growing up and filling out

As is now a whole seven weeks old and I’ve found my feet, so to speak, I feel it’s time to start expanding the content. Much as I enjoy recapping Raw, Smackdown and the PPVs, the most fun things are when I can rant about a topic. They’re easier and a little more enjoyable to write.

Like a pro, I keep the notepad which is supposed to be used for jotting down notes during office phone calls , next to me at work to scribble ideas for future posts.  Also like a pro, I’ve blurred out the text so nobody can steal mt strokes of genius.  Suspect everyone!


And as you know, when I’m working I’m usually thinking about wrestling, so the ideas tend to flow when I’m supposed to be doing something important and work related. It’s not my fault. I can’t control how my brain functions.

Today has been a very fruitful idea day and I’ve got loads of little posts planned. Some I may already have mentioned, others are new brainstorms of brilliance, so stay tuned folks. This week is all about growing up and filling out.  Join me?


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