Marshmallowy Peace Offering

I REALLY wanted to finish my Smackdown recap today but I had the chance to go and see Coraline in 3D. And as I’m a bit of a nerd, I chose wearing some thick rimmed 3D glasses instead of telling you what happened last Friday. The Smackdown recap will be up by the end of tomorrow.  As a peace offering for not entirely fulfilling my self-inflicted challenge, please find attached a chocolatey, marshmallowy John Cena Wagon Wheel. Ah, so many jokes about eating John, so little time. Everyone in the UK should go and buy a packet of promotional WWE Wagon Wheels. You can win tour tickets and a meet-&-greet. Heaven! Now I must go and do some work for my real job. The one I get paid for. The one I don’t like. BOO! If anyone would like to offer me a pro writing job, please contact me. PLEASE!