wrestlegasm audiogasm?

Holy smokes, I actually got over my fear of microphones and made a little audio post for your listening pleasure.  Apologies in advance for saying ummm too much and some dodgy moments where the sound seems to jump. I’m bluffing my way through this technology stuff. If I do it again I’ll work in all kinds of music and whatever. This was sort of a tester to see what everyone thinks. Enjoy!


20 thoughts on “wrestlegasm audiogasm?

    • Thanks, darlin’. I still can’t convert you then. 🙂 Really though, thanks for giving it a listen. Might do another one in few weeks. xx

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for the shout out, you’re far too kind!

    That was great! You’re a natural for stuff like this and a voice (figurative & literal voice) like yours is needed within the world of wrestling websites, which are generally filled with screaming pre-adolescent boys. Keep it up!

    • No problem at all. I think what you’re doing is great. And you’re putting your experience to good use creating a really professional sounding show.

      I’m going to America in three weeks so I’ll probably fit another one or two in before I take off. Thanks a lot for the support and kind words. Means a lot!

  2. In North America, there is a show called The Soup which sounds similar to the Harry Hill program you mentioned.

    You certainly put together a better piece of audio then I have in my own podcasts.

    • Yes, it’s very much like The Soup, but he has a live studio audience and sits behind a desk like he’s presenting a news programme. Just search ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp’ in youtube and you’ll get mountains of clips.

      Send me the link to your podcasts. I just had a look on your blog and I couldn’t find them. I’m sure they’re awesome.

  3. You definitely need to do another audio post, that was really good!

    Totally want to see the love letter to Randy too.

    • The response has been wicked so I probably will do another one within the next couple of weeks. I’ll try mixing in a few music clips as well I can. Think I’m gonna have to declare my love for Randy then. And damn the consequences. Love is blind and all that rubbish. 🙂

    • Riiiight, yeah, I forgot about your obsession with Randy’s groinal area. And your lewd comments about KellyX2 and McCool. But I make lewd comments about them too so maybe we’re more equal then I thought.

  4. You have a wonderful voice! I’m a sucker for a British accent to begin with but your voice is so soft and cheery!

    I hope that doesn’t come across as being creepy… Maybe I should just say good job and I hope to hear more!

    • No not creepy. That’s very nice. Thank you. The positive response has been a bit of a shock but there will definitely be more. Keep watching the site.

  5. Hahahahaha @ “SWEET CHIN MUSIC, RAY!”

    My big brother introduced me to wrestling, too. He liked doing Edge’s Spear on me. Once he gave me a DDT and clonked my head on the ground. Idiot.

    This was a lovely post, Ray. I don’t know why you were so apprehensive – you did a great job!

    PS. I can’t believe you love Orton. Blech blech blech.

    • Franceees! How are ya? Brothers, eh? Who’d have ’em. They do come in handy sometimes though.

      Thanks for the compliments. Gonna attempt to do another one next week. Time permitting. Mega-busy work week next week though.

      I see WWE are on tour in your neck of the woods soon. You going?

      Yes, I’m a born-again Randy fan. I can’t believe it either. I used to hate even looking at his face. Oh how things change. 🙂

      • Oh, he’s not too bad. I retaliated with a great Walls of Jericho so I feel that we’re even.

        No I won’t be going to the WWE show. I’ve fallen out of love with wrestling a bit – it’s been going downhill for me ever since the WWF/WCW merger.

        Plus I have already given them way too much of my money. The first Australian WWF show was in Melbourne in 2002. My brother and I were deeply in love with wrestling and there was no way we’d miss it. We got the best seats we could and paid an outrageous amount that I will not admit to publicly. Worth every cent, though – the Rock v Triple H made me tingle all over.

        • I will make it my personal mission to get you some new wrestlegasms. It’s all about the tingle, baby.

  6. Loving the audio casts, I was first introduced to wrestling by getting piledrivered by my cousin, thanks Scot !!

    And then I didn’t watch much growing up from around 6-ish, but dipped in and out and then started up watching it again because of a boyfriend and totally re-igntied my passion for the sport.

    Now I have my ickle sister into it (she’s 10) and she started watching at Wrestlemania 22, she caught me watching it here and there before that but thats when she decided to sit down and watch it herself… (where she became obsessed by Mickie James)


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