breaking point: i found my own

So here’s the deal. You know Breaking Point? Yeah, there will be no recap of it at I tried to get it done, but since I’ve spent this week working late preparing for the influx of new students I have to take under my wing this year, I’ve been too knackered. Chuck in bit of research for work that doesn’t involve my day job and I’m pretty much a corpse. Oh and the new series of Strictly Come Dancing and Peep Show start tonight, which I absolutely refuse to miss. Come on, Joe Calzaghe. Foxtrot for South Wales. You can hurl disparaging remarks at me in the form of comments if you must. Just don’t make me cry. Again.

For two comedy recaps of Breaking Point you should visit LOL Wresslin. I give you permission to stay there a while and read all the new posts which have appeared every single day this week. How very dedicated and efficient!


4 thoughts on “breaking point: i found my own

  1. ZOMG! No! you must do a recap! even if you do it very much time later… Come on, my internet died for so much time and a bit time before I found this blog and then I saw Breaking Point… I was expecting so much fun from it ;_; please, do it, I hate LOL Wresslin blog, is way too… I don’t know, just don’t like it ._.

    • I’m flattered that it means so much to you, really, but there is another PPV in just two weeks, storylines have moved on and I have an extremely busy job at the moment. Thems the breaks, kiddo.

      Don’t be hating on the boys, they may not swoon over CM Punk and John Cena the way I do, but they do a fine job.

      More fun stuff coming up this week. Promise.

  2. No recap? ;_; But they fulfilled my homophile dreams! John in handcuffs and being tortured by Randy … was… soooo…. hot!!! :DDDD *drool* Do they read fanfics before their matches…?

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