raw(lite): cliffhanging on a monday night

This will have to be an xtra-lite Raw recap. Mainly because I’ve got the first head-cold of the Autumn, I’ve felt rubbish for the past three days and will never get a standard sized recap done before I pass out this evening. Yeah, yeah, poor me. *sniff**cough*sneeze* Kind of  a shame because Raw was actually REALLY good last week.  Oh well. The train rolls on.

All you really need to know is that The American Dream – Dusty Rhodes – was guest hosting. He was a wrestling gift to all the proper-like wrestling fans who had endured the glare of the mainstream media spotlight over the past however many weeks.

Dusty decided to help progress the career of his son, young Cody of Rhodes, by giving him a title match against Randy Orton.  John Cena, who Detroit was totally hot for, got to be a special guest referee. Randy was not impressed with this set-up and got all up in Dusty’s face.  Cody came out to defend his dad and it looked like a little thunder was brewing in Legacy Paradise. Oooh, exciting.

Switch to the end of the show (yeah, it’s gonna be THAT brief) and John Cena was being funny again. Then angry again.

On to the big match and I was feeling super disappointed that John Cena had not been given a proper, striped referee shirt for the match. John checked the genetically fortunate opponents for weapons and just as things were getting interesting, Dusty tipped the nod and ordered all three Legacy boys to pounce on John Cena. *GASP!*

But it got even more shocking. John was a crumpled pile of mush and Legacy strutted around. But Dusty was soon to be joining John on the ground. Randy upped his heel gauge by turning around and sticking an RKO on Dusty Rhodes. *U-TURN GASP*

Poor Cody  didn’t know which way to turn. Does he run to his father’s side or fall at the feet of his spiritual leader? We didn’t find out.  It felt like the end of an Adam West episode of Batman. Where the POW-THUMP-WHACK action has hit a pivotal moment, Batman is in mortal danger and we realise we’ll be waiting a week to find out whether our super-hero will beat the baddie. What a cliffhanger! We shall have to see which way the chips fall tonight. Ooooh. How can you stand the anticipation?


Normal service will resume as the week goes on. Pinky-swearzies!


8 thoughts on “raw(lite): cliffhanging on a monday night

  1. I’m sorry that you have a cold! I hate it – it is no “real” illness (you know, like where you have to see the doctor) but it’s killing the whole week. 😦
    Now about Raw: I totally thought the same about John’s dress! I was so excited to see him in black and white, even Randy did it on Cyber Sunday (2008…?) if I remember it right. But nooooo, farmer boy again! ;( Nevertheless, the end was very exciting. I even captured a snapshot series to tell the story. If you are interested: http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/7q60-2m-jpg.html Yeah, it’s not very funny but shows what happened ;D I do these for a friend who’s not watching Raw.
    Get well soon! 🙂

    • I only just noticed in your last screencap that Cody is straddling one of his dad’s cowboy boots. Oh the philosophical nonsense I could have come up with for that. My cold has obviously zapped my observational powers. Have no fear. I shall be back on form for the Smackdown recap. I hope. :S

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