GUEST POST: Courtesy of LOL, Wresslin

[It’s a tough gig running a wrestle comedy blog all by oneself. There’s nobody to bounce ideas and jokes off and nobody to cover when real jobs get too busy to blog. Sad times. So I figured it would be a good idea to enlist some help while my day job continues to steal my mental energy. I called upon Adam and Matt of LOL, Wresslin fame and left them the keys to the Wrestlegasm office when I went to work this morning. I have returned to find that all my beers have mysteriously disappeared and the guest post below stuck to the front of my fridge. I am now obliged to post what they wrote, but I’m not happy about it. They may appear to be the sweetest combination of New York and Texas since Jay-Z put a ring on Beyonce’s finger, but don’t be fooled, kids. They’re very mean boys. I’m going now. You’ll find me crying real tears in to my John Cena scatter cushion. And scribbling ‘ADAM + MATT SUCK’ all over my pencil case.]



Sha-hey-hey, it’s your old mate Ray-Ray here for another STUPENDOUS edition of “I Know what you did Last Google!”  You all know the drill by this point.  Some people stumble upon old Wrestlegasm by using the most peculiar of Google search terms.  I post them here and completely ostracize new readers all so I can larf and larf and larf!  Let’s get this rolling!

1 (1)

Well isn’t that sweet?  It’s true; Wrestlegasm is totally the Spice Girls of wrestling comedy blogs!  I like to say around these parts that Wrestlegasm provides a little extra “Zigga-zig-a!” to everyone’s daily lives.



Well not all of the Google search trends are incorrect and weird.  I don’t want all of my readers to think I hate them, so sometimes I have to tell the truth.  This is the 2nd most searched phrase, behind the amount of times I Google “Ray + Wrestlegasm.”


Again, see above.


Well this one seems to be spot on.  Lance is a solid in ring worker who had a long, successful career in ECW, WCW, and WWE.  I bet Lance Storm’s blog get’s this search a lot.  I wonder if he and I should collaborate on something.  I’m sure it would be quite the treat for all my readers and twitters, LOL!

Lance Storm


I don’t even know what this one means.  Sure, we all love the Code (how is this a nickname if it’s still the same amount of letters, LOLZ?) and his tag title reigns with Hardcore Holly and Legacy, but is that really enough to hole him into glory?  Is that the name of his finisher?  By the way, anyone else ever thought that since Cody’s father was The American (boo!) Dream and Ted’s dad’s finisher was The Million Dollar (boo!  Pounds or to a lesser extent Euros!) Dream, they should call their team the Million American Dollar Dreams?  That’d be perfect and is in no way a terrible name that’s just a mouthful to say!


Yes, that one search term about Michelle McCool being fat and my updates to make “Diva status” really are paying off dividends in the ole hit counter!  I’ve gotta be up to…45, 46 hits at this point!  CHA-CHING!


Oh dear….that is just atrocious.  Seriously, what is wrong with some of you people?  To search for such a foul, offensive thing like Cryme Tyme!  For shame.  For shame.  Biggest mistake those American blokes ever made was the Emancipation Proclamation.  I can tell you, if they were still under Crown rule that would NEVER have happened.


That just hurt my feelings.  Well, we Welsh (alliteration!) have a saying: “Koala’s, vegemite sandwich, Foster’s, Michael Hutchinson, g’day mate, Crocodile Dundee, Aussie rules football!”

Well that’s the latest wackiness from the interwebz!  I can only imagine what treasures await my Google Cache in the coming weeks.  Please sickos, continue to be perverts and creep me out. I will embarrass you to all my readers.  I will snitch on yo’ asses.  Because after all, whether you snitch to the Bobbies or snitch to WordPress, snitchin’ is snitchin!


6 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Courtesy of LOL, Wresslin

    • URRRGH! Frances! Don’t tell them they’re funny. Especially when they’re making me look like a complete moron in the process. Silly girl. 😛

      • I’M SORRY. It’s been years since I’ve thought about Lance Storm and it was… um… less funny than you. Than your posts are, I mean. There. All better.

  1. OMG! don’t you ever do that again!
    I’d rather wait way too much time for reading your reviews than reading THEIRS

    Ack, I’m depressed for reading the half of that XD
    Maybe not that much, but please don’t do that again. Ever.

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