raw(lite): fury, ageing and the case for john cena

So, Raw. Where do I start? Certainly not at the beginning. The beginning was truly terrible.  Truth be told, I picked through the rotting carcass that was that episode and there wasn’t much meat left worth saving. There were three things worth commentary though. Here goes nothing:


Randy Orton captured the anger of a global audience of millions when we went off on Piven and Jeong. Go Randy Go! KNOCK. HIS. BLOCK. OFF.


No free movie promotion on this site.


Triple H, following a loss to Cody Rhodes, fake huffed and puffed while hanging off the ropes. It was a sorry sight as he alluded to the fact that he may be getting a little too old for all this. NOOOOOOOOOO! Of course it was all a ruse to lead us in to that long awaited DX reunion. YEEEEEAH.


Later on, everyone’s favourite hunter made that all important phone call to his partner in degenerative crime via the locker room phone. But hold the phone, what’s this? Mr. Michaels doesn’t want to play?

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So, does this mean no DX before Summerslam? Ohhhhhhh. How disappointing. I really…..oh…..hang on… I forgot…….




John Cena has been getting all kinds of heat this week . I’ve even seen calls for his resignation or firing. Ok, it’s well documented on this site that I’ve had a monster crush on JC for some time. But this has nothing very little to do with the fires he starts in my pants.

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Piven made a lumberjack match to end the show where The Miz had to beat John Cena to keep his job. He lost.

It wasn’t real, people! He didn’t REALLY lose his job. Has Miz’s character been wasted? Probably. Will he be ok? Yes. Was all this John Cena’s fault? Of course not.

I’m not going to sit here and try to convince anyone that Cena is the best technical wrestler in the company. Far from it. Even he knows that’s not true. But in WWE everyone has a role. John’s role is to be a poster boy for the prdouct. He’s a great role model for kids, he never gets up to any illegal shenanigans, he stars in movies with worldwide distribution and through his general mainstream presence he raises the profile of wrestling.

Whether you like him or loathe him, he’s actually very good in that role. Dwayne Johnson played a similar part in WWE. You don’t get to the position John Cena has reached without having something that sets you apart. For him, that may be personality. The best wrestlers aren’t necessarily the best known faces. That may be grossly unfair, but if you don’t want ‘sports entertainment’, why are you watching?

Of course a big part of the problem at the moment is that rather than hype the Summerslam matches and grow the storylines to the point where we’re bursting to see how they end at the PPV, they’re faffing about with promoting movies for people who have no connection to the industry whatsoever. John and Randy should be verbally and physically battling each other at every single opportunity at the moment. What did they have John do this week? They put him in a Mickey Mouse match with The Miz and left him in the ring to play out a cartoon ending involving Piven and Jeong. It’s not all his fault. Drop the witch hunt, guys. And keep breathing.


4 thoughts on “raw(lite): fury, ageing and the case for john cena

  1. Definitely not Cena’s fault and Cena is indeed the man, but I still think the mishandling of The Miz this week is one of those brain-melting stupid decisions that WWE’s been known to do over the years. Regardless of where he ends up, he needs to be rebuilt, when just two months ago, he was ready to break through. It seems like a big waste of WWE’s time in a match/angle the accomplished nothing.

    And there’s making John Cena look like the freak of nature that he is, and then there’s the absurdity that was Monday night. Not that I wasn’t already convinced that Cena could rip Orton’s head off, but heading into SummerSlam, I’m going to have a hard time believing anything that doesn’t end with Cena walking out with the belt. I think having him shrug off a beatdown from 12 guys is a bit much… especially when the same show featured Triple H getting demolished by Orton’s own versions of Dr. Ken.

    Still, I’m all for SummerSlam ending with Cena destroying Orton.

    • I agree. What happened to The Miz this week was ludicrous. But I’ve been reading a couple of blogs and tweets by people who were bleating expletives at Cena like he had personally requested the match. I felt the need to defend him a little bit.

      I would be highly surprised if Orton still had the belt by the end of Summerslam. Then again, WWE flips my brain over every week, so who knows!

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