the one where i confess my sins

The content cupboard at has been pretty bare this week. In fact, if you were relying on this website to be your sole form of entertainment, you’ve likely fallen in to the worst depression of your life. The only proper content I managed to get out during the week was a piece working with the hateful boys at LOL Wresslin. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, then once we’d worked together, they used it against me to assert their supposed superiority. And I thought that kind of thing only happened to unscrupulous billionaires, not kindly Welsh women. A lesson learned.
Anyway, yes, my content fail. There are three reasons for the lack of posts.

A) Despite hoping for an easier working week after the previous hellish fortnight, respite did not emerge. And being a person of morals, ditching my work responsibilities in favour of blogging just wouldn’t sit right. Stuff that pays the bills (unfortunately) comes first. When I can fix it so that the job that makes me really happy is the same job that pays the bills, I’ll be on to a winner.

B) I’m off on a big American roadtrip on Monday and have being trying to fill my spare time with travel preparations.

C) Humidity! If you’re following me on Twitter (actually, if you’re following any British person on Twitter) you’ll have noticed we had a weather mishap this week. Britain became a nation of zombies. My commuter train resembled a scene from Shaun of the Dead. Soaring temperatures, a thick blanket of cloud and a severe lack of knowledge on how to install air conditioning ANYWHERE combined to reduce productivity across the land.

While I visit the birth-nation of WWE, I’m going to rethink this website. It needs a bit of rejigging. When I paid my cash for this domain name in April, I didn’t think anyone would be interested. More to the point, I thought it would become a chore to me and I’d give it up after a month. Actually, the opposite happened. Every week the hits record goes up way beyond any other project I’ve worked on before, and rather than get bored, I’m getting annoyed that I don’t have the time to put the wealth of ideas and plans I have in to action. I’ll do some of that blue-sky-thinking crap and come back with some new thoughts on how to move ideas in to actual posts.

I will try to keep things ticking over while I’m away.Β  I don’t want to disappear completely. I might do some full posts or I might just do some ‘postcards from the road’. We’ll see.Β  In the meantime, thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll come back soon. Now I’ll sit back and wait for the emails telling me I’m rubbish.

See you in the US, folks!

PS>Β  I had a full recap of The Bash written but so much seems to have happened since, it feels kind of redundant now. So I’m shelving it.


10 thoughts on “the one where i confess my sins

  1. Well, your American readers may not notice your absence of sorts… apparently all forms of entertainment are going on hiatus because of Independence Day. It’s especially bad for TV, I don’t ever remember shows taking the week off for a holiday that’s five days later, but it seems that everything I watch hasn’t been on this week. It’s like they’re trying to get me to go outside or something, and that’s just mean.

    So take your time, I’m actually taking a bit of a sabbatical myself. I’ll be gone Monday & Tuesday, which is going to push back my Raw & ECW reviews, plus this week’s Kick-Out!! Radio, which probably won’t get posted until Wednesday at the absolute earliest.

    We’ll be here when you get back though, recharge your batteries!

    • That’s kind. Thank you. The internet can be so fickle sometimes. Good to know there are some nice people out there. And it’s good to know that others allow themselves blogging breaks too. I’ll be in hotels towards the end of the week, so I’ll look forward to catching up on Kick-Out!! Wrestling.

      Oh and by the way, you know that thing politicians do where they deliberately leak bad news and confessions at the same time as really big events so nobody will notice? Well….. πŸ˜‰

  2. Take your time with the posts, don’t worry about pumping something out everyday or on a set schedule. You’re busy and aren’t getting paid to do this. You have no obligation to us. This is your hobby, not anyone else’s!

    I hope you have a safe and fun trip!

    • Thank you, Jason. The problem is, I don’t necessarily want it to be just a hobby. I’m trying to gradually move out of Academia and in to a media job, so anything mildly related to that is significntly more interesting than my paid job.

      You’re right though, having a set schedule was probably a mistake because if you don’t meet your own deadline you feel like you failed. Silly! In a PPV week there are 5 WWE shows to work in, which is why I’m going to reconsider which topics I write about here. I’m definitely going to develop the audio posts though. It’s nice being able to talk directly to the people visiting.

      Back soon!

      • I shouldn’t have called it a hobby. You’re very good at what you do so I could see you doing it professionally. I hope you can do that someday. Doing what you love for a living would be great!
        What I meant was that I’m sure people understand that you work another job full time on top of all the writing you do here. When it’s just this site and you’re making millions on ads (hopefully it doesn’t become a subscription site! :P) then people can complain if you’re a post or two short per week.

    • You want a special feature just for Crotch Watch? A girl after my own heart! I’ll definitely add it to the list. Thanks, Abby!

  3. If you wrote your review of The Bash I hope that you could share it with us perhaps when the DVD comes out, just a suggestion.

    I think you deserve a bit of a blogging rest but don’t have too much of a one πŸ˜‰

    This is in no way a complaint just love for the blog (I blame Vince, how many tv shows can we fit into a week Vince?)


    • Hi Shemp

      Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. I’m lounging in a flashy hotel at the moment, but I might post something before we move on to the next American city. Roadtrips are amazing! Thanks for all your other comments. They’re never annoying, by the way. I created this website to share with people.

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