome like this doesn’t hurt him, but almost anyone other heel would have taken a hit from this. Jericho transcended it!

    I mean, think about it… if there was tape of Legacy and Randy Orton doing this, we’d all be laughing them out of the ring.

    • Edge could have pulled it off. But Orton would never do Grease karaoke. He’s too cool for school. The two things I love most about Jericho are his ability to take the mick out of himself and his ability to step outside of his character and be himself. Unlike people like the Undertaker who try to keep the kayfabe going as much as possible.

  3. Punk just proved what he’s said a thousand times– you don’t need to be drunk to have fun =]
    I’ve read this interview where he said during his indy days he was hanging out with some other wrestler, who all got drunk… its one of the most hilarious stories ever. Punk and a drunk wrestler ended up painting Samoa Joe’s foot blue. =p
    Love this video, I think Punk could sing well if he tried. And Jericho… words cant describe how amazing he is.

    • Personally, I would need a few drinks before doing karaoke in front of a crowd. At least then I wouldn’t care if they all booed me off the stage. I’m sure Punk would understand.

      • The key to karaoke is just make sure you aren’t the worst singer in amongst your friends or colleagues. If you are, find someone who is worse than you to take along…

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