still alive

Well hello, dere. I bin gooone a long dime, eh? Apologies for the loss of grammatical correctness.  That Michigan U.P accent is kind of contagious. I had expected to get one or two things posted during this week, just to keep things ticking over. But there is an unsurprising lack of WiFi internet access in the woods of  Northern Michigan. There is, however, a wealth of gorgeous scenery, more lakes than anyone could ever need and enough mosquitoes to make me look like a blotchy pin cushion. So sexy!

I highly recommend getting back to basics. There’s something very levelling about sitting around a campfire with lovely people, drinking beer and eating pasties. Yes, they have pasties in America. Who knew? And everyone in Northern Michigan seems to have a sauna. So Scandinavian like. I’m now in the Middle Tennessee area, where I’ll be chillin’ til I cry all the way back to Britain.

I might get a couple of things posted this week. Especially as I’ll be watching tomorrow’s Raw live and in an appropriate timezone. But I’ve been giving lots of thought on the format of, so maybe I’ll just leave it until my break from work is over and I make some changes. But have no fear. Even on a trip to visit to Marquette to eat lunch on the banks of Lake Superior, drink in a baseball bar and buy stuff at Northern Michigan University’s  bookstore, Mr. RKO was on my mind. Well, his mug was RIGHT NEXT TO MINE. How could I not think of him? Laterz!



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