summerslam recap: tea, cake and possible death

Something different this week.  Summerslam recap is in audio/visual form. Be kind. I recorded this on 3.5 hours sleep and with a slightly broken mic. Also, imagine you’re listening the day after Summerslam. It was supposed to be posted last night, but joy of joys, the video converter died and I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.  Enjoy!



6 thoughts on “summerslam recap: tea, cake and possible death

  1. There was a guy in the crown during the TLC match with a sign that said, “This is why I watch Smackdown” and I couldn’t agree more 🙂
    I knew Taker was returning, but I had no idea how. I was expecting him to be standing behind Punk when the lights came up. It was only when my fiancé went, “Hang on, Jeff’s grown about a foot, put on weight… And he’s got a bald spot!” that I realised xD
    And I am totes stealing that line “If you don’t love Jericho, you don’t love life itself” 😛

  2. The line is “If you hate Chris Jericho, you hate life itself.” Oh and it’s trademarked, so remember to send me a cheque for £500 every time you say it, aight? 🙂

    I saw Undertaker on the original Summerslam poster on WWE Shop, but then he was taken off. So I figured he either wasn’t ready to come back, or he’d be back on the first Smackdown after SS. I enjoyed not knowing. It’s very rare that wrestling surprises me these days.

  3. I had most of my “semi-sex noises” during the match between Randy and John… especially this… this… “moment”… I had to stop the film to calm down my pervert fantasy a bit… how can they NOT do pervert things in the lockerroom? How??

    • I believe that’s what we refer to as ‘friends with benefits’! Not sure how that translates in to German, but I think you get the idea. 🙂

  4. I really liked the audio/video combo! Well done! It was like watching a vacation slideshow, but actually being interested and entertained!

    • Ha. I’m not sure about interesting. I listened to it back last night, I sound half dead! Thanks as always for your support though. It was fun adding the pictures in but it was an awful lot of work. Not sure I’d do that again. I guess it added to the commentary. Timing that Freddie Prinze Jr bit was trickier than it looked.

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